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Dua Lipa Reveals Album Title with New Arm Tattoo

Dua Lipa Announces Album Title with Her New Arm Tattoo

Dua Lipa Reveals Album Title with New Arm Tattoo

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Dua Lipa announces second album with a tattoo

There are people who are ready to take any pain for flaunting a beautiful artwork on their body, and usually these people are celebrities. Yeah, celebrities are ready to go for any pain for getting a great artwork on their body, in fact, it’s not once they go for this pan, and some celebrities are there who have got more than one tattoo, which includes Selena Gomez.

After Selena Gomez, another singer has come with a new tattoo. In fact, the singer has used her tattoo to announce her next album’s name to her fans worldwide. And the celebrity singer is none other than Dua Lipa.

Dua Lipa has allegedly got a brand new tattoo, and she got this tattoo just to squeal the title of her anticipated second album. The Fresh Principles singer allegedly took to her social media and there she posted a picture of herself in a bikini with a detailed-up of a brand new tattoo on her left arm. The new tattoo on her left arm says ‘Future Nostalgia’ in a unique font.

Dua Lipa Tattoo

Also, Lipa captioned her Instagram post: ‘ALBUM TITLE,’ along with heart emojis. Just like singer’s brand unique tattoo, the title of the album also seems unique.

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However, it is not the first time the singer has tried to communicate the title of her next albums, in fact she has been indicating about the title of her upcoming album for weeks now. For instance, in an interview off late, the 24-years-old teased: ‘It’s quite nostalgic and disco points but I needed it to sound current, unique and smooth present but I’m experimenting and having stress-free.’

Well, the upcoming album of the singer, seems to be quite captivating, as it extremely stress-free, and nostalgic disco-related album, which her fans are going to like for sure. Probably, they has already started liking it as some of her fans have already predicted that ‘Future Nostalgia’ might be one of the hit of next year, as a fan commenting: ‘I’VE GOT THE FEELING THIS PROBABLY GOING TO BE ONE OF THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2020.’

And one more fan responded that: ‘FUTURE NOSTALGIA THE BEST ALBUM 2020 IS COMING.’

Lipa has already given her fans a taster of her unique album with the lead song, Don’t Start up Now. Her self-titled debut album was a huge hit of 2017, which is still at number three in the UK and has already sold over 1.2 million copies worldwide.

Well, it is about her professional life. In her personal life, the IDGAf singer is dating mannequin Anwar Hadid. Yes, the very youthful brother of Gigi and Bella. The singer looks excited about both her professional life and her personal life as well. As she is already doing great in both the spheres of her life.

However, a date for Future Nostalgia has yet to be announced!

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