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Your First Time Tattoo: Cool Ideas, Dos and Don’t

First Time Tattoo? : Do’s & Don’ts for Cool tattoo ideas

Your First Time Tattoo: Cool Ideas, Dos and Don’t

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Setting up for your first tattoo can be an intricate task. Especially when you are needling for the first time, there are many do’s & don’ts for preparing yourself for the first tattoo to ensure a hassle free inking.

Check out our pieces of wisdom advices:

1. Research Well

First time tattoo experienced

Do your research well in advance related to fixing up the tattoo design and the perfect artist for the same. Feeling safe and comfortable in the studio and with the artist who is doing your ink is the most important part of the tattoo process.

2. Consider Size & Placement

Tattoo consider size placement

Large & visible tattoos often clash with the desirable dress code in certain professional fields.

3. Consider your pain bearing capacity

Consider your pain bearing capacity

It is always helpful to know how well certain body parts tolerate tattooing. Generally, the bonier the body part, the worse is the pain & vice-versa.

4. Give your Artist every minute Details

Give your tattoo Artist every minute Details

Give your artist everything they need in order to complete your tattoo to the exact specifications of tattoo design, its desired placement and size. Make sure to verify the spelling and accuracy of any words, names and dates you’re planning on including in your tattoo.

5. Rest well beforehand

Rest well beforehand

You should take at least 8 hours of rest on the night before. Tattooing can be a lengthy process. Walking lethargic into the tattoo studio can lead you to become irritable and restless throughout your session which could have detrimental effects on the final outcome of your tattoo.

6. Shower/Bathe Beforehand

Shower Bathe Beforehand

Ensure you’re well washed and smell fresh & neutral. This comforts the artist to concentrate well in his work.

7. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water leading up to your appointment will not only keep your skin healthy and hydrated, but you will feel fresh and enthusiastic.

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8. Eat a power-pack meal before heading for a tattoo

Eat a power pack meal before heading for a tattoo

Having healthy meal before heading to the tattoo studio ensures enough energy to make it through the process safely. Needles pumping in and out of the skin have been known to cause a drop in blood sugar levels, which in-turn can cause nausea and fainting.

9. Prepare your skin

Prepare skin for first time tattoo

Keep the area that will be tattooed in a good moisturized state. Avoid waxing for at least a week prior to your appointment. Protect the skin from sunburn. Tattooing on sunburnt skin is the most painful process.

10. Dress comfortably



Make sure you’re wearing something you can easily remove for the appointment. Your clothing should be loose-fitting. Carry a scarf or bandanna to strategically cover up the awkward spot initially.

11. Consider Pain Management

Consider Pain Management

Make sure you have a conversation with your artist about skin numbing products beforehand. Some numbing products can cause temporary changes to the outer layers of skin, which can help the artist to do their best job.

12. Be prepared for the Bloody affair

Be prepared for the Bloody affair

Sometimes tattooing can be a bloody affair depending on the area of placement and the quality of skin. Though you may not bleed at all, but you should be prepared for it.

13. Make Sure You Have Enough Money

money for first time tattoo

Carry enough money considering other small costs that you might have on the day such as tattoo aftercare products, and probably a tip for your artist.

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