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10 Amazing Wrist Tattoo Cover-Ups Ideas

Wrist Tattoo Cover-Ups Ideas

10 Amazing Wrist Tattoo Cover-Ups Ideas

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Hi there, readers! Have you ever felt guilt or regret for getting a certain tattoo on your wrist? If yes, then you’re at the right place! In this post, we will take you through the best wrist tattoo cover ups to conceal a disappointing tattoo design.

Tattoo regrets or dissatisfaction is pretty common among people. It usually happens when a person does not give his/her tattoo design proper thoughts prior to getting one. Another common reason for tattoo regrets is break up.

Wondering how?

More often than not, people choose to get their partner’s name or name initials etched on their skin. It’s not a bad idea as long as you’re sure to be with the person all your life. However, it turns out to be a nightmare if you break up with the person. In such a situation, tattoo cover-ups come out as handy options. Yes, cover-up tattoos are a perfect option to hide your existing tattoo, especially if it is easily visible, such as one etched on your tattoo.

What Are Cover-up Tattoo?

Cover-up tattoos are pretty popular choices among people who despise their tattoo designs. It happens. It might be anything, such as a name you no longer want to see or a design that no longer fits your style.

Guess what? You are not alone.

Life changes, right? Sometimes our tattoos can’t keep up. That’s okay. Cover-up tattoos come for your aid! They are created to change how you feel rather than simply improve the way you look. Cover-up tattoos can be used for myriads of purposes, including covering an unsightly scar on your skin, to cover an existing tattoo design, to improve an existing tattoo design, and so on. Wrist tattoo cover-ups are ideal for getting rid of any emotion associated with a name.

In addition, these tattoos allow you to move on from the past while continuing to show your ability to bounce back. They might be large or tiny, simple or chic, and can cover a small, medium, or complete wrist. All you have to do is to be mindful when selecting a tattoo cover-up for your wrist this time.

Let us talk about wrist tattoo cover-ups. If you’ve ever thought, “Time for a change,” this might be for you. You might have doubts and thoughts before getting a cover-up tattoo, right?

Like what is best and what design I should get, whether my existing tattoo can even get covered! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. So, if you are ready to start fresh, then keep exploring this article. It has all you need for the best wrist tattoo cover ups ideas, including wrist tattoo cover ups for women, wrist cover up tattoo men.

Let’s delve even deeper into this. Here we go…

Which Wrist Tattoo Cover Up Designs Are the Best?

There isn’t one ideal way to cover an old wrist tattoo. Finding the proper design depends on a few things, such as

  1. How does your old tattoo look?
  2. The amount of work you want it to fade.
  3. The size and style you choose.

If your tattoo is small and basic, it may be possible to add to it without making it fade too much. A talented artist could help blend the new design into the current one. However, if your tattoo is large and bold, more fading may be needed to completely hide it. Thankfully, black ink fades easily with laser removal!

Let’s now take a look at wrist tattoo cover-ups for women before we move to wrist tattoo cover-ups for men. Here we go…

Wrist Cover-up Tattoos For Women

1. Watercolour Cover-up Tattoos

Watercolour Cover-up Tattoos

Have you ever seen tattoos that are like paintings? Yes, watercolour tattoos look exactly like a painting etched on your skin. They look really impressive. You can try watercolour tattoos in soft colours. Soft colours can brighten up your wrist while covering up your old wrist tattoo! A watercolour cover-up tattoo would appear like a little piece of art on your skin. Try it out!

2. Rose Cover-up Tattoos

Rose Cover-up Tattoos

Roses are pretty yet elegant. Most importantly, roses are women’s favourite flowers. You can consider getting a bunch of them on your wrist to cover up your previous tattoo. It might look very classy. Talking about roses – they are known for love and romance. It will be like wearing a floral bouquet! So, if you want a unique tattoo cover-up, try a rose tattoo cover-up!

3. Mandala Cover-up Tattoos

Mandala Cover-up Tattoos

Mandala tattoos are cool circular or triangular designs with patterns inside. They’re elegant and meaningful. The best thing about these tattoos is that they can be etched in any sizes, from small to large. If your old tattoo is large in size, then a Mandala cover-up is a perfect pick. Not only will it add a beautiful touch to your wrist, but also help conceal the previous tattoo design diligently. Plus, they look really cool!

4. Crown Cover-up Tattoos

Crown Cover-up Tattoos

Do you wanna feel royal and powerful? Get a crown cover-up tattoo! Crowns symbolize power, and if you have one on your skin, it can boost your confidence. It’s a wonderful method to cover up an old tattoo and show that nothing can ever stop you!

5. Free Bird Cover-up Tattoos

Free Bird Cover-up Tattoos

Birds represent freedom and happiness. Imagine a small bird flying around your finger or wrist, covering up your old tattoo. It’ll make you feel like you’re carrying happiness with you. A free bird cover-up tattoo is a perfect way to conceal a love-related tattoo after a break-up. It’s an ideal way to convey a message that your past binds you no more!

Let’s now take a look at wrist tattoo cover-ups for men. Here we go…

Wrist Tattoo Cover-ups For Men

1. Forest Scene Cover-up Tattoos

Forest Scene Cover-up Tattoos

When it comes to the best wrist tattoo cover-ups for men, forest scenes are ideal picks. They are a great way to cover up your old or unsightly tattoo. Trees, leaves, and animals can help hide the old designs properly and give your wrist an impressive look. Ask your tattoo artists to add plants and trees to the old tattoo. This new design will hide the previous one beneath a forest background.

2. Abstract Cover-up Tattoos

Abstract Cover-up Tattoos

Abstract tattoo cover-ups are a great way to hide an unsightly tattoo design done previously. These tattoos look cool. They typically include
unique shapes. Your artist can make use of different shapes and colours to create unique designs. With an abstract cover-up tattoo, you may add a cool, trendy design to your wrist. Abstract cover-ups not only add a stylish touch but also effortlessly fade away the old design. You can give it a thought for your wrist cover-up!

3. Pop-culture Cover-up Tattoos

Pop-culture Cover-up Tattoos

If you enjoy various types of pop culture or trends, then a pop-culture cover-up tattoo could be for you! Pop culture cover-up tattoos are best for those who are die-hard movies, music, and comics fans. You can get your wrist inked with symbols or characters from your favourite books or movies.

4.Colour, Black, and Grey Cover-Up Tattoos

Colour, Black, and Grey Cover-Up Tattoos

You have two choices here: colourful or black and grey. Colour tattoos are bright, although black and grey tattoos are more common. To cover up the old tattoo, the artist can use coloured, black, or gray ink. By mixing new colours or shades, the old pattern will blend into the new and will give your wrist a new look.

5. Transformer Cover-Up Tattoos

These kinds of tattoos are made just right for men. Transformer cover-up tattoos are the best options for those who are into robots or are fans of machines. It doesn’t matter if it’s Optimus Prime Bumblebee or Starscream; these characters can be tattooed on your wrist to hide existing tattoos. They look amazingly cool! If bots are your favourite man-made inventions, then this tattoo is apt for hiding a previous wrist tattoo.

To Conclude…

This is all about wrist cover-up tattoos. Hopefully, this article has been informative for you. Wrist tattoo cover-ups are a perfect way to conceal your old tattoo and get a fresh one instead!

If you are bored of your old tattoo or do not like that tattoo on your wrist, don’t worry. Many of us have this feeling from time to time. We know that nothing is constant in life. It keeps changing. Sometimes, people do regret their tattoo design that they got in a hurry! Whether you got your tattoo in a hurry or want to get rid of it due to a hurtful past experience, give a thought to a cover-up tattoo. Cover-ups give us another chance to start over and show another side of us.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, there are a lot of smart ways to cover an old tattoo. There are various possibilities out there, starting with gorgeous flowers and fun robots. Don’t be scared to try something new and give your wrist a new look. Remember that it’s your body and you should always feel happy about it!

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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