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10 Things not to say to your Tattoo Artist

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10 Things not to say to your Tattoo Artist

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Undoubtedly, tattoo artists are amazing people, and they really love to give people what exactly they look for. They even go to any extent to give you your favorite tattoo. But sometimes people don’t understand their limitations and say something to their tattoo artists which annoys them. You need to understand that your tattoo artist is a human like you and others. He/she also has a limit to answer or take things from you. Moreover, their work is so intricate that sometimes they have to sit for many hours to make one piece on somebody’s body.

If you are planning to get a tattoo, then here is a list of things that you should avoid asking or saying to your tattoo artist, if you really don’t want to annoy your tattoo artist.

Here we go….

1. What kind of design I should go for?

Boss I tell you to the kind of design you should go for is not your tattoo artist’s job. Of course, they can help you with some suggestions and work with you to make tweaks on it, but telling you the entire design or what type of tattoo you should go for is not your artist’s job. You have to be on your own here. Otherwise also, expecting someone you don’t know how to make decisions on something so permanent is not wise at all. Because you are the one who knows yourself so well, and a tattoo should always reflect your personality. So, wiser are those who come with their own ideas and designs.

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2. Your services are expensive!

No ways, you can never say this to a tattoo artist at all! You need to understand that you are not paying a person for nothing, you will actually be paying for his skillset and time that he will dedicate for etching your tattoo. Besides, all the overheads are there to be counted, such as the tattoo gun, ink, studio light, etc. Instead of calling someone expensive better do enough research and get your tattoo in a parlor where you will get in your budget. Or simply go for a design that’s in your budget. Or leave the idea of getting a tattoo once and for all.

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3. Asking your artist to copy somebody else’s work

Again you are trying to annoy your artists, as professional tattoo artists mind copying others work. They love to create their own work and put it on their display proudly. They may however, take inspiration from other’s work but copy is something that they avoid completely. Don’t even expect your artist to copy a design that is done by someone else. Have your own design, or you can bring in lots of different tattoo designs or create something that isn’t already tattooed on somebody.

4. Telling your tattoo artists that you got drunk last night!

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Believe you me, consuming alcohol the night before getting a tattoo is strictly prohibited. Yeah, it’s a bad thing telling your artist that you have had a few drinks beforehand for some courage. You are likely to sign a paper or something where you will need to mention that you haven’t had a drink before getting your tattoo. Going drunk in tattoo studio is not a wise idea, as alcohol acts as a blood thinner and changes the consistency of your blood, thereby creating more trouble to the artists and to you as well. So, it is better to save booze for after and go for your tattoo normal there is no escape from the pain that comes with tattoos.

5. Declining the appointment on the day of getting tattoo itself!

There is a saying Sorry doesn’t make a dead man alive, applies here. No tattoo artist is sitting free for you. The appointment that they give you is only after discussing timings with you. Also, after giving you a specific time slot they don’t take bookings during that slot, especially if they make tattoos alone. Now, if you will suddenly say sorry, I can’t make it (just a few hours before the appointment) it will simply affect artist’s schedule and he will surely get annoyed. Tattoo artists have to do lot many preparations before etching tattoo to your body. If you cancel suddenly then definitely you will lose your deposit money and the tattoo artist as well.

6. Asking to bring too many friends or your pet

Not a great idea I tell you, bringing too many people can distract your artists which can ultimately affect your tattoo, it is not wise at all! You can however, take one of your friend or family member who can hold your hand while you are feeling pain, but otherwise asking to bring too many people along with you is not wise at all. Understand that tattoo studio is not a bar or some place where people come to chill, in fact, take the tattoo parlor as some hospital, where only less people should go.

7. Telling your artist that your tattoo is hurting!

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Of course, it hurts and you should have no doubt about it. Anytime you go for a tattoo you will feel pain, and sometimes it’s immense depending on the size, design, location and placement of your tattoo. So, go prepared mentally that pain is unavoidable while getting a tattoo and you have to go through that pain, if you really want to get an extraordinary piece on your body. Remember that the more you squirm and scream will lead you to spend more time in the chair, and more chance that you even end up getting a tattoo which you don’t like later.

8. Asking to add more to the design

Of course, whatever you want in your tattoo you have to tell initially, you cannot ask your artists to add more to the design or change the design when he has already started tattooing. So, it is essential that you are aware completely about the type and design of tattoo while you go for getting the tattoo. You cannot suddenly ask your tattoo artist to make some changes, when already needle is been pricked to the skin.

9. Telling about the size of the tattoo midway

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What is the point of discussing the size of the tattoo when already your artist has started working on it. You should have thought of before getting a tattoo or before it was even started. Now when your artist is already half way and now you are expecting him to change the size of your tattoo…Ohhhh C’mon buddy, that’s not fair at all! Yeah, it’s not fair to expect such changes while getting a tattoo. Moreover, if you do so you only harm yourself as it will impact your tattoo design, and if your design doesn’t come the way you wanted your mood will be impacted. So, what’s the point, instead you should check all the parameters in advance and then go for the tattoo.

10. Asking to etch a large tattoo in shorter times

Believe it or not, a tattoo design takes time, focus and preparation. You cannot simply ask for something which is not possible. For instance, some people want to get bigger tattoos in the shortest time, which is not possible technically. For a big tattoo takes longer period of time, sometimes it can even take 20 plus hours. Of course, you will not get the big tattoo in one day, like a full sleeve tattoo. You will have to come for at least two or maybe three sessions. You can’t simply expect your artist to make it in a day or a few hours, and if you expect something like this then you are actually fooling yourself. And it will only affect your design and nothing else!

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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