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25 Best American Tattoo Artists

Best tattoo artist in USA

25 Best American Tattoo Artists

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Tattoos are in the mainstream today. Everyone wants to get a mesmerizing tattoo design. There are numerous reasons people get tattoos, such as to flaunt their body artwork, express their love for someone, etc. No matter what your reason is to get a tattoo, make sure you get it etched by a professional tattoo artist. The tattoo market is swamped with numerous tattoo artists, and all of them claim to be the best in the business. However, it is crucial that you conduct enough research while choosing the best American tattoo artist.

If you’re looking for a tattoo artist to create a one-of-a-kind work of art but don’t know where to start, then this is the post for you. Here we are sharing some of the best American tattoo artists. Here’s your guide to talented tattoo artists from America.

Take a look…



Style: Black, Black & Grey, Ornamental, Polynesian, Dotwork, and Blackwork

Country: U.S.A.

City: Las Vegas

Address: New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles

Website: ilyacascad.com

Since 2013, Ilya has been a professional award-winning ornamental tattoo artist.

He is an expert in Ornamental style, Dotwork, Geometry, and Polynesia.

He has won over 20 competitions and serves as a judge at a number of tattoo conventions. He is the owner of “ONTOP Tattoo Collective” in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, and a resident artist at “L.O.V.E. Machine” Tattoo in New York, U.S.A.

2. R.O.X.X.

Style: Black, Blackwork, Ornamental

Country: U.S.A.

City: Los Angeles


Website: 2spirittattoo.com/

Roxx is a visual artist who treats human body as her canvas. She is a brilliant tattoo artist. Her distinct blackwork, mark-making, dotwork, and geometric tattoo style is the result of a six-country career. Her organic geometry is inspired by aboriginal, spiritual, and tribal cultures, sacred patterns found in nature and science, and architectural forms. The Tattoo evolves in her mind like a divine sixth sense.


ALEKSEY MASHKOV tattoo artist

Style: Color, Author Style, Portrait, and Realism

Country: U.S.A.

City: New York City

Aleksey Mashkov is yet another best American tattoo artist. He is an expert in Color, Authors, Portrait, and Realism.



Style: Color, Realism, and Author Style

Country: U.S.A.

City: Keene

Website: www.jesserix.com/

Jesse Rix works as a tattoo artist in Keene, New Hampshire.

He’s been tattooing since 2005 and specializes in realism, nature, and 3D/Geometric designs. He enjoys visiting new places and occasionally travels while tattooing. He enjoys hiking and being outside and finds much of his inspiration in the wonders of nature around him. The artist accepts clients based on an application process. So if you’re interested in getting a tattoo from Rix, keep checking when his bookings are open.


ANGELO PARENTE tattoo artist

Style: Black, Color, Graphic, and Horror

Country: U.S.A.

City: Scranton

Website: www.angeloparentetattoo.com/

Angelo Parente is a well-known American tattoo artist who specializes in black, color, graphic, and horror tattoos. You must make your tattoo appointment with Angelo Parente well in advance. Make sure you reach the studio on the scheduled date, as it’s difficult to get his dates back again once canceled.



Style: Color, Black & Grey, and Realism

Country: U.S.A.

City: Grand Junction


Studio: Elysium Studios

Website: www.elysium-studios.com/

Arlo DiCristina is a well-known tattoo artist in the United States. He focuses on color, black and white, and realism. He is one of Elysium Studios’ ten resident artists.



Style: Black&Grey, Realism, and Authors Style

Country: U.S.A.

City: Los Angeles

Website: juncha.com

Jun Cha is a multi-disciplinary artist specializing in black and grey tattoos, art, and design with a singular focus on quality, excellence, and the creative process. Jun Cha works with selective clients in a one-on-one collaborative experience, motivated by the fundamental goal of creating art that surpasses an instant gratification culture.

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RYAN ASHLEY MALARKEY American tattoo artist

Style: Black, Blackwork, and Black&Grey

Country: U.S.A.

Website: ryan-ashley-malarkey.format.com

Ryan Ashley Malarkey is a tattoo artist from Kingston, Pennsylvania, who specializes in black and grey. She co-owns and operates The Strange and Unusual, an oddities parlor with a private and appointment-only tattoo studio.

She received the Critic’s Choice award for her class when she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2007. She then moved to New York and worked as a designer and artist for a private label clothing company until 2011. She left the city at this point to return to Pennsylvania and pursue the art of tattooing full-time.

She currently lives on Back Mountain with her boyfriend Joshua Balz and their two dog babies, Toronto and Casper.



Style: Black, Geometric, Linework, and Dotwork


Country: U.S.A.

City: New York City

Website: balazsbercsenyi.com

Balazs Bercsényi is a Pécs, Hungary-based multidimensional tattoo artist with a distinct, recognizable, and meticulous style.

Ancestral practices and rituals, spirituality, sacred geometry, the occult, and sculpture all strongly influence his artistic work. He is an industry expert in single needle and fine line black and grey talisman tattoos, which have become his signature for independent art projects.

His work received true international acclaim and recognition in the world-renowned Bang Bang art studios in New York City, United States. You will have to schedule your appointment very well in advance if you wish to get a tattoo from Balazs.


BOBBY CUPPARO tattoo artist

Style: Color, Surrealism, Realism, and Abstract


Country: USA

City: New York City

Studio: L.O.V.E.machine

Website: www.bobbycupparo.com/

Bobby Cupparo is another well-known American tattoo artist.

He primarily works in realism, animal portraiture, fuzing styles, abstract designs, abstract realism portraiture, and pattern work. He is a well-rounded artist who enjoys taking on new challenges. He does not charge by the hour but rather by the full day rate. For pricing information, please email him or fill out the contact form. Bobby’s session will have to be scheduled in advance.


Style: Color, Neo-Traditional, and New School

Country: U.S.A.

City: Mesa

Website: www.justinhartmanart.com/

Justin Hartman is one of the best American tattoo artists. He is known for creating mesmerizing tattoos. He specializes in color, new-traditional, and new school style. If you wish to get a tattoo from Justin, you’ll have to schedule an appointment in advance.



Style: Black&Grey, Horror, Portrait, and Realism

Country: USA.

Address: 3478 Bristol Pike Bensalem, PA 19020

Studio: The Seance Tattoo Parlor

Website: dannylepore.com

Danny Lepore is a renowned tattoo artist in America. He is known for splendid body artwork. He is an expert in horror, portrait, realism, and black and grey body artwork. If you want to get a stunning horror tattoo on your body, then Danny is your best bet. The guy has earned himself a huge name in the world of tattoos. Make sure you schedule your appointment ahead of time as he is one of the busiest tattoo artists in America.



Style: Photorealism, Black and Grey

Country: U.S.A.

City: New York City

Studio: Dot.

Website: https://www.dotinkgroup.com

If you’re planning to get a photorealism body artwork, then Adam Makharita is one of the artists to get your Tattoo from. Adam co-owns Dot. Studio in N.Y.C. and is known for Photorealism, Black and Grey tattoo designs. You will have to schedule an appointment to get a customized tattoo design. You will surely love the result!


KELLY DOTY American tattoo artist

Style: Color, Neo-traditional, and New School

Country: USA

Studio: Helheim Gallery

Website: kellydotytattoo.com

Kelly Doty is one of the best American Tattoo artists whose world is populated by a collection of ‘creepy’ but ‘cute’ characters. Doty, who claims to be socially awkward, is a storyteller who expresses herself clearly through her art, which includes both images and words.

Every character she creates also gets a brand-new story, complete with drama, dry wit, and a layer of ridiculousness that always seems appropriate. Despite her increased celebrity as a result of Ink Master and her busy convention schedule, Doty spends her time tattooing at her shop Helheim Gallery in her adopted hometown of Salem, Massachusetts.


MATT TISCHLER American Tattoo artist

Style: Color and Neo-traditional

Country: USA

Website: www.tishtattoo.com

Born in 1983 in Pasadena, California, to a first-generation Estonian father and an Irish mother, Matthew Tischler grew up determined to win any event that came his way. He began participating in action sports at a young age. As a teen, he excelled at BMX racing and rose to PRO elite status in his early twenties. Matt enjoyed sketching throughout his adolescence, particularly in class. After graduating from high school, he went to work at Outkast, a tattoo parlor and clothing store. The shop inspired him to start painting and, eventually, tattooing.

Matts got inspiration from Tom Cruise, sketching Penelope Cruz’s portrait in the film Vanilla Sky. He then decided to take tattooing as a career. Matt began tattooing friends in the BMX industry in 2008. Matt’s motivation skyrocketed after he discovered his niche for illustrative neo-traditional portraits. Today, he is a world-renowned artist. His dedication to his craft has elevated him to the status of a one-of-a-kind creator. Aside from tattooing full time, he devotes his time surfing, traveling, and spending time with his family.


WILL GONZALEZ Tattoo artist

Style: Color and New School

Country: USA

City: New York City

Website: www.willjgonzalez.com/

Will Gonzalez began tattooing in New York and went full-time in 2007. Since then, he has won a few awards, been featured in numerous international publications, and most importantly, has created hundreds of complex and outrageous creatures to entertain himself and his clients.

Will received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from SUNY Binghamton (NY), after which he relocated to Greensboro, NC to further hone his tattoo skills. He’s dabbled in a variety of styles over the years, initially thinking he wanted to be a realism artist, but he eventually fell in love with the “unrealistic realism” style, which allows him to express his true weirdness. He currently runs a solo studio in Mooresville, North Carolina.



Style: Color, Watercolor, Author Style

Country: USA

City: Los Angeles

Website: www.ivanatattooart.com/

Ivana Tattoo Art is well-known throughout the world for her distinct style of creativity. Ivana is a self-taught artist who has spent the last 18 years honing her craft. She has received numerous awards and has competed in some of the industry’s most renowned global tattoo shows.

Her work has been shown in a number of exhibitions, and she has worked with a number of art schools around the world. She is also an accomplished illustrator, fashion designer, and photographer. Her tattoos are upbeat, playful, beautiful, sometimes mischievous, and always entertaining. Her style is creative, elegant, and offbeat; a seductive mash-up of multiple genres that combines quirky, bright colors, and abstract elements with street style and high art.


JUVEL VAZQUEZ FIBS American tattoo artist

Style: Black&Grey and Japanese

Country: USA

Website: www.fibsart.net/

Fibs have been creating art since 1999 and began tattooing in 2002, transitioning from graffiti to tattoos. Graffiti started it all for him when he was 14 years old and began sketching, tagging, and bombing.

This phase quickly evolved into more complex and serious Graffiti, Wild Style lettering, and production Murals. Graffiti’s mind expanded as he channeled new paths as an active writer and part of the movement. During this journey, he discovered the Tattoo world. He describes it as a truly inspirational and widening art form.

He initially started etching Japanese-style tattoos. Gradually, he began to show improvements as he learned tattooing techniques and grew as a tattoo artist. After a few years, he began working on larger scale pieces as a more serious endeavor. He currently specializes in black and grey and Japanese-style tattoos. He approaches tattoos as if they were paintings, with the same artistic thought that he applies when working on a canvas or mural.


JOSEPH HAEFS American tattoo artist

Style: Black, Graphic, Linework, Blackwork, and Author Style

Country: USA

City: Las Vegas

Studio: Reverent Tattoo

Website: reverenttattoo.com

Joseph Haefs is one of the best American tattoo artists. He lives in Las Vegas, where he co-owns Reverent Tattoo with his wife. Reverent Tattoo is located on the east side of Las Vegas, just a few miles from the Las Vegas Strip and downtown areas. To get a tattoo from Joseph, you will have to schedule an appointment beforehand.


PETE ZEBLEY American tattoo artist

Style: Color, Watercolor, and Author Style

Country: USA

City: Philadelphia

Studio: Central Tattoo Studio

Website: petezebley.com

Pete Zebley is a renowned tattoo artist and a classically trained visual artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He started tattooing in 1998 and focuses on watercolor and fine art tattoos. Pete registered in the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts while working as a tattoo artist, where he received formal training in painting, drawing, and sculpture.

After traveling to several places, Pete returned to the United States and focused on honing his craft and experimenting with color in both his tattoos and fine art. In 2012 and 2013, he took second place for best sleeve and best color at the New York City Tattoo Convention, and he has worked as a guest artist in Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles. His work has been shown at the Gross McCleaf Art Center, the Main Line Art Center, and the College of Southern Maryland.


MIKE RUBENDALL American tattoo artist

Style: Color, Traditional, Oriental, Japanese, and Black&Grey

Country: USA

Studio: Kings Avenue Tatto

Website: kingsavetattoo.com

Mike Rubendall is the founder of Kings Avenue Tattoo studio. He is a world-acclaimed tattoo artist and entrepreneur. Mike has been tattooing for over twenty years. He has received over fifty international awards for his work. Aside from that, Mike’s work has also appeared in hundreds of publications and magazines and in documentaries and television shows.

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Style: Color, Realism, and Black&Grey

Country: USA

City: Los Angeles

Studio: Vatican Studios

Website: www.tdantattoo.com/

Tidan is a highly skilled tattoo artist based in Lake Forest, California. He specializes in Color, Realis, and Black&Grey tattoo designs. To get a tattoo from Tidan, you will have to pre-book your tattoo session.



Style: Color Realism

Country: USA

City: Austin

Website: www.acostattoo.com/

Andres is one of the best American tattoo artists. He began tattooing in his native Venezuela in 2009. He relocated to the greater Houston area in 2010 and began his professional career. Andres was drawn to realism and surrealism over the years, which helped him develop his artistic style. He worked in a few street shops before landing a job at Body Language in Galveston, which is run by a lovely lady named Susie Mckamy. He began doing realistic portraits and pieces during that time and focused on learning everything he could about tattooing.

He began looking for guest spots at some of Houston’s reputable shops in late 2012. He found one shop in particular where all of the artists did incredible work, and he looked up to them all. Andres is currently working in his private studio just outside of Austin, Texas.



Style: Color, Bio-organic, and Color Authors

Country: USA

Website: www.guyaitchison.com

Guy Aitchison is an experienced tattoo artist from the USA. He specializes in color, bio-organic, and color authors.


ZACK SINGER American tattoo artist

Style: Neo-Traditional

Country: USA

City: Dallas

Studio: Perception Fine Body Art

Last but not least, Zack Singer. Zack Singer is one of the very talented and best American tattoo artists. He specializes in Neo-traditional tattoo styles. You can pre-book your session with him if you wish to get a neo-traditional tattoo design etched on your body.

Wrapping it up…

So there you have it: the 25 best American tattoo artists. You can get your tattoo done by any of the tattoo artists listed above. Make sure you schedule your appointment well in advance because they all serve clients by appointment only.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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