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90 Best Pet Tattoo Ideas for Pet Lovers

Tattoo Ideas For Pet Lovers

90 Best Pet Tattoo Ideas for Pet Lovers

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Like other tattoo designs or patterns, pet tattoos also describe one’s love for the particular animal. Therefore, most people prefer to go for a pet design tattoo. Also, there are plenty of excellent animal tattoo designs to opt from. Tattooing is a wildly followed trend amongst young and adults. See around, you will find so many teenagers or adults with one or even more tattoos flaunting their real-self.

There are myriads of options when it comes to getting a tattoo. You can opt from some beautiful flower to a sacred symbol, an intricate mandala to any phrase/quote, anything which suits your overall personality. There are people who love to get inked with some bold patterns, not just that some even get themselves inked with a skull, while, some want to flaunt their love for their pets or animals, and so they choose to go for a permanent pet or animal tattoo on their body.

You can get a simple animal tattoo design to an intricate animal tattoo design. The primary reason why people get attracted to pet/animal tattoo is the love they have for the particular animal. Believe it or not, animal tattoo makes great tattoos on one’s body. Anybody can get a pet or animal tattoo. And the best part about tattoos is that they come in all shapes and sizes, just like the pets/animals that inspire them!

If you’re also thinking to get a tattoo in honor of your favorite pet or animal, just take a look at the list below to get some inspiration.

1. A tattoo that your tommy will admire on your hand

Dogs are the most loyal and faithful animals, and if you think your tommy deserves some reward in return of its faith and loyalty and if you love your dog so much and want to show off your love or honor your favorite dog. This is the design for you, you can get a tiny dog tattoo on your hand. The tattoo will only have the outline in black color and it will look amazing.

2. A tattoo to flaunt your love for your kitty



How about having your favorite kitty tattoo on your hand, leg, thigh anywhere on your body. Kitty who you got when you were small and now you want to honor your darling pet. Then this is the time when you can do the same and get it etched on your body, and showoff your love for the cat. Get this tattoo and flaunt it!!

3. A tattoo which your favorite fish in tank will love


If you love underwater animals or have an aquarium at your home and you love fishkeeping, then this one is for you! Go for your favorite fish etched on your arm or shoulder, girls can even get them on their thighs to flaunt their love for favorite underwater pet. This one is going to be only pencil sketch style tattoo, which will look beautiful.

4. A tattoo with a beautiful goldfish


A beautiful goldfish with its natural color will look awesome on your body, wherever you want it to be from your arm to your leg. Fish really make beautiful and colorful tattoo designs, especially the goldfish, as they are considered the most beautiful among all. Try out!!

5. Pair of Fish in black on your thigh


Another underwater animal tattoo design for you. Get two fish etched on your thigh, one fish is just outlined, whereas, another one is fully filled in black color. A fish always symbolizes love and friendship, if you also want to show off the same traits, go for this design on your thigh.

6. A tattoo with your favorite horse


Horse tattoos really make beautiful designs and they look good on anyone. Having a horse tattoo on your thigh will leave other people awestruck. It will simply portray your attitude of being free and wild just like your favorite pet. The tattoo will have only face part of the horse, you can get a single or two or three horses together on your thigh.

7. A tattoo with your cat face


Only the face of your favorite cat on your forearm will make an eye-catching tattoo. Cats come in different color combination and shades, you can get the one which you like the most. You will get a perfect tattoo design to honor your cat. Get this one in real colors, the tattoo will come out to be best.

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8. A Rat tattoo on your forearm


Well, this is for the ones who really love rats. For some find this animal scary, but there are few who would love to get them etched on their forearms. If you think you are the one, then go for this little mice, who look cute!

9. A Lizard on your leg or calf


Oh! Does it sound weird to you? Well, let me tell you people do get lizard, believe it or not, the animal looks perfect while sitting on your leg. It is up to you how do you want it to be whether in color or just in black pencil sketch style, howsoever, it makes a nice tattoo design.

10. A Rabbit on your upper thigh


Rabbit has always been a source of inspiration in literature throughout history. If you love the animal then getting it on your upper thigh will leave people awestruck. The tattoo looks really cool! You can get the rabbit along with some natural elements like grass and flowers around it, etched on your upper thigh.

11. A Serpent tattoo on your feet


This is for the ones who love and respect serpents. This tattoo will look beautiful in just pencil sketch style on your feet. It will appear as if a real serpent is sitting on your feet. Just try out!

12. A Scorpion on your waist


Well, believe you me, this animal makes for a real beautiful and sensual tattoo design, that’s different the animal in real is scary. A scorpion on a women’s waist make the perfect animal tattoo design. Especially when you will wear saree, the tattoo will look fantabulous. If you don’t trust me, get one and see!! However, you can get a scorpion on your arm, leg, feet also.

13. A Butterfly on your shoulder blade


Who doesn’t love a butterfly…. I think you will find none for that matter. Butterflies make the most beautiful and sensual tattoos. When it is about tattoo designs, butterflies are the first thing comes in head of any women. The best part is women at any age can get a butterfly tattoo. Get a colorful butterfly or a black butterfly on your shoulder blade or maybe on your arm, neck, nape, leg, and thigh.

14. A butterfly with some flowers


If thinking to get a butterfly etched on your body, you can also add some element to it like flowers, leave, etc. to make your design look beautiful and enchanting. You can get your butterfly in small size or in large size, however you want.

15. A bird with wings on your arm



Birds not only look beautiful, but also make a perfect tattoo design. If you also love your singing bird, get one on your forearm. Your colorful winged pet will look awesome on your forearm, everyone will admire you for such a lovely design.

16. A Cow tattoo


Cow is considered the most sacred animal in Hinduism. In fact, cow is worshipped in Hindu tradition. If you think you love this farm animal, then you can get it etched on your forearm. The design will look great, believe you me. Your design will have just the face of the cow in white with the mix of some other hues to intensify the beauty of the tattoo.

17. The king of the jungle on your arm


How about having the king of the jungle on your arm. The Lion, simply symbolizes majesty, strength, courage, justice, and military and if you think you have it all. Then this is the tattoo for you! This one looks great on the arm, people will appreciate you for your design. This one is for those who think they have the same traits as lion, and want to flaunt them to others.

18. A Parrot on your ankle


A colorful parrot flying on your ankle will look mesmerizing. If you think you love parrot a lot then this is the design meant for you. The hues of green, dark green and red along with a mix of grey will make your tattoo look real on your ankle.

19. A Snake on your arm


You may find it scary, but there are people who genuinely love snakes and want to get them etched on their body too. A snake in its original colors sitting on the arm or on the shoulder make a perfect tattoo for the one who love snakes. If you are the one, you can get it!!

20. Just the face of your loyal companion


Whether you own a pug, or a German shepherd, or a beautiful Chiweenie at home as your companion, you can show off your love and honor to your dog anytime. Just get the face of your favorite dog along with other elements such as flowers and leaves around the design on your arm. Not just you but others will also love the idea of the tattoo. You never know who you inspire!!

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To pan out……

I hope you find the list helpful and inspiring. Besides the designs mentioned above you can get any pet etched on your body. As, pet or animals make really beautiful tattoo designs. The best part is the options for tattoo designs are endless, and give you the opportunity to create something that is totally new and unique.

Happy Tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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