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The List of Great Tattoo Courses and Schools

The List of Great Tattoo Courses and Schools

The List of Great Tattoo Courses and Schools

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No matter if you want to change your current profession or have recently graduated and realized that tattooing is something you want to do in your life, you can learn everything about this art in many ways.

You can check out free internships and fee-based courses. Rely on your needs and desired level of involvement at this stage. Another point to consider while choosing the perfect course for you is to learn about a school’s reputation. Read the reviews of its previous students and contact its managers to learn more details about the quality of education it provides.

The school managers about the education and credentials of instructors to ensure you don’t spend your money in vain.

One of the benefits of becoming a tattoo master is that you can work in almost any part of the world. This is because some countries frown upon the art of tattoos and, therefore, there is a low demand for this type of service. Mastering this art allows you to travel and communicate with different people across the globe, just like in the case of custom assignment writing, which is available for students whenever and wherever needed.

Our list of tattoo courses and schools consists of various options in different parts of the world for you to explore multiple cultures.

1. Udemy

This online platform has a beginner course where you can learn the basics of tattooing. It is the perfect starting point for those who want to know what equipment to get and where to get it, learn everything about hygienic standards, and be able to choose the right needles to apply various techniques.

The course consists of several videos, each dedicated to a specific topic. The overall length of the course is almost 4 hours. It is a fee-based course, but Udemy often offers major discounts.

2. Tattoo and Piercing School of Canada

This school offers comprehensive tattoo and piercing programs that cover various techniques, safety protocols, and industry insights. One of its unique features is the partnership with a tattoo studio where students can master the art of tattooing in a real environment.

You can be present during the process of making tattoos and watch the studio experts work. Therefore, if you live in Canada or want to visit this beautiful country, don’t miss the chance to register for the course. There are different discounts, including a $100 discount during your birthday week.

3. Los Angeles Tattoo School

Based in California, this school offers a one-year apprenticeship for all those dreaming of becoming tattoo masters. Such apprenticeships usually take one year to complete. After completing your apprenticeship, you will have a guaranteed job offer at Ink Different Tattoo School.

The only thing required from you is a genuine desire to start a new career as a tattoo master and dedication to the process.

4. London Tattoo Academy

This UK-based academy is one of Europe’s first academies. It has been teaching students since 1993. It provides a range of tattoo courses, including design fundamentals, technical skills, and professional development. The teachers here are extremely knowledgeable about all the nuances of the tattoo industry.

They would love to share their knowledge with aspiring tattoo masters. The main tattoo course here lasts for approximately 12 days and costs £2,000. There are many dates still available for 2023/2024.

5. Tattoo School Thailand

Known for its immersive programs, this school offers courses that combine traditional Thai tattooing techniques with modern practices. The school has been teaching students for 12 years. You can master machine and hand-poke tattooing.

The school takes an individual approach, as it takes only two students at a time. Therefore, you will get enough attention from the tattooing experts and be able to ask them as many questions as needed. A 2-week course costs $1,200 and takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. You can visit the school’s website to learn more details and look at the photos of the studio.

6. Master Tattoo Institute

It is a well-known school based in South Florida. Here, you will find many different online tattoo courses – from pre-tattoo fundamentals to advanced programs for practicing tattoo masters. You can also choose one of the courses that focus on various styles, such as color realism, grey realism, Japanese tattoos, etc.

Only experienced tattoo masters developed the course materials. Therefore, the education you receive here is tried and true. Note that online courses allow you to study from anywhere and create a convenient study schedule.

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7. Inkscool: Tattoo Training Institute and Studio

It’s a professional tattoo course certified by the Vocational Board of Training and Research. The school underlines the importance of offline training as the tattooing process requires working with real people. Therefore, you will need to go to India if you want to study at this school. The professional certified tattoo course lasts ten weeks.

8. Tattooing 101

Offering a wide range of online tattooing courses for all skill levels, this school allows students to choose their path into the professional industry.

Their flagship program takes new artists from complete beginner to professional tattoo artist by teaching them how to tattoo through step-by-step tutorials and answering questions inside their interactive community. You can also choose from a variety of advanced classes and seminars covering specific styles like Realism or Watercolor tattooing, as well as tattoo business-related courses that detail how to open a tattoo studio, marketing skills for tattoo artists, and more.

For more information or to look into their private coaching program, you can visit their website.

Summing Up

Remember that you can always consider the option of tattoo apprenticeships. Most probably, you are following talented tattoo masters on social media. Reach out to some of them and ask about the possibility of apprenticeship programs. It is an excellent opportunity to learn hands-on, shadowing experienced professionals. Also, note that even though online courses are a great way to start your journey into the world of tattoo art, you still need to learn from an expert in person. Otherwise, you will not be able to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

In addition, consider the budget you are ready to spend on your education. It’s crucial to choose a convenient option to avoid additional financial pressure during the studying process. If you are not completely sure that becoming a tattoo master is something you want to do for the rest of your life, start with free or low-cost online courses. You can also talk to experienced tattoo masters to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this profession. You can visit a local tattoo studio to find out if any apprenticeships are available. In a word, learn about all the options you have to make an informed decision about your future career development.

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