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9 Factors That Influence the Cost of a Tattoo

Factors That Influence the Cost of a Tattoo

9 Factors That Influence the Cost of a Tattoo

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This is one of the most often asked questions at the tattoo shop. And we’re going to answer the same in this post. So, scroll down to read the full article.

Here we go…

Table of Contents

  • 1. Size
  • 2. Placement
  • 3. Color Scheme
  • 4. Design
  • 5. Detailing
  • 6. Location
  • 7. Artist
  • 8. Complexity
  • 9. Popularity
  • Final Thought

There are numerous factors that influence the cost of a tattoo, including the design of the tattoo, the tattoo’s size, the tattoo’s location, the tattoo artist you get your tattoo from, and a slew of other considerations.

The easiest approach to determine the cost of the tattoo is to visit a tattoo shop and have a consultation with an artist and talk about your design.

Let’s take a look at the different factors influencing the cost of a tattoo…

1. Size

The size of your tattoo has the greatest impact on how much it costs. Even the tiniest tattoo takes roughly around 40 to 60 minutes to complete.

Time equals money.

This implies that the bigger the size, the more the cost of a tattoo. It is because the artist will need to prepare for your tattoo before actually etching it on your body. The tattoo artist will first set up the station, get the equipment ready, get your design ready, prepare the region on your body to tattoo, build your stencil, etc. Then, the artist will create the artwork.

2. Placement

The location of a tattoo also plays a significant role when it comes to the cost of a tattoo. For instance, tattooing your back or shoulder is much easier and takes much less time than tattooing your finger or ankle.

Tattoo sites that are challenging and take more time to complete significantly impact the cost of the tattoo.

3. Color Scheme

When it comes to tattoo pricing, the color scheme is another important factor that influences the cost of a tattoo. A design with a lot of colors will be more expensive than one with only one color, as a rule of thumb.

4. Design

No matter how much you hate the fact, tattoo design also impacts the tattoo cost. For instance, a realistic portrait tattoo will set you back more than a simple anchor tattoo. The reason for this is once again the length of time it takes to complete the tattoo.

Then comes the custom tattoo designs that are costlier than the ones already created. If you’re planning to get a custom tattoo, then know that this is going to be an expensive piece.

Want to know why?

It is because of the uniqueness of the design that you choose. This implies your tattoo design will influence the cost of your tattoo.

5. Detailing

Small tattoos can be had for the same price as larger tattoo designs. This is due to the fact that the labor on these small tattoo designs is more intricate. Some are custom designed to fit the exact curves of the body that simply add to your cost. The cost of a tattoo reduces if the design you want is simple, such as a 4″ by 4″ symbol tattoo. But if you want an elaborate and more detailed design, such as an intricate Mandala – the cost will automatically increase. It is because simple tattoo designs take less time compared to the ones that are detailed and intricate.

6. Location

The cost of a custom tattoo design is affected by the location of the tattoo studio. The cost of tattooing is higher in areas where there is a high demand for tattoos but few providers. In certain locations, tattoos are more expensive than in others.

The pricing may still rise if the tattoo shop is in a prime location, such as a vacation spot.

7. Artist

Tattooing is a highly specialized art form, and not all tattoo artists are experts. Permanent tattoos on the skin that will last for the remainder of the customer’s life must be immaculate in every manner. This requires a high level of expertise, talent, and understanding of the client’s personality and expectations. As a result, a skilled and experienced artist may be able to charge a higher fee than someone who is less well-known or new to the profession.

Renowned tattoo artists are usually more expensive than the ones in your locality. And the ones who specifically work with celebrities are the costliest ones. They may charge extravagant fees regardless of the size of their work. Furthermore, some tattoo artists charge by the hour, while others bill by the piece. Hourly charges, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly popular these days. As a result, if your item is large and complex, you can expect to spend more because it will take longer to finish.

8. Complexity

The majority of tattoo artists base their fee on the complexity of the design offered by the client. It has been observed that the artist almost always offers a custom design to give the tattoo a greater sense of individuality. Intricate and sophisticated tattoo designs necessitate a higher level of concentration and attention to detail. That’s why tattoo artists charge more for complex tattoo designs.

9. Popularity

The popularity of the studio is yet another factor that influences the cost of the tattoo. The more popular the tattoo artist, the more the charges. Yes, studios that are famous among clients charge more than the ones that are less known.


These are the 9 factors that influence the cost of a tattoo. When it comes to the cost of a tattoo, all of the variables discussed in this article play a significant role. If you’re a tattoo fanatic, you can use this information to figure out how much your next tattoo will cost.

If you’re a tattoo artist, you may utilize this data to set tattoo prices, hire tattoo artists, and retain your competitive edge in the market, further defining your target audience.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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