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Egyptian Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Egyptian Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Egyptian Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

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Are you looking for some out of the box tattoo design, the one that will make for ultimate eye-catching tattoos? Or are you looking for some design that has elements from history? Or the one that supports your idea of having a tattoo??? Well, then this post is for you. Read this till the end. Egyptian-styled tattoos will make for a perfect tattoo design for you. Believe you me, Egyptian mythology is full of several wonderful designs for you. You will be mesmerized to see the options that Egyptian mythology presents for you. Egyptian-themed tattoos are artful, meaningful, and unique.

Egyptian tattoo is one that is inspired by Egyptian mythology. Having an Egyptian tattoo will make you stand out! All Egyptian-themed tattoos make for an attractive and intricate design. Since, these tattoos are mostly inspired by Egyptian mythology these tattoos will have some specific meaning associated to them. Believe it or not, but Egyptian mythology is just swamped with motley of different gods, goddesses, and god-like creatures, and each Egyptian image represents something or other. For instance, if you are looking to get a vulture inked on your body, why go for simple one…. Get the vulture Goddess Mother Nekhbet ancient Egyptian inked on your body. Your tattoo will be a head turner, trust me. This is just one example, there are many such tattoo designs which are inspired by Egyptian mythology and make for an amazing tattoo!!

Here are top 30 Amazing Egyptian Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women!

1. The Wadjet

The Wadjet makes for an amazing Egyptian tattoo. The Wadjat is an ancient Egyptian symbol that represents the circle of life that predates dynastic Egypt. This beautiful symbol came into being even before the pharaohs came to rule Egypt. The tattoo looks really elegant as it depicts the circle of life, surrounded and protected by two cobras, which is guided by the eye of the sun. This one is a great tattoo design for people who value the sanctity of life. Also, the design is great for both men and women. And can be placed on shoulder, rib, back etc.

2. Anubis – The Egyptian God of the dead.

Anubis – The Egyptian God of the dead hand tattoo

The ancient Egyptians always treasured the dead more than they appreciated the living. Anubis ruled over this entire realm. The jackal-headed ancient Egyptian god ruled over every aspect of death from the spirits of the dead to the ancient Egyptian burial rites. Anubis is the design for you to get if you are really looking for something unique for yourself. This tattoo looks perfect when etched on hand.

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3. Ma’at – The Egyptian goddess of truth and justice.

Ma’at – The Egyptian goddess of truth and justice tattoo

The ancient Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice Ma’at looks amazing when done on back. Especially the face of Ma’at, looks like a perfect amalgamation of sparkling beauty and keen justice! If you believe you possess the quality of justice and want to flaunt it, then this is the tattoo for you.

4. The Ankh

Egyptian Ankh tattoo designs on back

Another wonderful symbol from ancient Egypt is the ankh. The Ankh is an iconic symbol that represents eternal life. The ankh basically signifies the ruling pharaoh and represents life, breath and air. This amazing symbol looks great on arms and shoulders. And the best part is it can be done by anybody be a man or woman. Try out!

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5. The Jewels of Isis

Jewels of Isis tattoo

Another very beautiful ancient Egyptian tattoo design is the jewels of Isis. This design looks amazing when done on the chest area. A beautiful tattoo design for the ones who want to stand out of the crowd, then this is the one!! Try out.

6. Horus – The God of war, and the God of the sky!

Horus - The God of war, and the God of the sky tattoo

Horus, who was believed to be the god of war and the sky, was married to the goddess Hathor makes for an amazing tattoo design. Even if you don’t like wars, believe you me this tattoo design looks amazing when done on your arm or shoulder. This tattoo is best for the men who want to flaunt their strong character.

7. Arrows

Arrows tattoo

Arrows, however, make for a common tattoo design but the Egyptian arrows always had a unique flare that made them artistic and elegant, thereby making a perfect tattoo design for both men and women.

8. Set – The God of chaos and destruction.

Set – The God of chaos and destruction tattoo

Set is another ancient Egyptian God, who is primarily known as the God of chaos and destruction. Set symbolizes flood and famine, earthquake and volcano! If you believe in the power of nature, then this is the tattoo for you!

9. Flying Ma’at

Flying Ma’at tattoo

Another very cool tattoo design from ancient Egypt is Flying Ma’at. Ma’at is the Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, and order, who represents law and morality. This Egyptian moon goddess is often shown controlling the heavens and the seasons. If are the one who value the realm of law, morality, balance, and justice then this tattoo design for you.

10. Isis – The Egyptian goddess of love.

Isis – The Egyptian goddess of love tattoo

The Egyptian mother goddess that represents love, creation, motherhood, and fertility is Isis. If you also believe that you also possess all those qualities which Isis represented, then this ancient Egyptian tattoo is for you. You can get this tattoo either on your chest or just near your heart, or maybe on your arm.

11. The Death Mask of Tutankhamun.

Death Mask of Tutankhamun small tattoo

The Death Mask of Tutankhamen makes for an amazing tattoo design. And the best thing about this tattoo is you can get this one either in large size or in smaller size. The tattoo inked on your body will have intense effects, especially when done on your finger in a small size.

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12. The Scarab with Sun

Scarab with Sun sholduer tattoo

The sacred scarab holding up the sun looks amazing tattoo design. The combination simply represents the fearless power and breathe. This beautiful tattoo can be etched on your shoulder, neck, nape, or near the ear.

13. The Winged Scarab

Winged Scarab

A beautiful tiny heart that looks amazing when done on neck. Or if you want it in a bigger size than the tummy area or chest will be perfect for it. It makes for sexy tattoo design.

14. The Winged Solar Disk

Winged Solar Disk tattoo

The winged solar disk is believed to represent eternal light and life in Egyptian mythology. If you want to have something elegant and unique etched on your body then try this one. You will never regret your decision. A great way to flaunt to the world that besides being powerful, you are an eternal being.

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15. The Eye of Ra: also known as the eye of God.

Eye of Ra- also known as the eye of God sholder tattoo

It was believed, in ancient Egypt, that their god, Ra, was always watching, that his eye was everywhere. The Eye of Ra placed in the center of the pyramid is the quintessential symbol of eternal divinity! This tattoo would work well on the chest or between the shoulders.

16. Amun-Ra

Amun-Ra tattoo

Amun and Ra are supposed to be two very powerful gods in ancient Egypt. These two Gods together Amun-Ra, where Amun is the old king of the gods and the god of the wind, became one with Ra, the new king of the gods and the god of the sun. You can get this one as these two together will make for an ultimate tattoo design.

17. Hieroglyphs

Hieroglyphs tattoo

Hieroglyphs was the written language of ancient Egypt. A tattoo in this language will look perfect. If you are also enticed by any quote in Hieroglyphs language then this is an appropriate tattoo design for you.

18. Isis

Isis tattoo

If you are looking to flaunt qualities like love and compassion then this tattoo is perfect for you. You can get this one either on your shoulder or on your neck, or anywhere you want it to be. This tattoo is actually for the ones who really value inner beauty as the most sacred beauty. This tattoo is small in size yet looks elegant. A perfect tattoo design for women, especially have these traits in them.

19. The Great Pyramids

Great Pyramids tattoo

The great pyramids are already famous throughout the world as they are the iconic hallmarks of the Egyptian skyline! Believe you me, the way these ancient relics of Egyptian culture hold the world in awe the same ways your tattoo will be an eye-catching tattoo design. If you are looking for some symbol of inspiration and accomplishment, then go for Pyramids from ancient Egypt. You will love it for sure. Get it on your back or shoulder, anywhere it will look stunning.

20. The Mysterious Sphinx

Mysterious Sphinx soulder tattoo

Carved in place from limestone, Sphinx is among the world’s largest statues. No other human endeavor has been ever so associated with mystery than the mysterious. This tattoo looks lovely. A perfect tattoo design for those who are looking for something unique that has Egyptian style. You can get this one with additional element like in geometric figure. The tattoo will look amazing. Get it done either on your belly or on your leg.

21. Egyptian Pantheon

Egyptian Pantheon Tattoo

The ancient Egyptian Pantheon makes for an ultimate tattoo design. This design basically represents everything about Egypt such as Isis, Ra, Anubis, Horace, and more. It comes out as a beautiful collage etched on your body. And trust me it looks great! Get it anywhere!!

22. Isis Kneeling with Wings Out-Stretched!!

Isis Kneeling with Wings Out-Stretched tattoo

Believe it or not but the Isis when kneeling with his wings out-stretched makes for a great tattoo design. The tattoo simply depicts grace and balance. It is a perfect tattoo design for those who have these two qualities. Get this one on your back or chest!

23. Bast – The Egyptian Cat Goddess

Bast – The Egyptian Cat Goddess tattoo

In ancient Egypt cats were always considered guardians of the underworld, who keeps the spirits of the dead where they belonged. Cats have always been sacred to the goddess Bast and to ancient Egyptians. If you think you also love cats, then this is the time to flaunt your love for your cat and at the same time having it in amazing design.

24. The Eye of Ra

Eye of Ra Egyptian tattoo on nape

If you are looking for something subtle and unique at the same time, then the eye of Ra is a perfect tattoo design for you. You can get this tattoo either on your back or nape. The tattoo looks great etched on body.

25. The Mirrored Bast – Symbol of Dark Elegance

Mirrored Best – Symbol of Dark Elegance tattoo

The mirrored Bast is the perfectly stands for dark elegance. The tattoo will have the sacred ankh, guarded on either side by Bast, the guardian of the underworld. The tattoo will make you have the feeling of satisfaction and freshness. Get this one on your back or shoulder.

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26. Nekhbet – the beautiful vulture Goddess!

Another wonderful tattoo from ancient Egypt is the vulture goddess Nekhbet. Nekhbet is the most ancient of Egyptian oracles, that’s there even before the dynastic era of Egypt! Anybody who is looking for a design that represents grace, beauty, and truth altogether, then Nekhbet is for her! Get it either on your inner arm or on your rib, it will look gorgeous!

27. Nemes

Nemes is the name of the headdresses worn by Egyptian pharaohs in ancient Egypt, who was considered God by the masses in ancient Egypt. Nemes were worn by only Egyptian pharaohs that symbolizes royalty and power. You can get this tattoo either in larger size or if you are looking for something smaller in size, then Nemes is a perfect tattoo design from ancient Egypt. You can get this one on your hand, or finger. It will look perfect.

28. All Four

The Brothers – Horus and Anubis together make for a wonderful tattoo design. Or if you want, you can have the Ankh and Ra along with them. The tattoo is perfect to display your loyalty even after being opposed.

29. When two opposite meets

Set is the ancient Egyptian god of disaster and storms, whereas Horus is the ancient embodiment of the sun itself, representing warmth and serenity. When the two opposites meet they make for a great tattoo design. The tattoo showing their meeting will simply represent the two different sides of the same personality that is the wild side and the calm side. This tattoo is an amazing design for those who want to flaunt to the world the way they maintain their inner balance with the outside world. You can get this one either on your shoulder, wrist, or any place of your choice.

Egyptian tattoo1

Egyptian tattoo3

Ancient Egyptian tattoo on back

Egyptian tattoo5

Egyptian tattoo2

Egyptian tattoo designs

Egyptian tattoo7

Egyptian tattoo8

To pan out….

So, these are the 30 best Egyptian tattoo ideas, most of these can be etched by both men and women. If you are looking for something unique and at the same time for something elegant then ancient Egyptian tattoos make for a perfect tattoos. Try out!

Thanks for reading!

Happy Tattooing….Happy Etching ☺ ☺ ☺

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