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10 Best Tattoo Artists in Alaska, USA


10 Best Tattoo Artists in Alaska, USA

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Are you searching for a tattoo artist in Alaska? If yes, you’re on the right page! Alaska City has several tattoo artists who are experts and skillful in creating unique tattoo designs. Tattoo artists in Alaska specialize in an eclectic range of styles, from traditional to contemporary tattoos. So, if you are all set to get a tattoo in Alaska, USA, then keep reading this post for the best tattoo artists there.

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Top Tattoo Artists In Alaska

Here is our list of the 10 best tattoo artists in Alaska, USA. Join us as we discover the best tattoo artists in Alaska, where each tattoo design tells a story. Whether you’re a seasoned tattoo enthusiast or a newcomer, here you’ll find the best tattoo artist in Alaska. Let’s begin…

1. Carlos Figueroa

Carlos is one of the renowned tattoo artists in Alaska. He has been tattooing for over ten years. He even owns a studio named Primal Instinct Tattoo Studio. Carlos is known for creating unique tattoos. Primarily, he is known for creating black and grey tattoo styles, neo-traditional tattoos, and geometric pattern tattoo styles. He is an expert tattoo artist with immense experience in the field.


If you want a large tattoo design, you can trust Carlos for that! Aside from black and grey tattoo styles, neo-traditional tattoos, and geometric pattern tattoo styles, Carlos also etch nature-inspired tattoos. At Primal Instinct Tattoo Studio, they ensure the safety and comfort of clients. Go ahead and book your tattoo session with Carlos.

2. Danielle Figueroa

Here’s another tattoo artist in Alaska, Danielle Figueroa. She is known for her excellent work. Danielle Figueroa is the co-owner of Primal Instinct tattoo studio. She started as an apprentice before she became an expert. Danielle is an expert in creating different tattoo designs, including black and grey tattoo styles.


Besides being the best tattoo artist, she is known to offer the most clean, safe, and comfortable environment for her clients. Danielle specializes in etching black and grey tattoo styles. She pays close attention to details while doing her job. Every tattoo session with Danielle is fun!

3. Donalen Rojas Bowers

Donalen is another very popular and talented tattoo artist in Alaska. She also apprenticed under Carlos Figueroa. She has become an expert tattoo artist who specializes in watercolor tattoo styles and portraits.

Apart from being an expert in creating watercolor tattoo styles, she’s also skillful in using graphite, colored pencil, ink, charcoal, and needle felting. She’s one of the sought-after tattoo artists in Alaska because of her unique skills. If you want to get a perfect watercolor tattoo etched on your skin, book a session with Donalen. She will give you a tattoo that will stand out!

4. Ronald Jackson and Christina Thompson

Next on the list of the best tattoo artists in Alaska is a duo. These two tattoo artists work together in Slim Jones Ink studio. They both are known for creating mesmerizing tattoo designs in Alaska. Ronald and Christina are highly skilled tattoo artists with extensive experience in crafting breathtaking tattoo designs.

They specialise in crafting one-of-a-kind custom body artwork. They have a huge clientele. They demonstrate a meticulous approach to their word, paying careful attention to even the smallest details. Most people in this region prefer getting their tattoos by them, which is why they are mostly busy. If you want a tattoo by them, then make sure to book your appointment very well in advance.

5. Dave Miller

Next on the list of the best tattoo artists in Alaska is Dave Miller. Dave is a very popular and highly talented tattoo artist in Alaska. He started tattooing in 2018 and has successfully made a name for himself in the industry. Tattooing has always been his dream since childhood. Yes, he always wanted to become a tattoo artist. He has a studio in Anchorage.


Dave specializes in creating all types of tattoo designs, including black and grey body artwork. Your comfort and safety is his responsibility. He ensures all his tattoo clients get the exact image of the tattoo design they choose. All in all, Dave brings life to every one of his tattoo designs! So, if you are looking for the best, then book a session with Dave.

6. Joseph Pittius

Joseph Pittius is yet another highly professional and experienced tattoo artist in Alaska, USA. He has his own tattoo studio on the South side of Alaska. He has been into tattooing for over five years now. Joseph, along with his two other female professional tattoo artists, create stunning pieces. Joseph Pittius is an expert in drawing portrait tattoo designs.


He is known for infusing life into his tattoo designs. Besides portrait tattoo designs, he also does grey black, and watercolor tattoos. He provides his clients with a safe, clean, and comfortable environment.

7. RachelG

RachelG is another very talented tattoo artist in Alaska. She enjoys creating unique designs on the body. Primarily, she is recognized for her expertise in crafting Polynesian tribal tattoos. RachelG is well-versed in realism. She’s a talented tattoo artist with the ability to create a wide range of tattoo styles.

Her expertise lies in the creation of black and grey tattoos, sacred geometry, and Indian and Asian body art. RachelG takes pride in crafting distinctive tattoo designs. She creates tattoos in a very clean and comfortable tattoo studio. If you want a unique tattoo, feel free to schedule a tattoo session with RachelG.

8. Clayton Howell

If you’re searching for one of the tattoo artists in Alaska with multiple awards, book your session with Clayton Howell! He has made a name for himself such that the beauty of his tattoo speaks out loud. Clayton possesses immense experience. He is in the tattoo industry for the last fifteen years. He owns a tattoo studio, named War Horn Tattoo Studio.

His knowledge in the tattoo industry is versatile, which makes him an expert in etching any tattoo style. Clayton has enjoyed tattooing ever since he entered the tattoo industry. He has made a name for himself with his skills. Tattoo lovers travel from other states to have tattoo designs etched by them. Go ahead and book your session!

9. JT Mac

Here’s another tattoo artist who has made a huge impact in the industry. He owns a tattoo studio situated in Fairbanks, Alaska. JT Mac has been tattooing in Alaska for 21 years. JT Mac has worked with different tattoo artists before starting to work independently. His passion for body artwork drives him to strive for greater heights in the tattoo industry.

He’s an expert in creating tattoo designs that look very real. Many individuals favour getting tattoos by JT Mac due to his unwavering dedication and strong commitment. He dedicates both his time and energy to his work when etching a new design. His tattoo designs are unique and stunning. He has extensive expertise in creating a variety of tattoo styles, such as watercolour, black and grey, floral designs, and portraits. If you want any of these tattoo styles, then book a session with JT Mac.

10. Amy Contreras

Last on the list of the best tattoo artists in Alaska, USA is Amy Contreras. Amy is a very talented and experienced tattoo artist in Alaska. She has become very popular in the tattoo world because of her unique skills. Her tattoo designs speak for itself. She’s been tattooing for over ten years. After years of dedication and establishing a reputation in the tattoo industry, she achieved her goal of opening her own studio in Alaska. The name of her studio is All Aces Ink Studio. She can create tattoo designs for your skin using any technique.


Amy is a self-taught tattoo artist who consistently puts in effort to develop her skill techniques. She is a very versatile tattoo artist in Alaska, USA. She is well-versed with different tattoo techniques. She uses unique methods to create tattoo designs. She is deeply dedicated to her work and provides excellent care to her clients.

Wrapping it up…

So, now we conclude the list of the 10 best tattoo artists in Alaska, USA. All of the artists outlined here possess immense experience and extraordinary talent. If you want a unique tattoo design done by experts, then consider choosing the artist from this list. All of these artists have earned a huge name in the industry from providing timeless tattoo designs.

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