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40+ Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

Cute Cat Tattoo Design Ideas

40+ Cute Cat Tattoo Ideas with Meanings

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Cats are known for being the world’s cutest, most mischievous, and amusing animals, but did you know that in ancient Egypt, they were associated with the goddesses Isis and Ba’ath, and were regularly depicted in artwork and even mummified? Or that cats were mass-murdered later in the Middle Ages because they were associated with witchcraft?

Thankfully, the feline holocaust came to an end thanks to a medieval Welsh ruler, Hywel Dda, who declared killing and hurting cats illegal. With so much of human and cats’ histories colliding, it’s only natural that our feline companions have accumulated a plethora of metaphorical connotations. While a black cat may be regarded as a negative omen, cats, in general, are regarded as symbols of independence, rebelliousness, and cleverness.

A cat tattoo may appear to be a great alternative if you’re looking for a new body art design because it contains several desirable aspects. For thousands of years, humans have enjoyed the company of their feline companions, as evidenced by inky paw prints in Da Vinci’s notebooks and ancient Egyptian tombs.

Cute Cat Tattoo Design on Wrist

The cat, as we know it today, is a symbol of superior power and primal grace with a long and rich iconography. A cat tattoo, whether it’s in commemoration of a beloved pet or the archetype itself, expresses the unique kind of man you are. You don’t need the unwavering commitment and unwavering enthusiasm of, say, a dog, and you don’t need identical behavior from your companions.

You appreciate the cat’s secrecy and distaste for having its space invaded; on the other hand, you are eternally giving with those who have worked hard to earn your love. The nocturnal cat, a symbol of the darker sides of the psyche, isn’t afraid to go where others are scared to go.

Cat Tattoo History

The cat is associated with higher creatures, such as deities, in many cultures. A cat, for example, was a revered animal in ancient Egypt, symbolizing fertility and motherhood. As a result, these animals were buried as people, complete with a mummification process. The Scandinavian countries have a similar attitude toward cats.

Cats were thought to guard grain against rats, which was extremely valuable. These elegant animals represented night, the moon, and female attractiveness in the archaic world. A cat has been a symbol of good luck, prosperity, and money in Japan since ancient times. Cats were highly adored in Arabic culture.

Temples were guarded by cats in Buddhist countries. Cats, on the other hand, were regarded messengers of misfortune and assistants of witches in Europe throughout the Middle Ages, and they were exterminated everywhere. It resulted in the breeding of a large number of rats, which spread the plague.

Cat Tattoo Meaning

Good luck, existence after physical death, mystery, gentle wisdom and elegance are all common associations for cat tattoos. Of course, there are many other types of feline tattoos, each of which has a different meaning. A cat tattoo might simply express a person’s love for a deceased pet for some people. Cat tattoos are often associated with a love of all things exotic and adventurous, as well as a dislike of authority and a yearning for spiritual connection. The list below consists of some cool cat tattoo designs.

List of Cat Tattoo Ideas:

1. Cat Tattoo Simple/Cat Tattoo Minimalist Design

Minimalist Cat Tattoo Design

People who love simple line work and don’t want a complex design would enjoy minimalist cat tattoos. Cat tattoos with basic contours provide the impression of feline grace and fun. They can be worn anywhere with simple and lovely tattoos. Whenever it came to creating your cat tattoo, whether it’s just a silhouette or an entirely composed design with extra characteristics, these basic silhouettes and designs provide you with a lot of artistic freedom.

These tattoos combine the vibrancy, ingenuity, and curiosity of cats to create simple and stunning images. The effect is light and airy as if it were drawn with a fine-tip marker, and it exudes effortless style and sophistication.

2. Cat Tattoo Belly Button

Cat Tattoo on Stomach


It is possible to make nearly any known and modern stomach cat tattoo on this section of the body. This is a one-of-a-kind tablet for a tattoo artist. In the sketch, there are no size or shape restrictions. This allows you to design any stomach cat tattoo artwork on this region of the body, experiment with colors and scales, exhibit shadows, and do a whole lot more to create beauty on the human body.

3. Cat Tattoo Outline Design

Cat Tattoo Outline Design

You either belong to them or you don’t, in terms of ownership. Cats fascinate and repel, but their quirks and personalities are always distinct and fascinating. The simplicity of this ink appeals to a wide range of collectors, but especially to those who enjoy contrasting the ink with the animal.

A geometric or fine line piece can do justice to the threat of famous hunters such as lions, panthers, and tigers, but the bulk of cat outline patterns are engraved with the domestic kitty in mind.

4. Black Cat Tattoo Design

Black Cat Tattoo Design

Black cat tattoos are one of the most misunderstood forms of tattoos. They can have a wide range of connotations, from very good to very negative, so it all depends on who the tattoo’s owner is and what they want their black cat to represent. It’s a fantastic emblem of mystery and caution, something you won’t find in many other animal tattoos.

5. Lucky Cat Tattoo Design

Lucky Cat Tattoo Design

The lucky cat is Japanese in origin, although also incorporates Chinese folklore motifs. They do represent good fortune and prosperity, but there’s a lot more to good luck cats than meets the eye. Let’s take a closer look. It is stated that raising the right leg will attract money and wealth. If your left leg is elevated, though, you will attract attention. Protect the home or establishment if the two front legs are lifted.

6. Egyptian Cat Tattoo Design

Egyptian Cat Tattoo Design

Although the Egyptian Goddess Bastet is represented as a cat, the symbolism of a Bastet tattoo is linked to housing security, power, and fertility in women. Other ancient Egyptian features, such as the ‘Eye of Horus,’ which denotes protection, healing, and well-being, can be incorporated into this Bastet tattoo, which has so many details. The ‘Ankh,’ which represents the extension of life, can be added to the Eye of Horus.

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7. Cat Paw Tattoo Design

Cute Cat Paw Tattoo Design on Ankle

The popularity of cat paw picture designs is growing. Cat paw print photos aren’t quite little, even though they have a pleasant connotation. They’re also incredibly lovely, especially when worn in a specific arm position. The majority of cat paw print patterns are made to look like an animal’s paw is gently moving.

8. Cat Skull Tattoo Design

Cat Skull Tattoo Design

The popularity of a cat skull tattoo is comparable to that of a cat tattoo. If you’re curious about the significance of a cat skull tattoo, it’s not all bad. Cat skull tattoos, like any other skull tattoo, represent death, rebirth, metamorphosis, and a fresh start. Furthermore, many individuals acquire cat skull tattoos as memorial tattoos for pets who have passed away.

9. Cat Memorial Tattoo

Cat Memorial Tattoo Design

In recent years, memorial tattoos honoring deceased pets have become increasingly fashionable. The term “cattoos” refers to tattoos that glorify cats. Memorial cat tattoos are a one-of-a-kind way to honor someone or a cherished pet. Even those who would not normally get a tattoo may be moved to do so in honor of a cherished feline.

A modest and subtle cat tattoo is usually the way to go for someone who isn’t usually fond of ink. Although the designs are little, they contain a lot of affection.

10. Japanese Cat Tattoo Design

Japanese Cat Tattoo Design

Maneki Neko’s tattoos are drawings of the lucky kitty, almost as iconic as Hello Kitty herself. The cute tiny upraised paw of Maneki Neko, which means “beckoning cat,” is supposed to bring in fortune, wealth, and luck. You’ve probably seen this small cat holding a gold coin sitting in the corner of your favorite Japanese or Chinese restaurant.

Maneki Neko tattoos are one of several types of Japanese cat tattoos available. Cats are quite popular in Japan, and they frequently appear in mythology, folklore, and children’s stories.

11. Watercolor Cat Tattoo

Watercolor Cat Tattoo on Thigh

Cats are self-sufficient, tenacious, sensitive, yet affectionate, and adorable creatures. That is why so many people adore them and prefer to keep them in their lives. Watercolor cat tattoos can be done in honor of your favorite feline companion or as a symbol of your affection for them. You can choose from a multitude of options depending on the design, ranging from the cat’s silhouette to the cat’s eyes.

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12. Moon Cat Tattoo Design

Moon Cat Tattoo Design

The cat and the moon have also been linked to occultism and mystery. Getting a tattoo like this, on the other hand, can express your sense of wonderment about the world and life in general. A black cat perched on a crescent moon is a well-known symbol of witchcraft. This phase of the lunar cycle is associated with transition and the belief that life is in constant flux.

13. Cat and Dog Tattoo Design

Cat and Dog Tattoo Design

Pet memorial tattoos are a unique and meaningful way to express your feelings for your beloved pet. A tattoo serves as a permanent reminder of the significance of an event in your life. At the same time, it’s a chance to pay tribute to their memory and respect their life. You’ll want to recognize both your dog and cat if they were best buddies. The paws of a cat and a dog go well together.

14. Geometric Cat Tattoo Design

Geometric Cat Tattoo Design on Thigh

Femininity, mystery, knowledge, intellect, luck, independence, intellect, and mischievous disposition are all represented by geometric cat tattoos. The geometric tattoo style is extremely popular since it appears to be both simple and complex at the same time. Although some individuals prefer to concentrate just on the lines and shapes, others want to include images such as animals, and what better animal to include than a cat?

Felines are linked to good fortune, mystery, stealth, and even death. There are many different designs to pick from, allowing you to personalize your ink. Don’t be frightened to get a large tattoo and proudly exhibit it on your forearm or leg while choosing your tattoo.

Floral Black Cat Tattoo on Leg

Cool Cat Tattoo Design

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Cute Black Cat Tattoo On Rib

Cat Tattoo on Hand

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Simple Cat Tattoo Design

Simple Cat Tattoo

Black Cat Tattoo on Leg

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Always Smile Cat Tattoo

Running Cat Tattoo on Thigh

Sphynx Cat Tattoo

Traditional Black Cat Tattoo Design

Black Cat With Skull Tattoo Designs on Bicep

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Catnip Calico Cat Tattoo Design

Neo Traditional Sphynx Cat Tattoo Design

Cat tattoo on shoulder

Creative Cat Tattoo Design

Witchcraft Cat Tattoo on Thigh

Goth Sphynx Cat Tattoo on Forearm

Cheshire Cat Tattoo on Thigh


Black Cat Tattoo with Flower

Colorful Cat Tattoo Design

Cat Paw Tattoo Design

Cat Tattoo

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