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65 Fabulous Colorful Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Colorful Ankle tattoo designs

65 Fabulous Colorful Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

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When we think of getting a tattoo, there are several different things that we think of about the tattoo, like the size, design, pattern, location, and whether to get a plain tattoo or the colorful tattoo. Of course, we all know that not every tattoo looks good in black ink. There are several designs which should be done in color only, like colorful flower tattoos. However, when we think of getting a colored tattoo, there are several aspects that need to be taken care of, like the process, pricing, color lasting, etc.

Know that not every color stays for the same period of time, there are some colors which fades faster, like the white ink tattoos fade fastest and the yellow ones stay for the longest period. Yes!
Moreover, there are chances that whatever you expect may not be the outcome. Besides other important aspects, one determining factor can be your skin tone as well.

Beautiful Colorful back tattoo image

In this post we are going to discuss the aspects related to colorful tattoos.

Here we go…….

The design of the colorful tattoo

There are myriads of Colorful tattoos for men and colorful tattoos for women to choose from. In fact, the design of the tattoo can also be a determining factor to consider while going for a colorful tattoo. Because the more intricate the design, the more costly it will be. Yes, intricate tattoo design takes a lot of time that simply adds to your cost.

tatto arm

butterfly flower ink photo.

Deer watercolor Tattoos

Earth tattoo

Small Elephant tattoo

Snake tattoo

Pricing of colored tattoos

Of course, colored tattoos are comparatively more expensive than the one done in black ink. Pricing can be one of the determining factors to consider while choosing between the colored tattoos over black ones. This is because colored inks are more expensive than the black or grey ink. However, small colorful tattoos are relatively less expensive than the ones in bigger size. And the priciest amongst all are the white color tattoos because they are more elaborate, harder, and can be done by only experienced tattoo artists.

Size of colored tattoos

Colored tattoos can be done in numerous sizes, from small colorful tattoos to bigger colorful flower tattoos. The cost of the color tattoo will very much depend on the size of your color tattoo. Besides, the process will also vary based on the size of the color tattoo.

Solar system colored tattoo

tattoo designss


Process of the colorful tattoo

Since color tattoos are specifically used to fill in empty spaces within the black outline, the process takes more time to elaborate. In some cases, if the design is too intricate you will even be scheduled for separate sessions. Of course, the more time taking the process, the more painful it will be. Also, the size and the location of your color tattoo will cause you more pain than just outlining a design.

The placement of your colorful tattoos

Where you place your tattoo will also determine the tone and longevity of your tattoo. For instance, if a person has light skin tone, he/she will need less pigmentation as their skin will take ink faster than those who have darker skin tones. People with darker tones will need a higher concentration of pigment so that their tattoo show up. So, while you go for a colorful tattoo, make sure you discuss each and every aspect of color tattoo with the tattooist. Besides, do a tad bit of research about the tattoo parlor and tattooist and choose the one who is able to fulfill all your needs. Whose work you like and you feel comfortable with.

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Best tattoo image

Fish colored tattoo

Black cat tattoo ink

Color book tattoo on hand

Life expectancy of color tattoo

Yes, it is very crucial. The life of the color tattoo. Believe it or not, every tattoo fades away with time. However, it majorly depends on the color, brand, amount of sun exposure, and the placement of your color tattoo. Inks like yellow, orange, are green stay for a longer period than the white tattoos. As the white ink fades faster than any other even without a laser. Besides, sun exposure also dull your tattoo because of the secretion of melanin that skin cells produce when exposed to the sun. Too much exposure to the sun will gradually change the tone of your tattoo.

Colorful armband tattoo designs 2020

Colorful Back Tattoo image

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Sunflowert tattoo ink


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Tiny Colorful finger tattoos

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To pan out……

Before you plan to go for a colorful tattoo, make sure you consider all the aspects. Also, it is important that you do enough research when you finally step into the tattoo studio. It is important that your tattoo artist is experienced and skilled in doing color tats. Besides, you also need to consider your skin tone while choosing specific colors for your tattoos.
Happy Tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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