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Are Tattoos Bad For Your Liver?

Tattoos Bad For Liver

Are Tattoos Bad For Your Liver?

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Do you really think so??? If yes, then I must tell you not to get a tattoo ever!

This is yet another myth spread by people who either despise tattoos or have no knowledge of biology. In fact, the truth is – that Tattoos are not bad for your liver! Tattooing never causes liver or kidney damage if the tattoo is done in a regulated shop.

Tattoos cannot directly harm the liver. However, if the artist reuses needles that have been contaminated and have not been properly sterilized, a person can get all sorts of bad things while getting a tattoo! You could contract MRSA and Hepatitis B and C, among other blood-borne diseases and pathogens, but liver damage is next to impossible.

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This is why it’s critical to visit a reputable tattoo studio and insist on the artist opening the needle sterilization packets in front of you. You can even request to see the packets, inspect them for tampering, and ensure that sterilization has occurred. Taking full precaution is essential. And the best way to have a healthy tattoo is to go to a reputable tattoo artist who follows proper norms. If you go to a random tattoo artist, you’ll surely end up having issues. Do enough research, find a reputable tattoo artist, and get your tattoo from him.

Besides, be open to the tattoo artist. If you have any allergy or any other medical issue/condition, better first visit your dermatologist or doctor. Take advice from your doctor on whether or not you should get a tattoo – Prevention is always better than cure!

Once you have got the tattoo, follow the aftercare instructions given by your tattoo artist. Tattoo aftercare is critical that should not be ignored at all. Proper tattoo aftercare keeps your tattoo healthy and vibrant for a very long time. Spend in good tattoo aftercare lotions, keep your tattoo moisturized, keep your skin hydrated, etc.

Remember that different people have different notions about things. Not many people like tattoos personally; that’s the reason they say weird things about the body artwork. But the truth is tattooing is a beautiful way to represent your true self. Some people even claim that tattoos have helped them have a greater level of confidence. If you want to have a tattoo, take the right steps rather than believing in rumors.

So, Hakuna Matata……!! Meaning there is no problem in getting your favorite body artwork. Tattoos are not bad for your liver or other body organs, especially when you get them from a regulated shop. Get a tattoo BINDASS and flaunt it IN STYLE!!

Happy Tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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