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Tattoo Removal Methods That Don’t Work

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Tattoo Removal Methods That Don’t Work

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We understand how desperate you become when it comes to removing a tattoo that doesn’t excite you anymore, but you should also know that not every method is worth trying!

Yes, people try myriads of tattoo removal methods but not every method of tattoo removal is successful. Some of the tattoo removal methods are effective, and others are not. Therefore, it is important to choose a method that is effective and can help you get rid of your tattoo efficiently. If you are also planning to try out some tattoo removal methods, then this post is for you as you will know which all methods will work for you.

Here are 9 methods of tattoo removal that don’t work:


It is one of the most common methods of removing tattoos from skin at home. In this method, usually a moist gauze pads saturated with sodium chloride are used to clean the tattooed area by rubbing. This method is however, the simplest and oldest method of removing the tattoo effectively at home.

Salabrasion does work on your tattoo but at the same time your skin gets destroyed because of the repeated process of Salabrasion. Therefore, it can be said that Salabrasion is not an effective method of removing a tattoo.


It is a method in which sandpaper or any other rough material is used to remove the tattoo and it removes only the first few layers of skin. You may find it working on your skin, but trust that this method damages your skin very badly. Because it is often done aggressively that eventually leads to scarring and lots of pain.

Dermabrasion by no means is a safe method to remove a tattoo, and even if they help you remove the tattoo, there is still pigment left in the tattooed skin. This method will damage your skin permanently, leave scars, and you will have immense pain in this. Therefore, one should always avoid this method for sure.


There are many tattoo removal creams available online and offline. One amongst them is a topical cream which is rubbed into the skin. But the problem is that all of these creams which are available don’t work so well on your tattoo.

Your tattoo ink is placed too deep in the dermis making it nearly impossible for any tattoo removal cream to do it away from your skin. Moreover, these tattoo removal creams are dangerous, as they use harmful chemicals, bleaches, and non-FDA approved ingredients. Believe it or not but these tattoo removal creams are actually known for melting skin, leaving scars, blisters and burns. So, it is recommended to never ever use these harmful creams on your skin. They may seem easier to remove procedures but trust not worth it!


Tattoo removal methods Aloe-vera

Many people believe that aloe-vera can remove a tattoo, which is absolutely wrong. If at all you have noticed – the ingredients used in aloe-Vera gel are natural, thus providing anti-fungal, antiseptic and natural healing properties. Aloe-Vera is mostly used for soothing skin, lustrous hair, and on cracked skin and minor wounds. In fact, it can keep your tattoo moisturized if you apply it on your tattoo, but it will never help you remove the tattoo at all. Your tattoo ink is placed at a deeper level and removing it with aloe-vera is next to impossible. It is in fact, a moisturizing agent not a removal cream.



There are people who even believe that using Vaseline can help them remove a tattoo at home. Not at all!! In fact, Vaseline also has same properties as Aloe-Vera. More often than not, Vaseline is used in winters to keep cracked feet and lips smooth, not for removing a tattoo. The only reason it is recommended to not use Vaseline on your tattoo is – it is a petroleum product, which simply blocks your skin from breathing that can lead to infection in the area. That’s all! But in no case it can remove a tattoo. So, there is no point applying lots of Vaseline to your tattoo and believing that it will go away, as it is never going to happen!


Another product that most people think can help you remove a tattoo is – Glycolic acid! Trust that this is again an ineffective method. No ways it is going to help you in your expedition. Glycolic acid is used as a natural scrub or exfoliator, which means it will only exfoliate dead skin and not your tattoo. It is because a tattoo is beneath your top layer of skin, which can’t go by exfoliating only. However, it can worsen the situation but removal is not possible. When I say worsen it means, it simply fades and damages.

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Another tattoo removal method that often people try is Trichloroacetic Acid or TCA. TCA is used by many as part of a chemical peel, but trust that it leads to similar issues like dermabrasion does. TCA as the name says it all, is an acid that breaks down the layers of the skin, thereby removing the dead skin and surface layers to allow newer skin to appear. But again it is not safe or an effective method of removing a tattoo, instead of gently buffing or sanding the skin away it leaves nasty scars because it does all in an acidic way. The acidic chemicals actually damage your skin as they make their way through your skin all the way down to the tattoo ink particles and then removing it. But the end result isn’t that great, as the chemicals leave a scary skin behind. It is unsafe and ineffective tattoo removal method that should be avoided completely.


Cryosurgery is also one of the methods used to remove a tattoo. In this method extremely cold temperatures are used to kill or destroy skin tissue. It basically works on the theory of destroying the tissue that contains the tattoo ink and the moment tissues are destroyed tattoo will automatically be removed, which is not very effective. As, it can lead to severe skin damage. Also, it is not easy to target only the tattooed skin that again damages even the healthy skin. It is absolutely unsafe, ineffective and very dangerous method of removing a tattoo. Also, it can cause scarring and other types of damages to your skin.


This is a very unhealthy way of removing a tattoo. Excision involves cutting the tattoo out of the skin and using skin from another area of the body to graft onto the area from where the tattoo was removed. Believe you me, it is very dangerous method, you end up losing a chunk of your skin out of your body, which is not wise at all. Also, it is not as safe as you think, it can lead to several issues such as scarring, infection, etc.

Excision and skin grafts can lead to many other issues, so it is better that you avoid inefficient and unhealthy method completely. So, avoid it! Instead focus on methods that are effective and have lower risks of harm and damage.

To pan out…

We understand that bearing a tattoo that is fading away or is not up to the mark is not easy, but you should also know that using any method to remove your tattoo randomly can cause even severe damage to you. It is always better to go with a safe and effective way to remove your tattoo.

Happy tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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