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Top 10 Ways to Hide Tattoos at work

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Top 10 Ways to Hide Tattoos at work

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More often than not, people get tattoos etched on their bodies to flaunt it to the world, and for some a tattoo is just an outward manifestation of a person’s inner self. Some gets it for tattoos look cool and stunning. However, there are some people who get a tattoo etched on their bodies, but do not want to show it to the world. Or are compelled to keep their tattoos hidden. There are many situations when one has to keep his/her tattoo hidden, such as at your work, during an interview, in a formal event, due to family’s restrictions etc. likewise there are many reasons when you need to hide your tattoos.

That doesn’t mean that you avoid having a tattoo, or conceal your tattoo with a thick, pore-clogging foundation. Because there are many ways you can hide your tattoo, other than using pore-clogging foundation on them in order to hide.

Here are the top 10 ways to hide a tattoo when you really need to hide them:

1. Get a tattoo on a place where it is visible only when you want

There are several tattoo designs, which you can get on the places where they are not easily visible. Of course, at times we need to keep our tattoos hidden, like our work place. And if you’re getting your first tattoo after joining your work, then the best you can do is get it done somewhere where it is not easily visible or noticeable.

Yeah, tattoo’s placement can also act as a clever hiding spot. Putting a tattoo on your ribs, or on the top of your foot or on your inner ankle or on your back simply means your tattoo is covered or hidden or concealed most of the time and mostly by clothing. As, these are the places where your tattoo won’t be visible if you do not want them to. Also, tattoos on the side of the finger are also convenient, as they are constantly hidden by other fingers. Isn’t it an easiest way to hide a tattoo!!

2. Hide your tattoo with your hair

Hiding a neck tattoo is very easy for girls with long hair. Yeah, believe you me, neck tattoos not only look sexy, but also they are very easy to hide. It is the easiest way to conceal or cover your neck and back tattoo, just wear your hair down and you are done. Even you can wear up, yeah hair up… Surprised??? Wear your hair up in a pony.

3. Hide your tattoo with your scarves or muffler or stole

Another wonderful way of hiding your neck and back tattoo is wearing a stole, scarf or a muffler. You can wear anything or wrap around your neck and hide your back tattoo. Besides hiding your neck and back tattoo with scarves, they also look gorgeous and stylish if wrapped beautifully. In cold weather you can wear a muffler around your neck and in summers you can go with beautiful and colorful cotton scarves. They really look amazing and are affordable way to hide a tattoo. Also, there are several ways to don a scarves. Try out the one that suits you the best.

4. Hide your tattoo with a full sleeves dress

full sleeve dress

Now when it is about hiring a hand tattoo, the best way is to wear a full sleeves dress and hide your tattoos conveniently. Yeah, full sleeve dresses look gorgeous and are the easiest way to hide a hand or arm tattoo. And if you are wearing a dress with half sleeves or without sleeves, then go for a coat or blazer you’re your dress. It will look super stylish and will also help you hide your tattoo in a very fashionable manner. You can buy light cardigans to wear on your dress. In summers these cardigans not only help you hide your tattoo, but also they provide you complete protection from harmful sun rays.

5. Hide your tattoo with stylish bangles or bracelets

Hiding tattoo at work with bangles or bracelets

Another very stylish and beautiful way of hiding a forearm or wrist tattoo is – wearing bangles or bracelets. Yeah, if you have a tattoo on your wrist, then wearing a bracelet or bangles can help you hide it easily. More often than not, wrist tattoos are considered easiest to hide tattoos. There are a myriad of bangle designs available; however, the best is to go with thick bangles or wearing too many together. That will automatically hide your wrist tattoo. Bangles look beautiful, stylish, and sexy! If you find it noisy, then there are wooden and plastic bangles also available in the market. Or else you can go for one thick wooden or metal bangle. It will look gorgeous!

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6. Get a small or miniature artwork on your body

Yeah, small or miniature tattoos are most often invisible, as they do not come into notice so easily. Miniature tattoos, such as, a small black star on your wrist or on your finger, or on your nape, or near the ear, or a date, a word, or a music note, an arrow, or a heart, or a smiley face, or a roman number, etc. can make for perfect miniature tattoos. Miniature tattoos go easily unnoticed.

7. Hide your tattoos with high or long boots

Wearing long boots or shoes with high tops can help you hide your ankle or calf tattoos easily. Also, long boots looks really mesmerizing with one piece or knee length dresses. On the flip, during warm weather you can try a pair of high top converse. They not look classy, but also a great way to hide a tattoo. Besides, you can use the socks in order to prevent your tattoo from peeking out.


Hide tattoo at work with high or long boots

8. Hide your tattoo with long tops

If you are wearing a tattoo on your tummy or ribs, then a long top can help you easily hide your tattoos. Long tops are really great ways to hide tattoos on waist, ribs, and tummy.

9. Hide your tattoos with tights

It is an option for those who have leg or ankle tattoos. You can go for black tights to cover or conceal them up. A tight will not only help you hide your ankle or leg tattoo, but also it looks stylish and fashionable.


10. Hide your tattoo with a body shaper or shape-wear

If you are going to attend an event where you need to keep your lower back tattoo hidden, then you should go for a body shaper. A body shaper will not only help you hide your lower back tattoo, but also it will allow you to have a perfect figure that will make you look even sexier at the event.

To conclude……

Besides, you can use ACE Bandages or a tattoo eraser to hide your tattoos. ACE bandages are a great and easiest way to wrap or cover up a tattoo. Try out these ways of hiding your tattoos and keep your tattoo hidden or concealed as and when you want to that too without spending anything extra for hiding a tattoo.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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