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50 Most Beautiful Dove Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Beautiful Dove Tattoo Design Ideas

50 Most Beautiful Dove Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

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Tattoos are gradually becoming more of a fashion statement than just a form of body art. Every tattoo design chosen by those who have tattoos has a story behind it. Tattoos are expressions of a person’s personality or a depiction of their traits.

Regardless of how basic or complicated a tattoo design is, its meaning will always be determined by the person who wears it. Dove tattoos are among the most attractive tattoo designs on the market today. It’s a tattoo design that can be worn by both men and women.

It’s a gender-neutral style that celebrates both femininity and masculinity. It is up to the person gazing at the tattoo to interpret it in his own unique way. Dove tattoos are also available in a variety of sizes. Some people prefer a large tattoo in order to send a more clear and significant statement to others.

Some people, on the other hand, prefer little tattoos that exactly suit the wrists or the back of the neck. You can have whatever type and size tattoo you like, but you should always keep in mind that understanding the meaning of the tattoo is required.

Dove Tattoo Meaning

A dove tattoo is often associated with faith or religion, serenity, innocence, purity, or love. The dove appears in totems all throughout the world, is common in mythology, and is an important aspect of folklore that isn’t usually associated with peace.

  • Success – Apart from the basic concepts of “love,” “peace,” and “harmony,” one of the things it signifies is a success.
  • Fresh Start – Another thing that the dove represents is a fresh start. It’s a symbol of letting go of the past and moving forward.
  • Family – Doves are wonderful to have because they symbolize family. The reason for this is that a dove is frequently observed with a companion. A pair of doves has traditionally been cherished for this reason.

Dove Tattoos Designs and their Meaning:

1. Flying Dove Tattoo

Flying Dove Tattoo

The meaning of a flying dove tattoo or a dove clutching an olive branch tattoo is openness, optimism, and faith. The dove with the olive branch is associated with the Great Flood and the continuation of life in the face of adversity in Christianity.

2. Dove Tattoo with Name

Dove Tattoo with Name

Some people get a tattoo to demonstrate their eternal love for a family member who has passed away. A dove tattoo with a name or initials on it is an excellent method to convey deep and lasting love while also wishing the family member to rest in peace and dwell happily in paradise forever.

3. Dove With Lock And Key Tattoo

Dove With Lock And Key Tattoo

Two doves are flying and holding a lock and keys in this sort of dove tattoo. Dove tattoos symbolize calm and optimism for a new life, or they can represent a long life. Dove tattoos usually represent independence and purity, and many individuals want dove tattoos in honor of a close relative or friend who has passed away, especially if the tattoo has a love theme.

4. Dandelion Dove Tattoo

Dandelion Dove Tattoo on Arm

A dandelion morphing into a dove tattoo, which is usually a dandelion puff whisking away and transforming into doves in the distance, is a popular symbol for spiritual innocence, as both objects symbolize simplicity and chastity. Both dandelions and doves can represent new beginnings.

5. Flying Dove Tattoos with Statement on Ribbons

Flying Dove Tattoo with Statement on Ribbons

This tattoo design is typically used by those who want to express a clearer message in the event that others are unable to decipher the secret meaning behind each symbol. The dove’s beak is grasping a piece of ribbon in this tattoo design.

Names, important dates, beloved phrases, or life mottos are commonly found on the ribbon. Because this section is written in plain words, many people will intuitively understand what your tattoo implies.

6. White or Black Dove

White or Black Dove on Chest

The white dove represents peace and purity. A black dove may symbolize death, though not usually physical death. The black dove, for example, maybe an excellent choice for someone who has altered their path or is seeking more insight. Black birds are associated with higher ideals, metamorphosis, and mystery in general.

7. Dove with Bible Verse Tattoo

Dove with Bible Verse Tattoo on Chest

The dove is frequently associated with Jesus and the Bible. As a result, some tattoo enthusiasts prefer to combine dove tattoos with bible verse tattoos to symbolize their beliefs.

8. Dove and Cage

Dove and Cage Matching Tattoo

Doves and a cage have a deeper meaning because they represent victory and love. In general, a bird flying out of the cage indicates breaking free from some form of enslavement or an unpleasant life event, such as an abusive relationship, a mid-life crisis, or a bad job.

It is a powerful symbol of liberation from enslavement or a firm stand against oppression. It serves as a motivator by reminding you of your independence.

9. Dove with Angel Wings Tattoo

Dove with Angel Wings Tattoo

Doves have traditionally been associated with calm and purity. Angels, on the other hand, are God’s messengers. When these two symbols are combined, it sends a message to everyone that you are a peace advocate or a peacemaker.

10. Dove with Olive Branch Tattoo

Dove with Olive Branch Tattoo

The olive branch also has a peace symbolism, so combining a dove and an olive branch in a tattoo makes sense.

11. Dove and Raven Tattoo

Dove and Raven Tattoo

The dove and the raven, like the Yin and Yang, symbolize opposites. It strikes a balance between the importance of life and death. A crow, which has a similar symbolism to the raven, might also be used in place of the raven.

12. Japanese Art/Sword Dove Tattoo

Japanese Art Sword Dove Tattoo

The dove was closely associated with the God of War in Japanese culture. The end of war or turmoil was historically depicted by a dove carrying a sword.

13. Dove and Cross Tattoo

Dove and Cross Tattoo

A cross, like a dove, is a symbol of Christianity. When they work together, they create something deeply religious. They serve as a reminder of Jesus Christ’s sufferings for humanity’s salvation, as well as his final death as a result of humanity’s sins.

The dove represents Christ’s divinity, while the cross represents his crucifixion as a result of his deep compassion for humanity.

14. Rose Dove Tattoo

Rose Dove Tattoo

The rose and dove tattoo is a romanticized rendition of the traditional dove tattoo. It is also one of the most popular tattoo designs among the general public.

Roses and doves both symbolize love, beauty, and affection, and when combined in a single design, their meaning is amplified. The back, chest, and biceps are the greatest places to put such a design.

15. Traditional Dove Tattoo

Traditional Dove Tattoo Design

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