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Good Tattoo Artist vs Bad

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Good Tattoo Artist vs Bad

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There are good tattoo artists and there are bad tattoo artists as well. Yeah, this industry is full of all types of artists. But the question is how to know that a particular artist is good or bad, though it is really very important to know in the first place. Of course, tattoo artist will not definitely tell you that he is bad, of course he won’t mind saying he is good! Well, there are many different factors that decide whether a tattoo artist is good or bad! And it is really very important for people to be knowledgeable about the artists and his work.

Here we have penned some factors based on which you can call a tattoo artist good or bad.

Let’s get started….

1. Health & Safety Measures

First things first, the first factor on which you can differentiate between a good tattoo artists and bad tattoo artists is – Health & Safety measures taken by the tattoo artists.

We all know that etching a tattoo is not a child’s task. One needs to have proper and in-depth knowledge about tattoo making. And tattoo making is not a simple artwork, it is a body artwork that involves pricking of needles in the body. If a particular tattoo artist take proper health and safety measures into consideration before, during, and after tattoo making, then definitely the artists would be considered good and if he doesn’t then undoubtedly you should chuck the idea of getting a tattoo from the bad tattoo artists.

So, be sure that your tattoo artists take health and safety measures seriously. And if he doesn’t just step out. There are many in the market, choose the one who is GOOD!! After all, it’s about your health, not just about his image!!

2. A Good Tattooist Never Do A Tattoo When Under Drugs or Alcoholic

A good tattoo artist will never make a tattoo when you are drunk or have taken drugs, and if he does so then surely he is not a good tattooist! So, make sure you see this before you step in the tattoo parlor.

3. A Good Tattooist Have Consistent Linework

A good tattoo artist will have consistent line work. Yes, irrespective of their style or experience, a good tattoo artist will have solid and consistent linework. Whereas, bad tattoo artists will never have a line work.

4. A Good Tattooist Never Copy Other’s Work

A good tattooist will never copy another artist’s work at all. Actually he will never need to do it. Whereas, a bad tattoo artists will never have his original work. He will always try to copy other’s work and make tattoos.

5. A Good Tattooist Possess Knowledge

A good tattoo artist will always start working only after getting proper training and knowledge in the field. Whereas, a bad tattoo artist will not bother to for proper training and certification and the only aim they will have is to earn money. No matter whether their clients will come back or not.

6. A Good Tattoo Artist’s Studio Will Be Clean & Hygienic

A good tattoo artist will always make sure that his tattoo studio is always clean and hygienic, as they know the importance that cleanliness plays in case of body artwork. Whereas, a bad tattoo artists will be ready to do artwork anywhere, no matter whether the place is good, clean, hygienic or not.

7. A Good Tattoo Artist Will Always Be Transparent

A good tattoo artist will always be transparent about their tattoos, both fresh and healed. Transparency is the key to being a great and successful tattoo artist. Whereas, in case of bad tattoo artists nothing will be certain.

8. A Good Tattoo Artist Have Repeat Clients

The most important factor amongst all is – a good tattoo artists will always have a repeat clients. Whereas, in case of bad clients it’s rarely the case.

9. A Good Tattooist Help His Clients With Aftercare Of Tattoo

A good tattoo artist will always help his clients with after care solutions also. They will tell their clients about what to do and what not to do. Whereas, bad tattoo artists may or may not tell you what all should be done after getting the tattoo. And trust me after care is very, very important in case of a new tattoo.

10. A Good Tattoo Artist Wears Gloves

Last but not least, a good tattoo artists will always wear gloves while making a tattoo. Whereas, a bad tattoo artists will hardly pay any attention to wearing the gloves.

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To pan out….

Make sure you go to only a good tattoo artists. As getting a tattoo is not about the design, it is in fact about your health and body. So, before you step in to a tattoo studio make sure that it takes care of all the factors required to be a good tattoo studio.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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