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7 Best Tattoo Artists in Ontario, Canada

Tattoo Artists in Ontario

7 Best Tattoo Artists in Ontario, Canada

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If you are searching for the best tattoo artists in Ontario, you’re in the right place! Finding the right tattoo artist may seem like a challenge at the outset. However, with the right guidance, you can make the best choice of a tattoo artist in Ontario, Canada. In this post, we have shared a list of the top tattoo artists for you in Ontario, Canada. Tattoo artists listed in this post have not only mastered the skills but have also made their names unforgettable with their great work in the industry.

To make your search for an expert tattoo artist easy, we have curated the top-rated tattooists in Ontario, Canada. The tattoo artists in Ontario have made themselves popular through their unique skills. Each tattoo artist is unique and renowned for a particular design or style.

Join us on a journey through the studio and portfolio of these expert tattoo artists. Each design creates a lasting impression on your skin.

Let’s dive in…

Top 7 Tattoo Artists In Ontario, Canada

Here is our list of the 7 best tattoo artists in Ontario, Canada with their distinctive styles. Scroll down to learn about them…

1. Liz Venom – Chronic Ink Tattoo

Liz Venom – Chronic Ink Tattoo

Liz Venom is one of the highly talented tattoo artists in Ontario. She is renowned for her versatile tattoo designs. She works in a renowned tattoo studio, named Chronic Ink Tattoo. Liz is popular for her creative designs and unique styles. Whether you’re searching for an expert in neo-traditional tattoo designs or vibrant florals; Liz is ever ready to showcase her technical prowess. You can always count on Liz for your intricate wildlife scenes tattoo designs in Ontario, Canada.

2. Kris Ciezlik – Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Kris Ciezlik – Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Are you searching for an expert in traditional motifs? Kris Ciezlik is an expert you can trust for your Japanese tattoo designs. He’s based at Pearl Harbor Gift Shop in Toronto. He skillfully incorporates various Japanese symbols, which include dragons, koi fish, and cherry blossoms into his work. Kris is dedicated to staying true to his authentic style, effortlessly combining classic elements with a contemporary twist. His exceptional skills and knowledge of Japanese tattoos have established him as a highly sought-after tattoo artist in Toronto, Canada.

3. Derek Turcotte – Sovereign Arms Tattoo Co.

Derek Turcotte – Sovereign Arms Tattoo Co

Here’s another tattoo artist in Ontario who operates out of Waterloo. He’s located at Sovereign Arms Tattoo Co. Derek is an expert tattoo artist. He is known for bringing life into portraits with every detail in your tattoo design. He is one of the top-rated tattooists in Ontario and is celebrated for his mastery of custom black and grey realism. So, if you want a tattoo design that evokes emotions through art, check out Derek’s profile’s profile!

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4. Jessie Villemaire – Speakeasy Tattoo

Jessie Villemaire – Speakeasy Tattoo

Next on our list is Jessie Villemaire. She is one of the renowned tattoo artists in Ontario, Canada. Jessie is renowned for her expertise in etching elegant and feminine tattoo designs.
If you want the best tattoo artist in Ontario who specializes in floral and botanical motifs, consider Jessie. She pays attention to details, and her eyes are keen on composition. When you come to the tattoo world in Ontario, you’ll realize that Jessie is a prominent figure. She creates timeless and sophisticated tattoo designs that are eye-catching!

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5. Jordan Binnie – The Grand Illusion Tattoo

If you need an expert tattoo artist in geometric and dot work, Jordan Binnie is your best bet! Jordan Binnie is one of the best tattoo artists in Ontario, Canada. He is based in the heart of Guelph at The Grand Illusion Tattoo. Whenever Jordan is getting a tattoo design etched on the skin, he pays attention to every detail of your tattoo choice. You’ll be mesmerized by his geometric designs and intricate mandala tattoos. You can trust him for any geometric tattoo design of your choice. He’s a committed fellow you can count on in Ontario, Canada.

6. Dave Cummings – New Tribe Tattoos

Another unique tattoo artist in Ontario who is based in Toronto is Dave Cummings. He’s at New Tribe Tattoos and is also known for his proficiency in colour tattoos. In addition, he also does excellent black and grey body artwork. Most clients in Ontario prefer Dave for their tattoo designs because of his expertise and fantastic knowledge of body artwork. He’s skilled and unique in creating mesmerizing tattoo designs. Whether you want vibrant watercolour styles or classic designs, you can trust Dave’s skills.

7. Monika J – Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Last on our list is Monika J. She works at Pearl Harbor Gift Shop in Toronto. You can trust this highly talented artist for your next tattoo design. She’s a professional in drawing ornamental and mandala tattoo designs. Her intricate patterns and designs are stunning. Monika has become one of the prominent figures in Ontario and a sought-after tattoo artist. Her ability to infuse tattoo designs in detail with deeper meanings has made her earn a huge name in the industry. You won’t regret it if you make her your tattoo artist.

How Much Do Tattoos Cost In Ontario?

The cost of a tattoo ranges between $175 and $190 per hour in Ontario, Canada. However, the cost of tattoos in Ontario varies depending on the tattoo artist you visit. A few factors that can influence the cost of tattoos include the size of the tattoo, the placement of the tattoo, and the tattoo design. Also, the reputation and location of the tattoo studio can influence the cost of the overall tattoo design. You can pay more if you meet an expert specializing in a particular tattoo design. Before you go ahead with your decision to get a tattoo, make sure you choose the right artist and you’re ready for it!

Wrapping it up…

This list of seven tattoo artists represents the highest level of excellence among tattoo artists in Ontario. It doesn’t matter which tattoo artist you go with; they have all established themselves as prominent artists in Ontario. Each one of the tattoo artists contributed to the thriving tattoo culture of the province.

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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