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World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist – Maya Lu

World's Youngest Tattoo Artist - Maya Lu

World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist – Maya Lu

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Surprised??? Surprisingly, a girl at such a tender age has already proven herself an inking prodigy. Maya Lu, it is her name, and she is just 9 years old. Maya is highly talented and has already proved her mettle in the field.

Maya, from Tengen in Southern Germany, was just two years old when she got hold of her first tattoo gun. And now she has her own table at her parent’s tattoo studio, Psyland 25. Maya had become the world’s youngest professional tattoo artist after she inked her first piece when she was just a toddler.

Youngest Tattoo Artist Maya Lu

She first used a tattoo gun to etch scribbles on her parent’s feet. Maya’s parent Lily Lu, a non-binary artist, owns a tattoo studio, where the kiddo spent most of her time growing up. Maya developed her skills over the years and learned various design techniques along with how to use the tattoo gun without parental supervision. Tattooing for Maya is as normal as painting on paper.

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Maya’s parent Lily Lu was her first client: When she was just two year old, she scribbled on Lu’s feet with a tattoo gun. While she was growing her parent helped her to understand different tattooing tools and their uses. Today, Maya is fully capable of tattooing people without parental supervision.

World's Youngest Tattoo Artist Maya Lu

Well, her parent also asks her to do whatever she wished to do, and that’s the reason the girl is so confident when she holds the tattoo gun. However, whether she will ink or not depends on Maya’s mood.

Maya, in an interview, said, “I love monkeys and to work with the big needle.” She also said, “I hope I find people who want get big monkeys done with the big needle.”

After knowing about the girl’s talent I was in absolute shock, and was pondering what exactly I was doing when I was 9, probably busy playing with toys! I believe this is not only the generation of smartphones, in fact, it is a generation of SMART kids. It is hard to believe for me; I am sure same is the case with you. But it’s incredibly amazing… ☺ ☺

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