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Common Tattoo Mistakes (When Getting a New Tattoo)

Common Tattoo Mistakes (when getting a new tattoo)

Common Tattoo Mistakes (When Getting a New Tattoo)

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Not all tattoo mistakes can be eliminated or concealed. You have to be really vigilant when planning to get a tattoo, especially a new tattoo. Here are the top 10 common tattoo mistakes that most people avoid, and later they regret their decision.

Read these out to avoid having your new ink turn into a disappointment. Take these common tattoo mistakes into consideration while you step into your tattoo studio.

1. Not doing enough research

The first mistake that most people do is not doing enough research. Most people get so over-excited that they don’t spend enough time to find the right design and tattoo artist for themselves. Doing so simply leads to an absolute disappointment. If you do not want to regret your tattoo, then do enough research. Doing thorough research can help you get the best tattoo that you will cherish.

2. Getting influenced by other’s designs

Your tattoo should reflect your true personality. It should not only be unique but also should go well with your personality. Some people simply get influenced by other’s designs, and they just copy it without understanding their own needs. No matter how beautiful your friend’s tattoo looks, your tattoo should reveal about you and should not be a copy.

3. Size of the tattoo

Another mistake made by most people in tattooing is size. Not every tattoo design can be inked in a small size. Some designs lose detail and interest immediately when they are etched in a small size. On the other hand, some people overtake their section of the canvas by getting too large tattoos. Avoid making this mistake by using a tattoo stencil and wearing your tattoo in different sizes before getting it etched permanently.

4. Lover tattoos

This is one of the most common tattoo mistakes. Most couples out of excitement or to show passion get their lover’s name etched on their body. After their breakup, their tattoo becomes a mark of pain for them. So, it is important that you first make sure that your relationship is not going to turn into an ugly breakup. Meanwhile, you can choose to get some other design etched on your body, like a music symbol, a positive quote, mandala, etc. All these designs won’t turn into pain at all, and you will not need to feel about them.

5. Placement of the tattoo

No matter how beautiful your tattoo design is, if not placed correctly. When you decide to place your tattoo, make sure you consider everything, like the curve of muscles beneath the skin, the size of a limb along with its visibility. Failing to do so can turn your beautiful tattoo into a mistake.

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6. Not knowing the correct meaning of the tattoo

Undoubtedly, a character or rune makes for a beautiful tattoo design. But if you don’t know what your tattoo stands for, then it is going to be the biggest mistake. So, it is imperative to double-check the meaning of your tattoo before getting it etched permanently on your body. It will help you avoid a missed translation.

7. Freehand tattoo designs

Getting a freehand tattoo design can be a mistake. Most people describe their desired tattoo designs verbally or hand over a photograph to their tattoo artist. But that is not enough; your tattoo artist must draw it out on paper before etching it on your body. More often than not, freehand tattoo designs go wrong on the skin. So make sure you get a stencil before getting your tattoo inked permanently.

9. Not finding the right tattoo artist

Do not compromise on your tattoo artist. There are several tattoo artists out there, but you need to find out the best tattoo artist. Remember that not every tattoo artist is able to deliver what they promise; hence find the best one. You can even ask for a reference from your friends who have already got a tattoo. Trust, finding the right tattoo artist can help you the best tattoo design and help you avoid most tattoo mistakes. Besides etching your tattoo, a professional tattoo artist will also help you to decide the right tattoo design along with the right placement.

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10. Going unprepared

Understand that a tattoo artist can help you a tad bit in your design, but he cannot decide your design solely. So, you must go prepared to your tattoo studio. Make sure you choose your design beforehand. Take some time to think about your design, its placement, and the meaning it may have for you. Besides, you will have to decide whether or not you’ll want that image on your body for a lifetime from now.

Summing it up……

These are the ten tattoo mistakes that you must avoid while you go to your tattoo parlor. Remember that small tattoos can still be concealed, but to conceal a larger tattoo will be difficult. And having an unappealing tattoo is not a wise idea, because this is going to stay for around 20 – 30 years on your neck or your arm or wherever you get it. So, avoid these mistakes and get the best tattoo design that you can cherish all your life and flaunt whenever you want to!

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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