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16 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Tattoo

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16 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil on Tattoo

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Coconut oil has always been used as an ancient Ayurvedic medicine in India. It works effectively in the treatment of skin burns and wounds. Apart from this, coconut oil is also used to moisturize dry skin. Seeing the vast benefits that coconut oil offers, these days, it is much used on tattoos as well.

Whether you are getting a new tattoo or you are going for a cover-up tattoo, aftercare is essential to keep your skin healthy and aesthetically pleasing. And coconut oil can be an excellent aftercare product. It will not only help moisturize your skin but also it will provide protection to your skin. If you doubt, then read this post until the end. Here we are sharing with you the 16 reasons to use coconut oil on Tattoos.

Here we go……

1. Coconut Oil Is Pocket Friendly

First things first, unlike all the expensive aftercare products, coconut oil is a pocket-friendly product. It is readily available in the market. You can buy it from a nearby store or online. A coconut oil bottle won’t cost you more than 250 bucks, which is not too much for anyone. And the best thing is the benefits that you get upon using coconut oil are way too much.

2. Coconut Oils Are Natural

Coconut Oil

Coconut oils are extracted from coconuts using a natural procedure, thereby making these oils natural. No chemicals are used to produce coconut oil. And your tattoo aftercare must be as simple and straightforward as possible. Avoiding chemicals and fragrances can help reduce the risk of irritation and infection. And coconut oil is the best product for tattoo aftercare as it is natural. All you have to see is you use only pure oil so that you can reap optimum benefits.

3. Perfect Wound Healer

Coconuts are natural wound healers. Oils extracted from coconut can effectively treat and prevent skin infection. Besides, the inherent pain-relieving capabilities of the oil help alleviate post-tattooing discomfort.

4. Coconut Oils Are Antimicrobial

Coconuts contain lauric acid that may have antibacterial effects on the skin. Also, it can help fight off lipid-coated viruses as well. Of course, you would not want to have an infection after getting a tattoo. Using coconut oil on your newly etched tattoo can keep the infection at bay.

5. Coconuts Have Antifungal Properties

Another critical benefit that coconut oils can provide you is – antifungal properties. Whether you’re getting a new tattoo or a cover-up or removing an old one, coconut oils can help alleviate any kind of infection and provide you with complete protection.

6. Coconuts Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Skin wounds are normal in the procedure of tattooing. As tattooing directly results in skin wounds. Due to which the wearer’s skin becomes inflamed or swollen. Coconuts contain ingredients like vitamins C, Vitamin E, L-arginine, and Lauric acid, thereby making coconuts highly anti-inflammatory. That’s the reason, using coconut oil on newly etched tattoos speeds up the healing process and helps combat this inflammation.

7. Coconut Oils Are Easily Accessible

Undoubtedly, coconut oils are one of the most accessible beauty products not only in India but also in the world. This is because coconuts are widely abundant. Coconut oils are easily accessible and extremely easy to obtain. You can get it from any grocery store or a health food market.

8. A Perfect Moisturizer For The Skin

Coconut oil contains fatty acid components, which moisturizes the tattooed skin perfectly. That’s the reason coconut oil is widely used for eczema and dry skin. Coconut oil can help protect the tattoo from looking dull while keeping the skin healthy and moisturized.


9. Easy To Use

Coconut oil is very easy to use. It is not only pocket-friendly but also it is a very handy skincare product one can buy. People with brand new tattoos or cover-up tattoos can use it without much effort. You can even use it for a more extended period as it is perfect for the skin.

10. Less Is More

The best part of using coconut oil is – it goes a long way. It is oily, which means you do not need to use too much oil to moisturize your skin. Only a small amount of oil is enough for the tattooed skin, unlike other lotions and moisturizers. This means you do not need to buy it every month or after a couple of days. Once bought can be used for many months.

11. Safe For All Skin Types

The primary concern when one buys skincare products is – will it be safe for my skin or not. That’s not the case with the coconut oil. As it is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. No matter what skin type you have, you can safely use the oil without worrying about the adverse reactions. And if you doubt, then it is always good to do a small patch test before using the oil. If it doesn’t create any irritation, then it is fit for your brand new tattoo. You can use it!

12. Help Maintain The Natural Balance Of Skin

The medium-chain fatty acids present in the coconut oil help to retain your skin’s natural moisture. Coconut oil helps keep skin hydrated, smooth, and supple; this means your brand new tattoo will not dry out. It will not only heal your brand new tattoo but also maintain your skin’s natural balance.

13. Coconut Oil Acts As A Natural Antiseptic

A brand new tattoo can be a breeding ground for infections, especially when you’re not careful. This is why most tattoo artists advise wearers to include an antibiotic ointment in their aftercare routine. Antibiotics are required to treat infections. And coconut oil acts as a natural antiseptic, as it contains several nutrients like capric, lauric, and caprylic acids. These nutrients keep your skin protected from microbial infections.

14. Easy To Rinse Off

Unlike other medicated ointments, coconut oil is easier to rinse off. Apart from this, it also alleviates any possibility of itching or scrubbing your new tattoo.

15. Multiple Benefits

Coconut oil helps you have myriads of benefits other than caring for your new tattoo. Besides being affordable, coconut oils have a long shelf life. Even after the healing time for your tattoo is up, you can continue to reap the benefits from the oil. You can apply it directly to your tattoo even after the healing time is over to bring out its colors and make it look more vibrant. Or otherwise, you can use the oil for dry skin, burns, and wounds. Some people even use it as an anti-aging product.

16. Coconut Oils Are Cruelty-Free Skincare Products

Lastly, pure coconut oils do not contain any animal products and are not tested on animals, thereby making them completely cruelty-free. This means that the oil is not only good for your brand new tattoo but also it is good for the environment. However, it is always good to buy a product after reading the labels.


Undoubtedly, coconut oil is safe for all skin types. However, it is always good to do a small patch test before using it. Though coconut oil carries no risks, still, there is a slight risk of allergic reaction and hypopigmentation. This could be related to the lauric acid present in coconut oil. In case you have a reaction to coconut oil, you may exhibit redness or an itchy rash around the tattoo area. In such a situation, you should avoid coconut oil and products made of coconut oil.

Even if coconut oil is safe for your skin, doing a skin patch test is always the best way to confirm this before using it on your tattoo. A patch test will ensure that your skin doesn’t react to the oil negatively. Once you are sure of it, you can use the oil in a large area. Here is how to conduct a patch test:

Step 1: Take a small amount of coconut oil and apply it to the inside of your forearm.

Step 2: Now, cover the area with a bandage.

Step 3: Check after 24 hours. If you don’t experience any irritation or inflammation during this period, it means the oil is safe to apply. Make sure you use the oil after washing your skin. Applying the oil to damp skin helps it absorb more effectively.

There is a wide range of coconut oils available in the market; you can use any. You can consider using traditional coconut oil that comes in solid form. Just melt it at room temperature before use, and you are set to apply. Or you can buy ready-to-go liquids, like Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil.

It doesn’t matter which type of coconut oil you choose, make sure you read all manufacturer instructions before buying the product.

Summing it up…..

So, these are the 16 reasons to use coconut oil on a tattoo. However, be sure to check with your tattoo artist before applying coconut oil on your brand new tattoo as some tattoo artists suggest other skincare products to their clients. Checking with your tattoo artist is what we recommend. There is no doubt that coconut oil is safe to use, but your tattoo artist may suggest a better alternative.

Also, do not miss to do a skin patch test before using it on a larger area. If you experience irritation, infection, or rashes, do not use it any further. Moreover, if the symptoms persist, immediately visit your dermatologist.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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