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66 Matching Tattoo Ideas for Friends, Couples & Sibling

66 Matching Tattoo Ideas for Friends, Couples & Sibling

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Matching tattoos are tattoos that one or two people get etched on their bodies, usually these tattoo appear similar or match with each other. Matching tattoos are very popular amongst couples, friends, and BFFs. When two people are in love, they love to have almost everything in common. It is in fact a wonderful way of showing love and compassion for each other.

Besides, people get matching tattoos to show unity among families and couples. More often than not, people get small sized or tiny matching tattoos, especially of the things that they share, care, and love together. For instance, if a couple is fond of traveling, then they can have a travel-inspired matching tattoos on their body, simply to show unity.

However, before you go for a matching tattoo, make sure you have no doubt about your relationship. When I say this, it simply means that you have to be sure of your relationship before you get a matching tattoo, especially when you two are not married. Because relationships don’t come with guarantee, they can end, and matching tattoos can be a constant reminder of the other person, if it didn’t work. If you’re sure then no worries….. Otherwise, better not to go for a permanent matching tattoo unless they are for family or married couples.

Here are the best 66 matching tattoo ideas in 2024 for you….. Have a look!

1. Matching Cross Tattoos

Matching Cross Tattoo for couple

Cross tattoos make for simple yet beautiful tattoo designs. You two can also have cross on your wrist that will represent not only your faith and belief, but also it will show unity that you two share as a partner.

2. Matching Butterfly Tattoo in a Quote Circle

matching tattoo for couple and friend

Butterflies are girls’ thing! In many cultures, the butterfly is linked with the soul. Also, it symbolizes celebration while the circle stands for timelessness. The quote goes like this, “A circle is round, it has no end. That’s how long I want to be your friend.” Get this one to show your true friendship.

3. Matching Heart Tattoos with Infinity Symbol

Matching Heart Tattoo designs with Infinity Symbol

For the ones who are truly in love. A nicest way to show your infinite or undying love for each other. Get a heart along with an infinity symbol on your arms in black. It will look gorgeous.

4. Matching Black Heart Tattoos

Simple yet beautiful matching tattoo design for people who want to flaunt their feelings for each other. Get a black heart either tattooed on your shoulder or on your wrist. It looks stunning!!

5. Matching Arrow Tattoos

Matching Arrow Tattoo for friends

Great matching tattoo design for the ones who love something smaller and do not want to have an intricate design. Get matching arrow etched on your thumb or finger or wrist, anywhere, it will look gorgeous!

6. Matching Wine Glass Tattoos

Matching Wine Glass Tattoo ideas on wrist

An outside the box matching tattoo design that not only look cute, but also represent the bond of friendship between two people. Get this one on your wrist or wherever you want. It will look beautiful!

7. Matching Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorns tattooed on fingers will look sexy! You can get unicorns either in watercolors or simple outlined unicorn tattoo will also look amazing on your finger or wherever you want it to be etched.

8. Matching X and O Tattoo

No matter what, X & O make for an amazing tattoo design. One can get X etched on his/her wrist and other can get O etched on his/her wrist. This is a great matching tattoo design for couples, friends, and sisters. A cool and distinct way to show your love.

9. Matching Paper Airplane Tattoos

Matching Paper Airplane Tattoo Designs

Another matching tattoo idea for showing your friendship is this. Get matching paper airplane tattooed on your wrist or thumb area, and just flaunt it to the world. A cute way to show freedom and bond.

10. Matching Heart with Airplane Tattoo

Matching Heart with Airplane Tattoo

A beautiful way to show your relationship and connection to the world. Get an outline of the heart along with a black airplane etched with it on your wrist or wherever you want.

11. Flower Pattern Matching Tattoos

Either you can have two different flower tattoos or you can have the matching tattoos. Choose either a bolder and smaller flower pattern or a bigger and clearer flower pattern, anything! The tattoo looks cool on forearm.

12. The Sun and The Moon Matching Tattoo

Sun and The Moon Matching Tattoo on Wrist

Moon has always been a symbol of love. Though, both the sun and the moon never meet but stay with each other metaphorically, and can still be seen together during daytime on some specific days. If you two also share that sort of love, then get the sun and the moon matching tattoo.

13. The Ying Yang Matching Tattoo

A perfect symbol of Balance and Harmony. The Yin and The Yang are the Chinese representation of perfect harmony between two opposites. Yin is the female energy that refers to dark, passive, earth, moon and cold. Yang is however the opposite of it, since it represents, male, active, light sky, sun and heat.

14. XO Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos for friends

If you’re looking for some cute and cool tattoo design to display your true friendship, then XO make for a perfect matching tattoo design for couples or best friends. XO represent short and simple message of affection to each other.

15. Mother Daughter Matching Tattoos

Mother daughter matching tattoos are a great way to flaunt your love for each other. A perfect tattoo design for all the mothers and daughters to show unity and bond amongst each other.

16. Kites Matching Tattoos

Flaunt your freedom with the most memorable thing from your childhood. Simple yet very beautiful matching tattoo design for those who want to share their childhood memories with each other and want to flaunt it to the world as well. Can be perfectly placed either on your forearm or near the chest.

17. Owl Matching Tattoo

Owl Matching Tattoo

A symbol of the feminine and fertility! Owl represents wisdom and femininity. Traditionally, the owl was a symbol for Athena, goddess of wisdom and strategy, before the Greeks gave their pantheon human forms. If you want to have an outside the box matching tattoo design, then this is for you!

18. Tea Cup and Tea Bag Matching Tattoo

Get this one, it really makes for a very cute tattoo design. Either you can get it on both your hands or if you think you and your friend both are tea lovers, then also it is a great idea. One will have the cup and the other can have the tea bag. So, don’t wait, get this one!

19. Sunflower Matching Tattoo

For the ones who love flora and fauna, meaning element from nature. The sunflower is a beautiful flower that opens up every morning after the sun appears. The sunflower is an ideal matching tattoo design for twin sisters, brother or just siblings in general. A classy tattoo design!!

20. Key Matching Tattoos

Have you ever thought of having keys etched on your hand??? Well, if not then I tell it is a beautiful tattoo design. A set of identical key matching tattoos on the forearms of you and your friend will make for an amazing tattoo design. A great way to symbolize your friendship.

21. Phrase Matching Tattoos

Phrases make for a wonderful matching tattoos. Phrases like “To infinity and beyond”, are a great way to flaunt your true friendships or relationships. The phrase simply refers to endless, forever, limitless and unknown place. Get it inked wither on your wrist or on your forearm.

22. Celtic Knot Matching Tattoos

For the couples, the knot tattoos are an amazing way to show your commitment towards each other. The knot tattoos simply shows tying a knot and that you are meant for each other.

23. Cross Matching Tattoos

Cross Matching Tattoos

Cross tattoos make for unique and elegant tattoo designs. It will be quite interesting when you two will have cross tattooed on your fingers. Cross tattoos are done in smaller size and is a great way to you’re your faith.

24. Infinity Lifeline Matching Tattoos

A great way to show that your love and friendship will last till your last breath and beyond infinity. Simple yet elegant matching tattoo design for the ones who really understand and value each other in their lives.

25. King and Queen Matching Tattoo

A great matching tattoo design for couples. A king and queen matching tattoo in the style of playing cards etched on your wrist or your finger will look mesmerizing. It’s a beautiful and sweet declaration of love between the couple. If you also share such bond and commitment, then this is for you.

26. Rocket and Saturn Matching Tattoos

This set of matching tattoos can either be done by an individuals on both his/her hand, or by two different people. This design makes for a simple yet beautiful tattoo design for those who are looking for some outside the box matching tattoo design.

27. Salami Pizza Matching Tattoo

For the ones with great fondness for pizza, this is a great tattoo design. Pizza tattoos make for very colorful tattoos and are a great option for couples with love for pizza. A beautiful and colorful pizza slices etched will also include bite marks. Get this one!!

28. Sister Brother Matching Tattoo

A beautiful way to display your love, care, compassion, and affection for each other. The perfect place for this one is your wrist.

29. Anchor Matching Tattoo

Anchor tattoos look great weather done on an individual or in matching. A great way to display your fondness for this ancient symbol. Besides being a popular tattoo design, it represents the character of a serviceman who is loyal, hopeful and honorable!

30. Semicolon Matching Tattoos

Well, if you are looking for some outside the box tattoo design, then this is for you. Presumably you know that a semicolon is a sin that has full stop and comma aligned. A simple yet beautiful tattoo design for people looking for something simple.

31. Zodiac Sign Matching Tattoo

Believe it or not, zodiac signs make for wonderful tattoo design that look cute, lovely, and elegant. If you want to have a unique tattoo etched on your body, then this is for you. Get this one etched on your arm.

32. Peace Symbol Matching Tattoos

Are you a peace lover?? Then symbol of peace is for you. Believe it or not, peace symbol looks perfect when etched on your arm.

33. Triangle Matching Tattoo

Do you know that a triangle also make for a wonderful tattoo design. Triangles look cute, elegant, and unique. Get it, if you’re looking for an outside the box tattoo design.

34. Hug Matching Tattoo

Hug matching tattoos look perfect and elegant. Get this one on your arm, and for sure you are going to make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

Anybody can have matching tattoos, for instance, sisters can have a matching tattoo for flaunting SISTA love, friends can have matching tattoos for showing their long lasting friendship, partners can have matching tattoos to display their love and care for each other, so on and so forth. President Obama and his wife have a matching tattoos, and his daughters too have tattoos that match.

Matching tattoos make for great similar tattoo designs for couples. Usually, these tattoos are simple and very easy to draw. Mostly matching tattoos are small in size, however they do not represent anything specific as such. But, when couples can have matching tattoos with meaning as well, according to their needs and what they represent.

35. Two Triangles Matching Tattoo

Two triangles intertwined together, a great tattoo idea for the ones looking for some elegant matching tattoo design. Get them etched on the inner side of the leg, amazing placement, believe you me.

36. Butterfly with Skull Matching Tattoo

Butterflies and skulls together make a wonderful tattoo design. A great way to enhance your beautiful legs with a butterfly with skull matching tattoos. Just flaunt your unique way together to the world.

37. Plant with Pot Matching Tattoo

Well, if you’re amongst nature lovers, then this matching tattoo design is for you!! Get it on your arm and it will be an eye-catching tattoo design that will be liked by everyone!

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38. Star Matching Tattoos

Cute little stars one etched on your wrist and one on your friend will really make for a great tattoo design. Get this cute tattoo design on your wrist.

39. Cartoon Matching Tattoos

A beautiful way to show your love for each other. A cartoon tattoo is a wonderful way to express your fun-loving childish side to the world. Cute matching tattoos to flaunt the fun side of your relationship. I love mickey if you also love the same get that or maybe the one which you love.

40. The Lock and Key Matching Tattoo

A great option to express your feelings for each other, one can have the lock etched on arm and the other can have the key etched on arm. That’s all, and a lovely matching tattoos are there.

41. A Design Connection Matching Tattoo

Choose any design of your choice that can be split in two and you can have that etched between the two of you. And the tattoo will only be complete when you two will join hands. Perfect way to show togetherness.

42. Four Leaf Clover Matching Tattoo

Have four leaf clover matching tattoos if you are looking for some outside the box matching tattoo design. A great way to show your love for each other.

43. The Color Circle Matching Tattoos

A beautiful matching tattoo design for the couples. The man can get the dark side of the circle and the lady can get a bright and colorful part of the circle. And when they both meet a unique circle will be formed. A great way to show a great union.

44. Wedding Rings Matching Tattoo

Instead of getting gold or diamond wedding rings, get the permanent rings on your fingers. A great way to start your journey together. So, ditch the traditional rings and say yes to wedding rings matching tattoos.

45. MRS. & MR. Matching Tattoos

A beautiful way to show your bond and relationship. And, it’s a great design for the ones who love Mickey and Minnie. It simply signifies the fact that they share a relation that has all the elements in it, including fun.

46. Numeric Matching Tattoos

Numeric Matching Tattoos

If you two have some common date, or some special number to share and flaunt, then a numeric matching tattoo on your arms can be a perfect way to flaunt your favorite number or special date.

47. Origami Matching Tattoos

Origami Matching Tattoo

Origami not only makes for beautiful patterns and artworks, but also it makes for an amazing tattoo design also. Though unusual, but sensual. A great matching tattoo design for girls. You can get anything from an origami bird to an origami airplane etched on your arm. It will looks mesmerizing.

48. The Lifeline Matching Tattoos

An amazing matching tattoo design for the ones who really value their life and want to spend each moment of their lives with their loved ones. A very sexy matching tattoo meant for the passionate lovers.

49. Diamond Matching Tattoos

Diamond Matching Tattoo for Couples

Believe it or not, but this precious stone can make for a great tattoo design as well. If you and your partner are passionate about diamonds, then get diamonds etched on your arms.

50. The Band Matching Tattoos

Band Matching Tattoo

If you’re looking for some simple matching tattoo design, then a simple band is enough for showing your love and fondness for each other. Just a simple line encircling your finger like a band will not only look mesmerizing, but also it will show the connection that you two share.

51. Nautical Matching Tattoos

Nautical Matching Tattoo on Hand

A great way to show that you only belong wherever your partner is. It’s a unique matching tattoo design that is sure to bring you and your partner closer. You can get it etched wither on your arm or anywhere you want it to be etched.

52. Tribal Matching Tattoos

Tribal Matching Tattoo on Wrist

A great way to show your native heritage to the world. You can get any tribal tattoo design, whichever you like the most or if you want, you can get the one which you belong to or admire in your life.

53. Initials Matching Tattoos

Another simple yet beautiful matching tattoo design is this – Just have your initials inked on your fingers or on your wrist or wherever you want. It’s a sweet way of declaring your love for one another. Simply wear your partner’s initials and your partner can wear yours, and show the world how much you love each other.

54. Eternity Matching Tattoos

Just flaunt your eternal love for each other by having the symbol of eternity etched on your fingers. A great sign of commitment for the couples.

55. Split Heart Matching Tattoo

Split Heart Matching Tattoo Ideas

Split heart matching tattoo is a lovely tattoo design that shows how much two people can love one another. The heart will only be complete when the lovers will be together, its split when they are apart.

56. The Skeleton Lock & Key Matching Tattoo

Key and Lock Matching Tattoo

If you are looking for a lock and key design that’s a bit more badass, then try this one out. It’s a cool tattoo design for cool people. It has a bit of an edge to it, and it really makes for an outside the box matching tattoo.

57. The Long Distance Matching Tattoo

Long Distance Matching Tattoo Designs

A great tattoo design for the people living in two different places, but the love between them never shakes regardless of the distance between them. The connection, and the bond between them stay strong even after the distance they have between them. An adorable matching tattoo design.

58. Mickey & Minnie Matching Tattoo

Mickey & Minnie Matching Tattoo for Lovers

To flaunt fun side of your relationship, it is a great matching tattoo for you. He can get a Mickey etched on his arm, and she can get Minnie etched on her arm. Cut little way to show your cute love story.

59. His & Hers Matching Tattoos

“His and Hers” matching tattoos are a sweet way of showing unity and connection. A simple yet elegant matching tattoo design for your fingers.

60. Turtles Matching Tattoos

Turtles Matching Tattoos designn

A simple and unusual matching tattoo design for the ones looking for an outside the box matching tattoo for themselves. Or if you really love turtles, then this is for you!! Get the turtle in small size that too only outline, it will make for an eye-catching tattoo, believe you me!

I hope the list helps you get your favorite matching tattoo design.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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