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4 Attractive Tattoo Design Apps to Draw Your Own Tattoo

4 Stunning Apps to Draw Your Tattoos

4 Attractive Tattoo Design Apps to Draw Your Own Tattoo

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Yes, the best tattoo applications will assist you in deciding what exactly your tattoo looks like. Even all these apps are indicated as the perfect solution for improving your design work as well. If you are going to deal with tattoo crafting, then SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) will work best for you due to its scalability nature, while PNG does not. And, even if you have PNG cut files, then simply move them into SVG with the free use of an online PNG to SVG converter.

Well, start using the following tattoo design apps that help you to create an ideal picture.

1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

This application will assist you to create your tattoo art with minimal effort. Don’t fret about complicated lines or shading since this handy tool is specifically designed to swiftly draw accurate designs and even works best for creating detailed images of your tattoo. Just account for this tool to work with layers and find a bunch of customizable brushes. Besides that, if your artwork indulges PNG raster to vector file conversions, then it’s best to start using PNG to SVG converter online.

Give a try this tattoo drawing app to add color to tattoos, text, shadows, and highlights for better results. If your tattoo artwork involves mono-color and multicolor type illustration, then try to save your work in

SVG vector file format, rather than PNG. Since PNG loses quality, SVG’s retain original even scaled up or down or shared frequently. Now, thanks to the source of theonlineconverter.com that offers the best free PNG to SVG converter through which you can export PNG raster artwork as SVG according to different illustration presets for free.

Why Use:

  • Allow you to work with different layers
  • Provide you with up to 64x zoom
  • Explore free customizable brushes

2. Procreate

Now it becomes easy to generate tattoo designs according to your choice with Procreate. Quit worrying since it is loaded with a simple interface, you just need to open this app and point and make a click on what you aim to draw right now. Once you save the finalized artwork, you can be able to share it with your chosen tattoo artist to inform them about putting it on your body. It is an idea to share your tattoo images within SVG format since it does not degrade the color and quality due to its vector nature, while PNG lost all resolution when shared. Even if your tattoo images are saved in PNGs, then simply export them as an SVG vector image with an online PNG to SVG converter for free.

Procreate provided you with five different categories to proceed with your tattoo artwork, they’re:

  • Tribal
  • Celtic
  • Asian
  • New Age
  • Teen

The upside is that once you choose the category according to your preference, then it will automatically assign the artwork design to your chosen skin color.

Why Use:

  • Provides you with hundreds of varied pressure-sensitive brushes
  • Tremendous filters for your artwork
  • Allow you to work with PSD

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3. InkHunter

If you’re a tattoo enthusiast, then you might be familiar with InkHunter. It is highly compatible with the majority of the sites related to tattoo design such as:

  • Deviant Art
  • Art Tattoo and much more

Well, purchase this tattoo design application right now to attain a bunch of high-quality designs. If these designs are saved in PNG files format by default, and then turn them into SVG with an online PNG to SVG converter prior to sharing. Since SVG retains the original quality and does not degrade the quality even when shared on social platforms or with someone else.

You just require a stable internet connection to use this drawing tool. Besides drawing, this tool allows you to edit sketches, create photos, or also image editing straight from your camera. If you have a proper sketch for your tattoos and seeking the format to store them, then experts always recommended SVG vector format due to its quality retention nature. Even now regular images like PNGs can be easily converted into SVG with the help of an online PNG to SVG converter.

Why Use:

  • Swift and simple interface
  • Provides you with the freedom of uploading your design
  • Provides you with a great collection of free tattoos

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4. Tattoodo

This is another tattoo drawing tool that provides you with the ability for drawing, view, edit, and print tattoos. Users can fetch a wide array of high-quality tattoo templates that once can easily select from a gallery of original tattoo drawings. Besides that, there is certain PNG to SVG converter sources that lets you save your PNG tattoo images as SVG vector graphics.

Moreover, you can easily create your tattoo drawing by using the built-in tattoo design tool with this app, which is loaded with stunning traits. Even it allows you to change the thickness of the lines and add effects like shadow and glow to your artwork.

Why Use:

  • It allows you to reserve appointments with tattoo artists
  • Fetch the ideas in a variety of categories
  • Provides you with the great ability to create your collections
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