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7 Best Tattoo Artists in Alberta, Canada

Best Tattoo Artists in Alberta

7 Best Tattoo Artists in Alberta, Canada

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Tattoo fanatics can be found around every corner. Some want to get tattooed with simple black ink, and some want to go extravagant with their designs. Tattoos embody a profound connection of a person with their stories. The art of tattooing is a creative pursuit that diligently expresses a person’s inner self, unique qualities, and life experiences. Some people utilize body artwork as a means of self-expression. It not only reflects the belief one goes by but also the growth one achieves from any event or circumstance.

All of us must have once in our lives encountered the urge of getting inked. At times, the urge becomes reality. There are tons of tattoo designs one can opt for. However, finding the right tattoo artist is equally crucial for getting an impressive body artwork.

If you are a native of Alberta, Canada, or are there for a trip and are hopping on the question of where to get the best tattoo from, then this post is for you.

We have curated a list of the 7 best tattoo artists in Alberta, Canada, to save you some time that you can spend with your loved ones!

So, without any further delay, let’s get started…

7 Most Renowned Tattoo Artists In Alberta, Canada

Here is our rundown of the seven most popular tattooists in Alberta, Canada, who you might consider for your next tattoo design. Take a look…

1. Scott Veldhoen – Eternal Image Tattoo

Everything that makes for an excellent, long-lasting tattoo, from Japanese to traditional American, tribal to geometric, Scott Veldhoen is the go-to person for it. He is a multi-style and multi-approach tattoo artist in Alberta, Canada. Undoubtedly, the queue for booking him for your next tattoo is quite long. Yes, you will be surprised to know that sometimes people have to even wait for months.

Scott Veldhoen - Eternal Image Tattoo

He is one of the top-rated tattoo artists in the Alberta region of Canada. His past clients have admired him a lot for his classic work. Few of the famous reviews about him goes like this: “The thing that blows my mind with Scott is that he’s EXTREMELY personable.” Some even said, “Scott is a very talented artist who is an absolute pleasure to work with. He is the epitome of a true professional who has mastered his craft but who also remains extremely humble. He has an extremely friendly and relaxed approach towards his work.” There are so many fantastic things people have said about Veldhoen. If you want a stunning tattoo design, you can consider him!

2. Janeen Scott – Hemlock Tattoo Studio

Janeen Scott is yet another very popular tattoo artist in Alberta. She is known for her cutting-edge tattoo technique. She utilizes her unique technique to create tattoos that are astonishing and creative. Her art is influenced by a lot of factors, inclusive of literature, medieval architecture, feminine energy, and a lot more than one can imagine.

Janeen Scott - Hemlock Tattoo Studio

Some who have had the opportunity of getting inked from her have sung her praises and reviewed the work as, “I have spent the last year getting tattoos from Hemlock!” and others said, “It’s an amazing space run by a group of amazing women.” So, if you want a tattoo that speaks of medieval architecture or literature, then Scott is your best bet!

3. Jess Doyle – The Terrace Studio

Next on our list is Jess Doyle. Doyle is one of the most sought-after artists in Alberta, Canada. This multi-talented tattoo artist is the founder of the Terrace Studio. Not only is she an amazing artist, but she also seems to be able to paint everything. She can move from colourful floral drawings to black and white creatures with ease. She keeps posting her wonderful tattoo designs on her social media handles. So, if you want to have a glance of her work, you can visit her social media handle and keep yourself updated.

Jess Doyle - The Terrace Studio

People have gushed about her art and rated it with 5-star reviews, while some got small aesthetic designs and others got large body art. A few of the reviews said, “I had such a lovely, enjoyable experience with my four small tattoos.” while another person said, “I just had my full arm sleeve tattoo finished up with Jess.” So, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design, get it etched by Doyle.

4. Dan Cameron – Ambassador Tattoo

Dan Cameron has been one of the tops in the industry for over 15 years now. His incredibility in the style he has mastered is unparalleled. He is one of the finest tattoo artists in Alberta, Canada, but what makes him outshine is his sheer artistry. Cameron is known for creating aesthetically massive tattoos. Someone who wants a piece on their back, leg, chest or combination of these, can without a second thought book him.

Dan Cameron - Ambassador Tattoo

He is one of the top-rated tattooists in Alberta, Canada. Some who got to witness his artistry said, “Dan did great work and makes you feel right at home in the shop!” also, “AMAZING! We went in as a group getting memorial tattoos and Dan was very accommodating, fun and easy going!”

5. Paulo Da Butcher – Strange World

Next on our list is Paulo Da Butcher. Whilst keeping his sense of style, Paula tends to create magic with his ink work. He works in Strange World Tattoo Studio. He is renowned for creating mesmerizing traditional, portrait, Japanese, free hand, animal, and black/grey realism tattoos. Paula’s work is profoundly influenced by the power of thoughts. He possesses exceptional tattooing skills that make him STAND OUT!

Paulo Da Butcher - Strange World

People rated his extraordinary work with 5-star reviews and wrote in his admiration. One said, “I highly recommend this place for anyone who wants tattoos or piercings.” Someone said, “I loved the atmosphere and the fun approach Paula had.” So, if you are looking for a genius tattoo artist, Paulo is the one!

6. Alix Au – Scythe and Spade

Relatively new in the industry with over 6 years of experience, Alix Au has managed to be counted among the best tattoo artists in Alberta, Canada. She is popular for her unmatchable ink work. Au adds a rough, dynamic energy that makes all of her black tattoos stand out. Thus, Alix Au is the artist to approach if you want a solid black, coloured, or textured tattoo design.

Many have already had the chance to see her hands on work, few of whom said, “Can’t wait to be back in the near future.” While someone said, “It’s a nice, friendly place, and Au does amazing work!”

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7. Tatiana Stanjeck – Studio Cong

Last on our list is Tatiana Stanjeck. Tatiana works in Studio Cong, a renowned tattoo studio in Alberta, Canada. Covering a wide range of tattoo designs, Tatiana has proven to be one of the best tattoo artists in the region. Although she is comparatively fresh in the industry and is working as an apprentice, her skills are worth praising. Whether the design is detailed and colorful, black and bold, or anything else, she can be your go-to tattoo artist.

Many have complimented her work by saying things like, “Tat is one of the nicest, professional, and most talented people you will ever meet!” another said, “Always feels like more of a hangout than an appointment, and the work is amazing!” So, if you are looking for an eye-catching tattoo design, contact her!

Last Few Words!

Now, you have the list of 7 best tattoo artists in Alberta, Canada. You can choose to get a stunning tattoo design from any of them. Stop procrastinating your plans of getting inked and choose from our list of best tattoo artists in Alberta. All of them are top-notch tattoo artists in the Alberta region of Canada.

Put an end to the warring thoughts in your mind, find a beautiful tattoo design, and explore the town with our list of best tattoo artists.

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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