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What Is the Reasoning Behind Getting the First Tattoo?

What Is the Reasoning behind Getting That First Tattoo_

What Is the Reasoning Behind Getting the First Tattoo?

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What makes someone who has never had a tattoo before say to themselves that now is the time to get a tattoo? What causes someone who used to be uninterested in getting a tattoo to change their mind? There is a psychology behind getting a tattoo, and while each person may have very personal reasons for doing so, we can break down a lot of the reasons into just a few categories.

They Always Wanted One

Often, a person getting a tattoo for the first time will do so when they are legally allowed to do so. They may have been waiting years to get that tattoo, thinking all that time exactly what design they would go with. They might have battled with their choice for a long time, mulling over different tattoos to get the one that best helps them express themselves.

Now that they finally have the chance to get a tattoo, they may jump at that opportunity. The only thing holding them back before might have been the law or their parents’ wishes. They may have been inspired by someone else they saw with tattoos and thought the look was very cool and wanted it for themselves, but their thinking is probably simply along the lines of always wanting one and just waiting for that moment when they could.

To Honor Someone

Many tattoos are very personal and tell a story about a loved one who is still alive or who has passed on into eternity. A tattoo is a permanent way to show honor and respect, and people will get tattoos of celebrities they admire or a child that they lost. They may have their entire family tattooed on their body, and as their family grows, so will their collection of tattoos. They aren’t making that first choice of a tattoo lightly when they do it to honor someone, and they may never have considered getting a tattoo before losing someone dear to them.

Peer Pressure

If all of your friends are doing something and encouraging you to do it as well, you will feel at least some inclination to do what they are doing. You may not want to deviate from what your friends are all taking part in, and getting a tattoo together could be a way to bond and to demonstrate brotherhood with one another. Maybe you never thought you would get a tattoo, but you weren’t opposed to the idea. Maybe you were thinking about getting one, but you weren’t sure. When your friends get theirs, that may push you over the edge and make your decision easier.


Tattoos are a way to show people who you really are, what your interests are, and the kinds of things you think about. A tattoo can represent your obsession or your hobby. Many people will get video game tattoos, showcasing their favorite characters. Others might get a tattoo with the animal they like to hunt or their favorite car. This kind of body art is excellent for self-expression, and it silently and visually tells people something about you. Your tattoo can become a conversation piece, and it can link you together with other people who have similar interests. Someone can spot your tattoo and immediately know a little bit about you and possibly find a connection with themselves.

To Stand Out

What makes you different from other people? Could it be a unique tattoo? For some people, that is the very reason they have their body adorned with ink. They want to look different and show that they are different from others around them. By choosing the tattoo they want and having a bold design displayed on their skin, they look different from most people. Having a tattoo placed in an obvious or interesting location can challenge norms and help someone to stand out even more. You remember people who have neck tattoos, and that is by design. A well made tattoo will stick in people’s minds, and they will associate you with that image as long as the tattoo exists there.

To Show a Connection

Sometimes, couples will get matching tattoos to demonstrate their love for one another and to create a permanent reminder that they are linked. This is like getting a wedding ring and taking it to another level. The ring is on constant display to let people know that the two of you are a couple, but the ring can be removed. A tattoo is a more indelible method of displaying a permanent connection, and it is one that many couples go for as they find ways to share their life together and create lasting connections. The couple tattoo is symbolic- since the tattoo is more or less permanent, the marriage may be as well. That is the hope of many couples, anyway.

They may spring for the tattoo during their honeymoon, as part of a series of activities they do together as newlyweds before they settle down into their life of choosing drapes, hiring landscapers and maid cleaning services, and taking the kids to soccer practice. The tattoo can be one wild and romantic gesture that will always be with them and remind them of why they got together in the first place.

The tattoo can also show affiliation with an order, a club, or an organization. You can show people who you belong to and who your tribe is by the association of the tattoo. Maybe everyone in that organization has the same tattoo, or maybe you just want to take your dedication to the next level. You can use a tattoo to show sports affiliation, letting someone know you are a lifelong fan of a certain team. If there is any doubt about your dedication, the tattoo will erase it.

Once someone has a tattoo, it may take less for them to commit to a second and a third. That first one can be a big decision, and these are some of the reasons why people will take that plunge.

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