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Tribal tattoo designs make you look like a warrior, which is also their main objective since ancient times, when warriors were inscribed with these patterns as a marking to identify to a particular tribe and of course to scare the enemy. A tribal tattoos is a simple and straight forward design, often in a single black color.

These tribal tattoo designs are originated from several native tribes around the world, where tattoos were a tool to show social status, faiths, and traditions. These tattoos were awarded to certain members of the tribes when they have completed a ritual of passage.

There are various forms of tribal tattoos, depending on the place of origins such as Hawaiian, Bornean, and Samoan origins. Regardless of the origin, the most common thing about tribal tattoos is that it is drawn in black color and includes lots of lines. They are often mixed with grey shading to make it look deeper and red color to highlight certain patterns.

Tribal Tattoo: History and Style

Some people like to include images such as animals and flowers, and tribal mask, to make the tattoo look more interesting. The tribal tattoos are popular in men as they are masculine designs, though their history is mainly lost.

Due to their design and color used in designing, these tribal tattoos ages well, as compared to normal colorful tattoos.

Though there are no defined categories in tribal tattoo designs, still few designs are prevalent amongst tattoo lovers. Such as,

Tribal sleeve tattoo

The rise of stylish manliness is best shown in tribal sleeve tattoos for men. These attractive designs are attached to the ancient sacred ceremonies and they are carried on, to generations through ink. The primitive ancestors of these tattoo designs are Japanese yakuza.

If you are looking for a perfect complement to your masculine arms, muscular shoulders and well-defined biceps, a half sleeve tribal tattoo could be your ideal choice. These tribal tattoo designs give more definition to your arms’ muscles making it look huskier and more appealing.

Moreover, the large area presents on shoulders, chest, and arms give tribal tattoo artists, required liberty to make them engaging and brutal by including traditional signs like the eagle, the sun, and the Celtic cross.

Tribal wolf tattoos

Tribal wolf tattoo designs express stainless strength and strong masculine fierceness. The symbol forms an eternal relationship with these mythological beings of majestic wisdom. These tribal wolf tattoo designs represent extensive intelligence and the understanding of affection for family. Commitment and intelligence are key values that are shown by tribal wolf tattoos.

These tribal wolf tattoos represent a proudly independent being, who is hustling to discover his/her way to success. Some ancient tribes also associate these astonishing creatures with the triumphant spirit of the Valkyries, especially Odin. Some cultures take the wolfs as a divine guard of the powerful kingdoms of holiness.

These wolf tattoo designs express their wearer as a confident person who is not scared of new challenges and obstacles waiting for him/her.

If you want to enhance your muscularity with patterns who are ancient yet attractive and will be there with you throughout your lifetime, go for a tribal tattoo.

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