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45+ Amazing Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas

Lighthouse Tattoo

45+ Amazing Lighthouse Tattoo Ideas

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Surely you know about a lighthouse. It is a tower-like building specifically designed to emit light from a system of lamps and lenses. They have association with sailors as they serve as a navigational aid for sailors or maritime pilots at sea or on inland waterways. But do you know that you can even get a lighthouse tattoo etched on your body? Yes, you can! And the best this is lighthouse tattoos look mesmerizing. You don’t necessarily need to be a sailor or a maritime pilot to get a tattoo of a lighthouse.

No matter who you are, a badass sailor or an ordinary corporate employee, a lighthouse is your thing if you really possess the traits that a lighthouse signifies. Here in this post, we will talk about the history of the lighthouse and what does it symbolize.

Here we go……

History of Lighthouse

Lighthouses have a long and very complicated history. Of course, not all standing lighthouses are operational; however, they’ve been kept around for their beautiful history and welcoming aesthetic.

There was a time when there were no sources to know about the water from the shore. Earlier, people used to make bonfires on hilltops near the coast to help people traveling by boat, ships, etc. Not only was it used as a signal to warn boat operators that they were getting close to the land, but also to welcome them home. Eventually, people came up with ways that would raise the fires higher and higher off the ground to help boat operators have better visibility. And that was when the idea of the first lighthouse came into existence.

Best lighthouse tattoo on arm

The first lighthouse was built in Alexandria, Egypt, between 300 and 280 BC. It was a gigantic building that was 450 feet high. Later it was named one of the seven wonders of our ancient world.

The highest number of lighthouses exist in the United States in the world. The first lighthouse in the US was built on Little Brewster Island in Boston in 1716.

Lighthouse Tattoo Designs, Ideas, and Meanings

amazing- ighthouse sleeve tattoo designs

awesome tattoo on ankle

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behind the ear small lighthouse tattoos for girl

best lighthouse tattoo designs for men

black ink dotwork lighthouse tattoo designs


black ink lighthouse tattoo designs

forearm tattoo for men in 2021

small lighthouse tattoo ideas on girl thigh

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Lighthose chest tattoo man

lighthouse tattoo ideas on thigh

lighthouse tattoo on man shoulder

lighthouse tattoo ideas in 2021

lighthouse tattoo meaning

ship and lighthouse matching tattoo ideas

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lighthouse tattoo with flowers

shoulder lighthouse tattoo girl

small lighthouse tattoo ideas on girl thigh


What Do Lighthouse Tattoos Symbolize?

Lighthouses signify different things to different people. For instance, some people get it as the symbol of reminiscence as they grew up in a town with a lighthouse. They want to get one to mark their association with the building. Some people associate a lighthouse with their travel to make it a memory of their beautiful trip to the Maritimes they’d love to remember.

However, lighthouses symbolize some significant meanings, such as……..

Hope: Lighthouses represent hope. When in ancient times, people used to go on ventures, the possibility of their return used to be rare. And returning to their homeland safely meant returning to stability. The only thing that they used to have during those days was their HOPE. And lighthouse used to give them that hope, that light that they required to make safe sails.

If you think you are also hopeful that you will get over the darkness of your life, get a lighthouse tattoo etched on your body.

Guiding Light: Another meaning that a lighthouse signifies is guiding light. Yes, when there was no way to know about the shore, the lighthouse acted as the guiding light for boat operators to prevent crashes. If you also find yourself in dangerous situations often, then a lighthouse tattoo is a great idea to remind yourself how to keep healthy boundaries and prevent future crashes.

Solitude: In ancient times, people used to live in the lighthouses, who were called lighthouse keepers. Lighthouse keepers used to make sure that the light stayed on. They used to live in solitude, which was not easy. At times they used to crazy because of the solitude. There are many ghastly tales about their madness.

If you are an introvert, then a lighthouse tattoo can be a great piece of art for you. It will always remind you that solitude is important; however, you need to step out into the daylight once in a while.

Public Good: Lighthouses were made for the public good; hence they also signify public good as one of the most significant characteristics. When we say public good, traits like generosity, magnanimity pop up immediately, and lighthouses possess all these qualities, as they were not meant exclusively for a specific class. They were there giving light to everybody and anybody. If you also possess the same quality or live your life in a lighthouse way, then a lighthouse your thing for sure.

Haunted Spots: If you like haunted tattoos more than anything, then a lighthouse is again an extraordinary symbol. Many lighthouses are thought to be haunted. It is because of the lighthouse keeper who used to live there alone. You will always find a town with a lighthouse with some dreadful stories. That is why a lighthouse is an excellent pick for a ghastly tattoo!!

small and simple ankle lighthouse tattoos

Simple lighthouse tattoo ideas for men

small lighthouse tattoos women

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small lighthouse tattoo with wave

traditional lighthouse tattoo designs

Lighthouse Tattoo Placement

You can place a lighthouse tattoo anywhere on your body. Its size will determine the placement of the tattoo. If you want a tiny lighthouse etched, then your wrist, finger, ankle, nape, earlobe, etc., are good to go with.

However, if you want a medium-sized lighthouse tattoo, your arm, forearm, thigh, calf, shoulder blade are suitable for a medium-sized lighthouse. And for a giant lighthouse, your back and tummy region is an excellent place.

unique lighthouse women thigh tattoos

tiny lighthouse tattoo on women ribcage

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unique lighthouse tattoo designs

traditional lighthouse tattoo designs in 2021

Elements Used with Lighthouse Tattoos

There are myriads of ways you can get a lighthouse tattoo. You can get it with or without any additional element; it will look fabulous in any case. You can use the following details with your lighthouse tattoo:

Light rays

Use anything, but make sure it goes perfectly well with your personality. Also, get it done by a professional tattoo artist for an outstanding outcome!!


So this is all about a lighthouse tattoo. If you possess any of the lighthouse qualities, then you are good to go with a lighthouse tattoo.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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