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How To Choose a Right Tattoo Design

How to choose the right tattoo designs you won't regret later in life

How To Choose a Right Tattoo Design

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Tattoos are visually appealing, and many people want to get them. However, there are some legitimate concerns that should be addressed prior to getting inked. “Will I repent my tattoo design when I’m older?” What if it fades away? What if it doesn’t come out exactly how I want it? What if my tastes change after a while? Etc. are some of those concerns.

Nobody wants to have regrets in life, be it your tattoo design. It is critical to choose a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life. If you’re having trouble deciding on a tattoo design, you can chat with your tattoo artist. Professional tattoo artists can more often assist people in selecting a design that they won’t regret ever. A great tattoo artist can take your vision and make it even better than you imagined. Furthermore, they will provide you with a tattoo that will last for years and that you will be pleased with.

Before tattooing, a good tattoo artist will always discuss tattoo placement, colors, and design ideas. And accordingly, tattoo artists will help you select a tattoo design that is less likely to look faded, blurred, outdated, or unappealing in a few years.

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo and want to pick a design that you won’t regret later in life, then this post is for you.

Not everyone considers how their tattoo will look in the future, but there are solutions if this is a concern for you. Here are a few important design tips from tattoo professionals to take into account to ensure you end up with ink you adore.

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1. Research, Research, Research

People frequently get tattoos on the spur of the moment while out with friends. While this can be a fun way to get your first, second, or maybe third tattoo; however, if you want a design that will look great for the rest of your life, you should do your research first.

You must actually pay close attention to what you want. You can scour the internet for different tattoo styles. There you may find both good tattoo designs and ones that you will be unhappy with in the long run. Remember that your preferences will change, and certain trends will recede, so it’s important to do enough research. So, conduct a thorough search to ensure you find the right tattoo design.

2. Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

Choose the Best Tattoo Artist

I cannot stress this point enough. Tattoos can have both positive and negative effects on people. If done correctly, they look fantastic, but they may cause extreme disappointment to the wearer on the flip side. That is why it is critical to choose the right tattoo artist.

One of the most important factors in getting a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life is selecting the right tattoo artist. People usually get tattoos on a whim and walk into any random tattoo studio without much thought, which usually leads to extreme disappointment and discouragement later in life.

Good tattoos are expensive, and they should be! That is why it is critical not to cut corners on your tattoo project in order to save money. Keep in mind that the quality of your tattoo has an immediate and long-term impact on your overall self-esteem. In addition, tattoo cover-ups and removal can be significantly more expensive than the initial tattoo cost, and they are not always completely effective in concealing your original tattoo. So, find a tattoo artist with whom you can connect and whose work you love.

3. Scrutinize Their Portfolios

To land on the perfect design for you — and ensure that you’re choosing the best artist you can afford — look at their portfolios. The majority of tattoo artists post their work on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Some have their own website where they display their work. Check out their work on their social media handles and web pages to assess their tattooing style.

Better yet, visit tattoo parlors and speak with the artists in person. This will help in the creation of your final design and enhance your overall experience. You want to get tattooed not only by someone whose work you admire but also by someone with whom you connect. Besides, it will help to choose a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life.

4. Give Yourself Some Time – Have Patience

You’ve come up with an idea. Congratulations! It could be one-of-a-kind, a modern spin on something else, or something that has been thoroughly debunked. Everyone thinks it’s fantastic and completely unique to you.

But, for God’s sake, give your design a nice thought. Think about it hard and long. Imagine your future self and what might look good five, ten, or twenty years from now. Allow time to pass, and if you still have your heart set on it after a few weeks or, even better, a few months, then schedule an appointment with the artist. Remember, Patience is the key when it comes to choosing a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life.

5. Choose What Goes Well With Your Personality

Choose the Perfect Tattoo for Your Personality

You’ve probably heard that your tattoo should be a reflection of your personality. It is true to every extent and critical to ensuring that you end up with ink that you adore. The best way to select the right tattoo design is to think about your personality. Remember that each tattoo tells a tale – the wearer’s tale.

Allow yourself some time to consider what story you want to tell the world. Your tattoo should be well thought of. Think of your body like the canvas in the context of an art gallery. If you like intricate colored tattoo designs, stick to that. And if you prefer black and white, go with them.

6. Provide References

This is another critical step to help your tattoo artist get a good idea of the design you’re looking for. Bring in some examples if you really want to choose a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life. Pictures of what you’re trying to visualize will help a tattoo artist give you the tattoo you desire.

Allow the tattoo artist to run with your idea and make a few changes if you click with them and like their work. Allowing your tattoo artist to express their creativity will result in a better tattoo. All you have to do is make sure that your artist creates the tattoo in line with your vision. Remember that you are under no obligation to wear anything you do not want on your body.

7. Choose Your Tattoo Location Wisely

It is apparently up to you to decide which design you want and where you want it to be placed on your body. But, better yet, to listen to your artist’s advice.

In order to avoid future regrets, it is wise to get a tattoo that will flow with and complement your body for the rest of your life. For example, if you want to avoid tattoos in areas that cannot be covered, they must be covered for any reason. Then, your fingers, hands, arms, etc., are not ideal for a tattoo to be placed. Similarly, if you want a tattoo that you do not want to see every day, in such a case, your back, nape, and ankle chest are ideal locations for your tattoo.

Moreover, some tattoo designs, especially the larger ones, don’t look good on arms or areas with less space. For larger tattoos, the best location is your back. And a tiny tattoo looks perfect on areas, such as the nape, near the ear, fingers, etc.

The key is to choose the right location for your tattoo besides choosing a visually appealing design.

8. Avoid Colors That Tend To Fade Faster

Choose your Tattoo Color and Avoid Colors that Tend To Fade Faster

Color tattoos, without a doubt, look fantastic. However, some colors, such as red and yellow, tend to fade faster. Choosing the best tattoo ink color can be difficult. But nothing beats getting the tattoo in the right ink color to show off your personal style and taste.

Most of the time, people make the mistake of choosing the wrong color ink for their tattoo, which they later regret—Black and grey last the longest. Because dark shades are dense and bold, they are less prone to fading. In contrast, vibrant colors and pastels, such as pink, yellow, light blue, and green, tend to fade faster. So, choose your tattoo color wisely!

9. Avoid Locations That Tend To Blur & Fade Over Time

When deciding what color ink is best for tattoos, the placement of the tattoo is also important. Choose a location while keeping design and other considerations in mind. Tattoos on the thumbs and fingers tend to blur and fade the most quickly, so you might want to reconsider getting your favorite tattoo design down your index finger.

Furthermore, it is a good idea to avoid areas where your skin stretches, such as the crease lines on the wrist, elbows, or near the knees. Because of the constant pulling of the skin in these areas, a freshly etched tattoo takes longer to heal. Also, the final outcome will not be as anticipated.

The best places to get a tattoo are the upper arms, calves, shoulder, back, nape, neck, and chest. All of these are considered good tattoo locations due to the skin in these areas.

Another place to avoid is your hands and feet. These areas are more prone to sun damage and are frequently exposed to soap and water, making the tattoo fade. In addition, a freshly etched tattoo in these areas heals more slowly.

10. Pay Heed To What Your Tattoo Artist Says

Pay Heed To What Your Tattoo Artist Says

If you really want to choose a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life, then listen to your tattoo artist. They are professionals who understand what is best for you and your tattoo. People who ignore their tattoo artist’s advice frequently come to regret it.

Listening to your tattoo artist will help you get a great tattoo that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

11. Avoid Having Alcohol Before & After Getting Inked

One should do many things before getting a tattoo and many things one should avoid doing, but one thing that one should STRICTLY avoid doing before and after getting a tattoo is drinking alcohol. Yes, it should be at the top of your list of no-nos.

Yes, drinking alcohol may appear to be an appealing way to deal with the pain associated with tattoos or to celebrate the occasion, but believe me, it is a terrible idea.

Alcohol causes blood to thin. When alcohol is consumed prior to a tattoo procedure, it simply causes excessive bleeding, making it extremely difficult to achieve a solid saturation of ink in your skin. If you drink alcohol after getting the tattoo, the thin blood will lengthen the bleeding and plasma stage of the newly etched tattoo, potentially causing heavy scabbing or infection.

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Scarring is exacerbated when there is severe scabbing or infection. Scabbing, infections, and scarring are the furthest things from anyone’s mind. So, avoid drinking on the day you intend to get tattooed and wait for at least two-three days afterward.

Furthermore, alcohol can impede the tattooing process as well as the healing process. That is why it is critical to abstain from alcohol.

12. Follow After Care Instructions

Finally, it is critical to follow aftercare instructions if you want to have a tattoo that you will love for the rest of your life. After the treatment, professional tattooists will usually give you detailed and specific instructions on proper post-tattoo care, which you must strictly adhere to.

Some tattoo artists will even provide you with a special ointment to apply to your tattoo. If you do not take care of your tattoo after you get it, you may develop numerous skin problems, including rashes, tattoo infections, and skin keloids. Following a tattoo aftercare regimen will ensure that you have a great-looking tattoo for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, it is critical to use quality tattoo aftercare products on your freshly etched tattoo. Keep your tattoo moist to avoid infection and to ensure that it heals up faster.

Don’t underestimate the power of tattoo aftercare. It plays a crucial role when it comes to having a tattoo that you would love all your life.

Bringing it all together…

These are the 12 tips to follow if you really want a tattoo design you won’t regret later in life. All of these tips are simple, easy-to-follow. I hope these steps help you in getting a great tattoo. Remember, avoiding certain locations and designs, as well as choosing a great artist, will increase your chances of getting a tattoo you’ll love for years to come.

Happy Tattooing… ☺ ☺

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