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How to make a Sharpie Tattoo?

How to Create a Sharpie Tattoo

How to make a Sharpie Tattoo?

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Tattoos are the life-long belongings difficult to shred off!! Commitment is the synonym of a Tattoo. Are you scared of hearing this? Are you a kind, who is afraid of commitment? Or are you too young to be allowed a permanent tattoo? Looking for the ways to get a tattoo which are not permanent ones? Stop pondering!! You are at the right place!! Certain people are not sure and not willing to take the permanent tattoos on their body. Again they are reluctant to go through the tedious and painful process of Tattooing. The aftercare of the permanent tattoos and healing process sometimes test the patience. For such people, Sharpie Tattoo or temporary tattoos are boon. A TATTOO DONE WITH A SHARPIE (marker) IS KNOWN AS SHARPIE TATTOO. Sharpie is a brand of writing instruments (mainly permanent marker pens)

Sharpie tattoos last for good couple of days if proper care is taken with regards to water-soaking and sun exposure. Follow our extensive instructions for creating a Sharpie Tattoo!!

Prepare & equip yourself first for the sharpie tattoo. Things you will require are: Sharpie pen, tracing paper, scissor, pencil or a gel pen with fine tip, cotton, picture of the tattoo, rubbing alcohol and talcum powder.

Sharpie tattoo step

>> Procedure and steps of Making Sharpie Tattoo

  1. First of all, select the tattoo design you are looking for. You can search for the pictures in magazines or can search online and get it on the paper. Once you are ready with the design you want it as your tattoo, trace that design using the tracing paper and a fine-tip pencil or pen. Now flip over the tracing paper and trace the same design with the gel pen or the marker to make it dark.
  2. Make the tracing paper convenient to hold for the placement by cutting its sides.
  3. Clean the skin of the placement area with the rubbing alcohol.
  4. Place the marked side tattoo on the placement area of the body. Firmly press the design till the tattoo gets imprinted on the skin. Avoid movements to get a clear tattoo instead of broken shaky lines.
  5. Remove the tracing paper and check whether you have got the tattoo print perfectly. If not, scrub the tattoo with the cotton soaked in rubbing alcohol to clear the tattoo & repeats the above process.
  6. If you are satisfied with the imprinted design & its visibility, trace the design with the sharpie to give a bold look to the design. You can also make the fillings if the tattoo is demanding the same. Finishing outline can be done using the fine tip of the pen.
  7. Sprinkle & apply the layer of powder for setting the tattoo print and absorbing the excess ink.


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