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How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

How to Make a Temporary Tattoo Last Longer

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The meaning of temporary tattoo itself suggests it’s a momentary one. Generally the temporary tattoos starts fading up in 24 hours but sometimes they tends to stay long for 7-10 days. Want to know what to do for making these temporary marks to stay long to cover your back to back parties & occasions? After discussing the various methods of making a temporary tattoo, now let’s discussed how to make these temporary tattoos stay long!! Here we go!!

We will suggest you the synchronized tips related to prior & post application of temporary tattoo to make it stay long enabling you to showcase the temporary body art for a longer period of time.

When you are ready for the temporary tattoo, select the PLACEMENT AREA OF THE TEMPORARY TATTOO appropriately.

Placement are of the temporary tattoo

  • The area of tattoo should be such that there is less friction & rubbing of clothes in that particular area. This will ensure the tattoo to last long. E.g. Ear back, neck etc.
  • Again, the area should have less exposure to sun and should not be the sweat spots.

Now, PREPARE THE SKIN before applying temporary tattoo. This will ensure good life to the tattoo. Wondering how to prepare skin, follow SEC!!

Don’t get baffled!! SEC means SHAVE EXFOLIATE & CLEAN the skin.

>> Shave well in advance

Shave well in advance

Don’t forget to shave the area of tattoo beforehand. Shaving after applying the tattoo with result in breaking & chipping off the tattoo. Though after applying the tattoo, if there is a dire need of shaving, use a sharp & new razor to ensure effortless hair removal. Shaving prior will definitely increase the life of the temporary tattoo.

>> Exfoliate the area prior applying the tattoo

Exfoliate the area prior applying the tattoo

Exfoliation means removing the dead cells of the skin. This can be done with the various cosmetic scrubs available in the market or pumice stone. If you are using a cosmetic scrub, make it sure that is does not passes any extra moisture or oil to the skin.

>> Skin Cleansing

Skin cleansing

Clean the area with mild soap and water where you are willing to apply the temporary tattoo to remove excess dirt and oil. This will ensure that the tattoo will stay long since the dry skin disallows the tattoo ink to dissolve and absorb in the skin. Thus clean & dry skin will be instrumental for making a desired base for temporary tattoo to stay long.

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Preparing the best skin base will give good life to the tattoo. But now, we will also check for STEPS TO BE TAKEN AFTER APPLYING THE TATTOO to make it stay long: They are as follows:

  • After applying the temporary tattoo, let it dry naturally or use a paper towel to dab gently on the tattoo to absorb excess ink.
  • Apply a thin layer of talcum powder on the tattoo to remove the excess oil making the skin dry required for elongated life of the tattoo.
  • After the tattoo is dried up, apply a thin coat of hair spray to give a protective seal to the tattoo. This will help the tattoo to stay long.
  • Make it sure that you do not rub the tattoo immediately after applying it.
  • Also avoid scrubbing the tattoo during or after the bath.
  • Avoid application of any kind of moisturizing agents like cold creams or sunscreens on the tattoo.

Proper aftercare of temporary tattoos will surely give good life to the temporary tattoos.

Happy Tattooing !!

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