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30 Best Peacock Tattoo Designs and Their Beautiful Meanings

Stunning Peacock Tattoo Design on Hand

30 Best Peacock Tattoo Designs and Their Beautiful Meanings

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If you’re planning to get yourself inked with some great tattoo designs then the peacock tattoo is a great piece of work. Many people are excited about getting their first tattoo, they want both a good looking tattoo as well as something which has a great meaning behind it. Talking about the peacock tattoo it symbolizes a person’s pure soul, immortality and resurrection.

The peacock is also believed to represent divinity as well as the gods and their ancestors. The peacock tattoo is the best to go for if you are looking to combine it with vibrant colors. It is a sign of love as well.

There are a few types of peacock tattoo designs which are popular throughout the world :

Small Peacock Tattoo

Small Peacock Tattoo Idea

This design can be mixed with other beautiful designs like having a peacock with perfect bends. You can plan to get a peacock tattoo on your arm inked this time.

Red Ink Peacock Tattoo

Amazing Red Ink Peacock Tattoo

Yet another popular peacock tattoo which people usually get inked on their back near the hips. It can be mixed with other nature oriented designs as well. Majority of the people prefer to get it done on their waists.

Peacock Blue Feather Tattoo

Beautiful Peacock Feather Tattoo on Sleeve

The peacock blue feather tattoo idea is another beautiful one. It looks very elegant on the arm and it’s best if you go with green and blue colors with a black outline. It looks good on fair skin.

Swirl Inspiration Peacock Tattoo Design

Swirls peacock tattoo on thigh

This tattoo design is very admiring and especially if you have the swirls done perfectly. They are best suited for women. This is a peacock thigh tattoo.

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Full Back Peacock Tattoo

Full Back Peacock Tattoo Design

This peacock tattoo covers the back completely, it looks very realistic and even can be made as a 3D one. It is ideal for all skin tones.

Enticing Peacock Tattoo

Enticing Peacock Tattoo on Leg

This is another peacock tattoo on leg. It has a very unique design of the peacock. The best combination of colors would be blue and green with some essence of orange/red shade. It is perfect for girls.

Low Black Tattoo

Black ink peacock tattoo

This one’s great for all the girls. This peacock tattoo design has a lot of depth and detailing in it. It can be either completely black or colorful as well.

The Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoo Design

This tattoo is yet simple but unique. It looks graceful and elegant. Some people tend to add their names as well on this design. Many of the youngsters love to have this tattoo inked on their back. It can also be done as a 3D tattoo. It is best suited for girls.

Getting a peacock tattoo will definitely be an amazing idea for a person who’s getting inked for the first time. Peacock tattoos have a lot of associated deep beautiful meanings.

Peacock Tattoo on Belly

Peacock Tattoo Design on Thigh

Beautiful Peacock Tattoo on Hand

Simple Peacock Tattoo on Hand

Peacock Art Tattoo Design

Small Peacock Tattoo Idea

Attractive Peacock Tattoo Design

Flying Peacock Tattoo on Back

Amazing Peacock Tattoo on Back

Best Peacock Tattoo Ideas for Women

Peacock Tattoo Ideas on Hand

Simple Peacock Tattoo

Beautiful Peacock Tattoo on Sleeve

Pretty Peacock Tattoo Ideas for Women

Stunning Peacock Tattoo on Wrist

Beautiful Peacock Tattoo on Back

Peacock Tattoo on Full Sleeve

Pretty Peacock Face Tattoo

Stunning Peacock Tattoo Design for Men and Women

Peacock Tattoo Ideas for Women

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