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How to Choose a Body Piercing or Tattoo Studio?

How to Choose a Body Piercing or Tattoo Studio

How to Choose a Body Piercing or Tattoo Studio?

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Body Piercing and Tattooing are forms of body art which has gained immense popularity in the last decade. And this scenario is prevalent all around the world and not with just one particular country. It has become an obsession with teens to showcase their feelings and their way of life through tattooing and body piercing. Both these forms of art are an attractive ones but the process to get it is a scary. Moreover, it’s risky since both piercing and tattoos are basically the wounds and an entry-gate for viruses and bacteria. They are done by needling into the layers of skin.

Piercers and Tattoo getters are more susceptible to infection. And this can lead to a permanent scar, distortion or severe illness and at times it can be life threatening too. Any blunder in choosing the right place to get it done, it might turn out to be a nightmare for you. So choose the place of tattooing & piercing very cautiously keeping the below points in mind.

1. Shortlist the Studio Artist

Shortlist the Studio Artist

First and foremost, choose the artist considering the type, size and placement of the tattoo design. Search for the artist who are specialists, licensed, well-known and experienced through directories and word of mouth opinions. Certain body parts are extremely sensitive. Tattooing & piercing in those areas needs expertise and experience to ease the process and eliminate the after effect.

Research will help you figure out which artist to choose and which one to avoid. Different artists have different skills and styles, so make sure you pick the right one for your needs. This will put you on the right path to finding the best piercing shop in your area so you can feel confident that you will get quality work. Make sure to look into every detail of the artist’s work, such as their portfolio, reviews from previous customers, and safety protocols.

2. Visit to the Studios

Visit to the studios

Once you have shortlisted the artist, get on your shoes to visit them. There are certain key factors you should keep in mind while visiting it. They are as follows:

1. Hygiene

  • General Hygiene: Make sure that the studio is extremely clean and hygienic. The workplace is free from the accumulation of dust and trash. Feel free to ask about the measures taken in the studio for general cleanliness and the tools used for the same.
  • Sterilization Machines & Tools: It is extremely important that the equipments & tools like needles, jewelry, etc. used for tattooing and piercing are very well sterilized to avoid the risk of infection & diseases. If your tattoo artist is using the disposable needles make it sure that tools are opened for you in front of you and not prior hand.

2. Accretion, Certificates & licenses Generally the professional artist tends to display their certificates and licenses right into the visible corner of the studio. This will ensure their expertise and professionalism to deal with the work that you are looking for and also the necessary steps taken by them to abide by the state law.
3. Check out the Portfolio Generally the professional artist showcases their portfolio in the studio. Thoroughly checkout the portfolio and make up your mind considering your choices and preferences.


3. Check on the quote & Fix the appointment

heck on the quote Fix the appointment

Check the quotations of the artists which set well with your pockets and above mentioned criteria. Fix up an appointment with that particular Body Piercing or Tattoo Studio.

And our Last Piece of Advice – Safety & Quality Matters!! Do not compromise on hygiene and Safety while choosing a Body Piercing or Tattoo Studio.

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