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10 Famous Tattoo Artists in the Philippines

Inked Masterpieces_ 10 Amazing Tattoo Artists in Philippines

10 Famous Tattoo Artists in the Philippines

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The Philippines has long been a cradle of creativity, and its burgeoning tattoo scene is no exception. With a rich tapestry of culture, history, and artistry, this archipelago nation has produced some genuinely exceptional tattoo artists. In “Inked Masterpieces,” we embark on a journey to uncover the stories, styles, and sheer talent behind the inked wonders that grace the bodies of many.

From the bustling streets of Manila to the serene shores of Cebu, we’ll introduce you to ten remarkable tattoo artists who have carved their names on the vibrant canvas of Philippine tattoo culture. Brace yourself for a kaleidoscope of artistic expressions as we delve into their worlds and explore the narratives etched into the skin of a nation. These artists aren’t just creating tattoos; they are crafting living, breathing masterpieces.

Here are the best tattoo artists in Philippines

1. Ezekiel Oclaray

Ezekiel Oclaray, synonymous with hand poke artistry, is one of the Philippines tattoo artists. For aficionados of the handpoke technique, Zeke is a true luminary. His mastery lies in the simplicity of his tools—just a needle, ink, and an incredibly steady hand. Zeke’s unwavering precision sets him apart, making every tattoo he creates an unparalleled masterpiece.

Ezekiel Oclaray

What truly distinguishes Zeke is his specialization in Baybayin tattoos, a Filipino indigenous script. With a deep connection to his roots, he breathes life into this ancient script through his art. In a world of ink and skin, Ezekiel Oclaray reigns supreme, a testament to the Philippines’ thriving tattoo culture.

2. Jello Talaboc

Jello Talaboc, a rising star in the Philippine tattoo scene, transitioned into full-time tattooing in 2016 after starting his career in 2013. Based in Cebu City, Jello is renowned for his minimalist designs, precise dot work, and delicate floral tattoos. His predominantly women clientele gravitate toward his elegant creations, including scripts, micro portraits, and small floral pieces.

Jello Talaboc

Jello’s signature lies in his attention to detail and precision, transforming simplicity into art. His work isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a medium for meaningful self-expression. You can find Jello Talaboc at the Cornerstone Tattoo Studio in Cebu City, where his talent continues to shape the Philippines’ dynamic tattoo culture. He is one of the best Philippines tattoo artists.

3. Annie Concepcion

For those with dainty tattoo dreams, Annie Concepcion of 55 Tinta can turn your aspirations into beautiful realities. Annie’s expertise lies in creating exquisite line artwork, making her the ideal choice for anyone seeking a minimalistic tattoo design. If you’ve ever wondered who masterfully inked Heart Evangelista-Escudero’s iconic heart tattoo, your search ends here – Annie Concepcion is the gifted artist behind it.

Annie Concepcion

With a keen eye for detail and a knack for capturing elegance and simplicity, Annie has carved a niche in the Philippine tattoo scene. Her Instagram handle, @theuncannie, is a testament to her artistry and the countless individuals she has helped express their unique stories through ink. Annie Concepcion is your trusted guide to transforming your tattoo visions into tangible works of art. Annie is the best tattoo artists Philippines.

4. Carlo Gabiana

Carlo Gabiana, the creative force behind Crol’s Tattoo, knows that a tattoo is more than just ink on the skin; it represents one’s identity. Carlo’s affinity for tattoos sparked during high school, and he has since become a prominent figure in the Philippines’ tattoo community. Originally an architecture student, Carlo transitioned into tattooing, successfully running Crol’s Tattoo for over four years.

Carlo Gabiana

His expertise shines through in intricate designs as he pours his incredible creativity and unwavering attention to detail into every piece of art he creates. If you seek to make a statement and etch your identity into your skin, Carlo Gabiana, located at 66-A M.P. Yap Street, Cebu City, is the artist to turn to. His work transcends ink, a manifestation of your unique story and personality. Carlo is the best tattoo artists Philippines.

5. Ronnie Macapagal

With over three decades of ink-slinging expertise, Ronnie Macapagal is a pioneering figure in Cebu’s tattoo industry. His remarkable journey has witnessed the transformation of the tattoo landscape and played a pivotal role in shaping it. Ronnie’s extensive experience culminated in the founding of the Cebu Tattoo Community and his presidency at the Cebu Tattoo Club, a testament to his leadership and dedication to the craft.

Ronnie Macapagal

His tattoo parlor, aptly named Ronnie’s Tattoo, is the first tattoo shop in the Visayas region. Ronnie’s mastery extends across various styles, including freehand, realistic, portrait, and captivating black and gray tattoo artistry. For those seeking an artist with a legacy of excellence and innovation, Ronnie Macapagal, located at M.L. Quezon National Highway, Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, is where timeless artistry meets skin. Ronnie is the best tattoo artists in Phillippines.

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6. Eloise Cadilo

While her journey in the world of tattooing may be relatively short, Eloise Cadilo’s talent knows no bounds. Using her needle, she displays artistry that defies her experience. Eloise is a breath of fresh air in the Philippines’ tattoo scene, her work characterized by exquisite customized designs that appear as if they’ve leaped from the pages of a sketchbook.

Eloise Cadilo

What sets Eloise apart is her innate ability to infuse delicate detailing into her designs, each piece brimming with profound meaning and purpose. Her work transcends mere ink on the skin; it becomes a canvas for individual portrayals and expressions. As a young artist with boundless potential, Eloise Cadilo promises to make an indelible mark on the vibrant tapestry of Philippine tattoo artistry. Her creations are not just tattoos; they are meaningful, bespoke masterpieces. She is the best tattoo artists in Phillippines.

7. Emao Clemen

Nestled within P&P Poblacion, Emao Clemen emerges as a distinguished tattoo artist in the Philippines, celebrated for his expertise in portraits and distinctive tattoo artistry. When you seek to immortalize the memory of a loved one or capture a cherished moment, Emao is the consummate choice for the task. Emao’s hallmark lies in his unparalleled attention to detail and mastery of color, often rare in tattoos.

Emao Clemen

Each stroke of his needle breathes life into intricate and vibrant designs, turning them into lasting mementos that resonate with profound meaning. Emao Clemen is not just a tattoo artist; he’s a memory weaver, an artist who transforms ink into timeless reminders of love and significance. When you choose Emao, you choose more than just a tattoo; you select an enduring tribute to what matters most.

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8. Renante Lariosa Herbias (Nante)

Renante Lariosa Herbias, affectionately known as “Nante,” is a prominent figure in the Philippine tattooing scene. He has left his mark and championed the country’s most prestigious tattoo convention, DUTDUTAN while excelling in various other competitions. Nante plies his craft at Southern Tattoo, a well-regarded tattoo shop in downtown Cebu’s heart.

Southern Tattoo boasts the privilege of employing one of Cebu’s finest tattoo artists, often recognized as a pillar of exceptional tattoo artistry. Their commitment to providing unmatched service is evident in their dedication to delivering the best tattoo experience for every client. Located at Unit 137, Ground Floor, Raintree Mall, General Maxilom Ave, Cebu City, Southern Tattoo, you can witness Nante’s extraordinary talent, transforming skin into a canvas of badass inking. When you choose Nante and Southern Tattoo, you’re opting for the best in the business. Nante is the best tattoo artist in Philippines.

9. Ian Cabrido

With a tattooing journey that commenced in 1992, Ian Cabrido is a seasoned professional in the vibrant realm of Cebuano tattoo artistry. His illustrious career has seen him working with international clients and earning acclaim in numerous prestigious competitions. Notably, he clinched the overall champion title at the 2003 Fear No Art competition and emerged victorious again at the 2007 First Pinatikay National Competition.

Ian Cabrido

Ian’s work is revered for its precision and use of colors, elevating each client’s tattoo into a realm of perfection. As a result, he has ascended to become one of Cebu’s most prominent tattoo artists, celebrated for his artistry and dedication to the craft. Ian Cabrido’s Inkkin’ian Tattoo Studio, located at M12, M.L. Quezon Ave., Mandaue City, is the go-to destination for those seeking excellence in tattooing. With Ian, your inked aspirations become reality, marked by his unparalleled expertise and a touch of perfection.

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10. Gigie Santiago

In the vibrant tapestry of the Philippine tattoo community, Gigie Santiago, fondly known as GigiBear, stands as an unmistakable presence. Renowned as one of the country’s foremost black artists, GigiBear’s mastery of this intricate style is beyond compare. To dispute her status as a leading figure in the world of blackwork is to overlook sheer artistry.

Gigie Santiago

GigiBear’s work is a testament to her vision and precision, with every stroke of her needle weaving stories on the canvas of skin. Her artistry resonates with those who appreciate the power of black ink, transforming the human body into a captivating tableau of dark beauty. GigiBear is a luminary in blackwork, leaving an indelible mark on the Philippine tattoo scene. To experience her art is to witness a true maestro at work.


Our journey through “Inked Masterpieces: 10 Amazing Tattoo Artist in Philippines” has unveiled a world where skin becomes a canvas and ink transforms into living art. These ten remarkable tattoo artists have showcased their profound talents and shared their stories, passion, and creativity, contributing significantly to the vibrant tattoo culture in the Philippines.

From the minimalist finesse of Jello Talaboc to the memory-evoking designs of Emao Clemen and the bold blackwork artistry of GigiBear, each artist has carved a unique niche in the tapestry of Philippine tattooing. Their attention to detail, dedication to self-expression, and commitment to their craft have elevated tattooing beyond mere body art—an ode to identity, culture, and storytelling.

In the Philippines, tattoos cease to be mere ink; they are living testaments to the artistry that thrives in the archipelago. As we conclude this journey, we celebrate not just these tattoo masters but also the enduring spirit of creativity that defines the Philippine tattoo scene. The body becomes a canvas, and the tattoo becomes an inked masterpiece.

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