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Tattoo Removal Cost in The USA

Laser tattoo removal cost in USA

Tattoo Removal Cost in The USA

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The cost of tattoo removal in the USA varies depending on various factors, such as the size of the tattoo, placement, layering, coloring, etc. Besides, the location of the tattoo removal technician and rapport in the market will also determine the cost of tattoo removal in the USA. More often than not, the tattoo removals prices start at around $100 per session for a small to midsize tattoo. Furthermore, the price increases slightly for larger pieces.

Different tattoo removal technicians use various techniques to estimate your treatment time and cost. For instance, some tattoo removal technicians evaluate your treatment time using a standard method, the “Kirby-Desai Scale.” The “Kirby-Desai Scale” assigns numerical values to your tattoos, with the number corresponding to the number of appointments required. The scale may take into account the following six factors:

  1. Your skin color and type
  2. Placement of your tattoo
  3. The quantity of ink used
  4. The degree of scarring or color change.
  5. The degree of color layering present.
  6. And the colors used in the tattoo.

The higher the number assigned to your tattoo, the more difficult it is thought to be to remove. The “Kirby-Desai Scale” is precise enough to help the technician to predict how many sessions you will require almost exactly. Tattoo removal is generally more expensive than getting a tattoo and can cost thousands of dollars rather than hundreds.

The different methods used to remove a tattoo are as follows:

Laser removal: It approximately costs between $150-$1000, based on your skin type, location, color, amount of ink, scarring or tissue change, and layering.

Surgical Excision: The cost varies between $800-$10,000, depending upon the color, size, placement, layering, and scarring of the tattoo.

Dermabrasion: This method is inexpensive; it costs you somewhere between $100-$350. But this doesn’t work on larger pieces.

Chemical Removal: Chemical removal is again an inexpensive method of tattoo removal. It costs you around $70-$150. However, it is not considered an efficient method as the use of the chemical is not good for the skin.

laser Tattoo removal cost in usa

The number of sessions required varies greatly depending on the type of tattoo: light/dark; Black/color; depth of tattoo – traditional tattoos are very deep, whereas modern styles like realism or watercolor are much shallower, and so on. The larger the tattoo, the more expensive it is to remove it. Depending on the type of laser and the size of your tattoo, it may take 4–12 sessions. Regardless of the size of the tattoo, expect to spend more than $300 each session.

You may, however, get some deals at salons that *might* save you some money. But here is a twist, you cannot ever judge the competence of the technicians, which is the most important part of tattoo removal. Sometimes these technicians are not experts; they are simply inexperienced technicians who can cause you more trouble than helping you get rid of your unappealing tattoo. Hence, it is always advised to go to a specialist. They will have a better understanding of what is required in terms of laser options.

Another option that you have is to discuss with your artist about a tattoo cover-up. A tattoo cover-up is a great idea in which you get a tattoo over the unwanted one. This saves you from the hassle of the tattoo removal procedure, and you end up having the newest tattoo. All you have to do is visit an expert tattoo artist and discuss the tattoo cover-up. The best thing is cover-up tattoos are less costly than tattoo removal.

Many people chose tattoo cover-up over tattoo removal. And the primary reason for that is the cost of tattoo removal in the USA and the pain that comes with tattoo removal.
That’s why it’s vital that before getting a tattoo, you should consider your options for removing it in the future. A tattoo is much more likely to be a lifelong commitment, so choose your design and tattoo artist wisely.

Wrapping it up….

So this is all about the cost of tattoo removal in the USA. It is advised to get your tattoo removed from a specialist only. Going to a random tattoo removal technician can cost you more than you can imagine. Also, there are several downsides to visiting inexperienced tattoo removal technicians. It’s always wise to opt for the best service provider to have the best results!

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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