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10 Best Tattoo Artists in Japan

Tattoo Artists in Japan

10 Best Tattoo Artists in Japan

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Choosing the right tattoo artist is crucial for having a body artwork that stands out! No matter where in the world you decide to get your tattoo, it is critical to look for a professional and highly efficient tattoo artist. Selecting a tattoo artist in Japan for your tattoo design could be difficult, especially if it’s your first time. Every tattoo artists in Japan has a unique style and outstanding artistry. For a perfect Japanese tattoo design, you should opt for an expert in the kind of design you want.

Japanese body artwork is very popular amongst tattoo lovers, especially young admirers. Japanese art is considered the best, making great tattoo designs with significant meanings compared to other tattoo designs. Most of the Japanese tattoo designs are inspired by past generations. It’s not the casual tattoo design you can etch on your skin for fashion. Every Japanese tattoo exudes a sense of responsibility and has a great meaning associated with it. Hence, it is critical that you choose your body artwork very carefully.

So, if you’re interested in getting a body artwork in Japan, keep reading this article! We have provided you with the best tattoo artists in Japan who can provide you with perfect Japanese body artwork.

Without any further ado, let’s get started…

10 Best Tattoo Artists In Japan

Whether you are planning to get a Japanese tattoo design or any other design, make sure to choose the right artist. Here is our list of Japanese tattoo artists with detailed information about each of them. All of the artists listed here possess immense talent and expertise in their field. You can choose the one that suits your style, preference, and budget perfectly. Let’s now move on to the list; here we go…

1. Shige (Shigenori Iwasaki)

If you’re searching for a Japanese tattoo artist who specializes in creating bold and dynamic tattoo designs, Shige is an expert! He is based in Yokohama, Japan. He owns a tattoo studio, namely ‘Yellow Blaze.’

Shige (Shigenori Iwasaki) : Best Tattoo Artists In Japan

Shige is a very popular and talented tattoo artist in Japan. He has earned a huge name in the industry with his excellent tattoo images of dragons and tigers. He is known for incorporating different contemporary elements and traditional Japanese motifs. He is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in Japan and worldwide. You will always feel welcomed and relaxed in his studio. If you want to get a perfect traditional Japanese tattoo design, start preparing to travel down to Japan. Or, if you are in Japan and want to get excellent body artwork, Shige is your best bet!

2. Horiyasu

Here’s another famous tattoo artist in Japan who’s based in Tokyo. Horiyasu is a very famous tattoo artist known for creating traditional Japanese tattoos. Some of his popular tattoo designs include dragons, tigers, and pythons tattoos. He has a studio in Japan called Three TStudio. The Three TStudio is a very welcoming and hygienic place to get a tattoo of your dreams.


No matter which tattoo design you choose, Horiyasu will provide you with the tattoo that you have always dreamt of in no time. Horiyasu is known for creating beautiful and meaningful tattoo designs. He leaves no stone unturned to give you the design that you want. He pays close attention to details while getting your tattoo design etched on your skin.

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3. Horiyoshi III (Yoshihito Nakano)

Horiyoshi III is one of the best tattoo artists in Japan. He belongs to the Horiyoshi family of tattooists. Horiyoshi III is a popular, respected, and most sought-after tattoo artist in Japan. He is based in Yokohama, Japan. He has been in this field for over 40 years, and he’s skilled in creating detailed tattoo designs.

Horiyoshi III (Yoshihito Nakano) : Best Tattoo Artists In Japan

So, if you’re interested in getting a perfect intricate tattoo design, you should contact Horiyoshi III for that. Know that Horiyoshi III is a very busy tattoo artist. You never know how long the waiting list will be. Most of his clients have been on his waiting list for years. This simply implies that you have to be really very prompt if you want to get a tattoo from him. So, without wasting any moment, book your appointment with Horiyoshi III now! Just a heads up, he only makes tattoos for individuals who are prepared to receive designs that hold significance.

4. Choshu Horikazu

Are you considering getting a traditional or modern tattoo design with vibrant colors? Choshu Horikazu is your best bet! He is an expert at creating such tattoo designs.

Choshu Horikazu

His tattoo designs are stunning and meaningful. He’s an expert in drawing tattoos that feature Japanese motifs like koi fish, cherry blossoms, and dragons. He runs a tattoo studio located in Tokyo, Japan, called Horikazuwaka. He’s known for his skill and dedication. In addition, Choshu Horikazu is a very friendly and approachable tattoo artist in Japan. So, if you are looking for a stunning tattoo design by an expert tattoo artist in Japan, then contact Horikazu. To have a more in-depth conversation about the design you want, you may even drop by his studio.

5. Horikitsune (Alex Reinke)

At number 7, we have Horikitsune (Alex Reinke). Horikitsune is originally from Germany, but he’s based in Japan. He learned his skills from Horiyoshi III as an apprentice. Having gained experience, he started his own tattoo studio by the name Holy Fox Tattoo Ltd. Today, he has become one of the most reliable and respected tattoo artists in Japan, much like his master.

Horikitsune (Alex Reinke) : Best Tattoo Artists In Japan

Horikitsune is dedicated to keeping the traditional Japanese Zen-based spirit of Kokoro. He specializes in classic Japanese motifs and tebori techniques. He’s an expert in his skills and has made a name for himself in Japan as one of the best tattoo artists. So, if you want an eye-catching tattoo in Japan, meet Horikitsune.

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6. Shigeo

Here is another Japanese tattoo artist who’s based in Osaka, Japan. Shigeo is very famous tattoo artist in Japan. He is known for creating mesmerizing tattoo designs with intricate details and bold lines.

If you want a tattoo design that features dragons, cherry blossoms, and samurai warriors, Shigeo will get it done in no time. Tattoo designs done by Shigeo are usually beautiful and significant. He’s skilled and dedicated in his body artwork. So, if you are planning to get body artwork that stands out, Shigeo is your best choice!

7. Genko (Hiroshi)

Next on our list is Genko. He is highly recognized and respected tattoo artist in Japan that you can trust for your next or very first tattoo designs. Genko is a very popular Japanese tattoo artist. He is known for creating exceptional traditional Japanese tattoos, vibrant color tattoos, and tattoos with bold lines.

For people who are looking for a skillful tattoo artist who knows how to draw tattoo images like samurai warriors and mythical creatures, Genko is their best bet. He’s a friendly and approachable tattoo artist. You can book him ahead of time so as to be sure of the best tattoo design.

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8. Shodai Horiyoshi (Masanori Oi)

Following the apprentice, Horiyoshi III’s own son is on the list. Yes, Shodai Horiyoshi is the son of Horiyoshi III. He has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Today, he is a household name in Japan. Much like his father, he has made a name for himself through years of mastering the skill.

He’s an expert in traditional Japanese motifs, which is also known as Irezumi. In addition, he also creates modern tattoo designs. Shodai pays close attention to details when creating a tattoo design on his client’s skin. No matter which tattoo design you choose, a modern one or a traditional Japanese tattoo artwork, Shodai Horiyoshi can give you exactly what you desire. He will make it a reality on your skin. His tattoo designs are modern and stunning. If you want a modern tattoo design, give a shot to Shodai Horiyoshi, a.k.a Masanori Oi.

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9. Horiei Shinshu (Horimitsu)

Next on our list is Horimitsu. He is one of the best tattoo artists in Japan, based in Tokyo. He has gained popularity as the most in-demand tattoo artist among clients in Japan. Most tattoo enthusiasts who like Japanese motifs travel down to Japan exclusively to meet him for a detailed tattoo design.

Horimitsu is known for creating beautiful and detailed tattoo designs. Most of Horimitsu’s work often features delicate patterns and classic Japanese tattoo images. If you are looking for an exceptional tattoo design by a renowned Japanese tattoo artist, contact Horimitsu.

10. Gakkin (Gakkin x Nissaco)

Last but not least is Gakkin. Gakkin is a remarkable tattoo artist who stands tall among the other tattoo artists in Japan. He has partnered with Nissaco and is widely recognized for incorporating traditional Japanese characteristics in tattoo designs. Moreover, he is an expert in contemporary tattoo designs.

If you want tattoos with geometric patterns and contemporary art, you can consider Gakkin. He does his artistry work with patience, and he pays close attention to the smallest of details. So, for a contemporary body artwork that stands out, Gakkin is your best bet! Wait no more; book ahead!

Capping Words

There you have it: the list of the 10 most talented and famous tattoo artists in Japan. All of the tattoo artists listed above possess immense expertise and are experienced in their fields. They are known to provide eye-catching tattoo designs to their clients. If you want a design that turns heads, you can always count on any of them for your tattoo design. These tattoo artists have solid track records and vast client base. You can read about them on their website or other business platforms for more details!

NOTE: All of these artists are pretty renowned and most sough-after, so make sure to book your appointment well in advance to secure your spot!

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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