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Are There Any Advantages To a Temporary Tattoos?

Temporary Tattoo Designs

Are There Any Advantages To a Temporary Tattoos?

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Tattooing is no more an outlandish art. You can easily find people with tattoos in and around your location. In fact, the craze for this peppy artwork has increased worldwide, in the past few decades. Tattoos are both temporary and permanent. But temporary tattoos do not stay on the body after a certain period.

Whereas, permanent tattoos stays forever on the body. More often than not people prefer to go for permanent tattoos. BUT, there are many who still prefer to get a temporary artwork on their body.

People who go for permanent artwork on their body see it as a way to express themselves aesthetically, because tattoos provide a unique decoration to their bodies.

However, everything comes with pluses and minuses, same is with permanent tattoos. Yeah, getting a permanent ink on your body has certain consequences as well, getting a permanent ink is not a problem but still it is not meant for everybody.

Undoubtedly, permanent tattoos look great, and help one to express him/her as an individual. Still, permanent tattoos are not meant for all, and those who seriously want to flaunt their artwork but can’t go for a permanent tattoo can choose to have temporary tattoos. In fact, there are many advantages of having a temporary tattoo.

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Here we go……

Advantages of temporary tattoos

  • The first and foremost advantage of having a temporary tattoo is – it doesn’t involve use of needles, pricking your skin.
  • Another advantage of having a temporary tattoo is – you don’t have to go through the level of pain that one goes through while getting a permanent piece of art on his/her body.
  • Temporary tattoos are a great option for people who do not want to go for something permanent on their bodies. For instance, you want to have a certain artwork on your body for a specific function or event, you can easily get a temporary tattoo that will vanish in few days. Isn’t it a great idea? Like this you will not require to go for permanent artwork also and you would be able to do the needful.
  • Besides, with temporary tattoos, you always have the privilege of changing location and design.
  • You do not have to stick to one tattoo design.
  • You can in fact have changed the design on changed location as and when you want. For instance, you are planning to wear a saree on your sister’s wedding and want to flaunt a beautiful waist tattoo, you can easily have a temporary tattoo etched on your waist for the wedding. What else would you ask for….
  • People with some skin disorders are supposed to avoid getting permanent tattoos. In such a situation they can choose to go for temporary ones whenever they want to.
  • People who are allergic to tattoo inks and needles also have the privilege to go for a temporary artwork on their bodies.
  • Besides, temporary tattoos help you avoid potential health threats that are posed by permanent tattoos. These health threats include; Rashes, Scars, Skin infections caused by bacteria, Infection due to avoidance, Irritated or inflamed skin (dermatitis), Allergic reactions to tattoo ink, serious infections like hepatitis and HIV transmitted through use of non-sterile tattoo needles, Granulomas (small lumps that form around the tattoo), and any other long-term complications, like not being able to have an MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, or complications associated to scan, due to metallic dyes and inks.

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  • Temporary tattoos will not stay on your body for a longer period, and you can remove them as and when you want, which is not the case with permanent artworks.
  • Removing a temporary artwork is no issue, whereas, removing a permanent tattoo involves lot of money.
  • Temporary tattoos are a good option for people who want to first see how their tattoos will appear when they will go for the permanent one. For instance, if you are planning to go for a permanent tattoo and you have finalized both, the design and location but you are not sure how it will look, then a temporary tattoo can be a great help.
  • By having a temporary tattoo before getting the permanent one, you can get an exact idea of how your permanent ink will look finally.

Last but not least, temporary tattoos do not bring disappointments. For instance, you got a permanent tattoo, but it did not come out the way you wanted it to be. Now what will you do, either you will go with it as it is but with a disappointment or you will want to get rid of it.

Believe you me, getting rid of a permanent tattoo is not an easy task. But in the case of temporary tattoos you don’t have to worry, even if it didn’t come out well, you don’t need to worry as it will go away after a period. Therefore, most people choose to opt for temporary artwork.

Risks Associated to Temporary Tattoo

As said earlier, everything comes with pluses and minuses. Even temporary tattoos do have some risks associated to it. However, it is a great alternative to a permanent artwork.

Temporary tattoos are either a decal that is transferred to the skin or it is a henna tattoo. A henna tattoo is nothing but plant-based ink painted or designed onto your skin.

Henna however, is a natural ingredient that creates an orange or brown color. But tattooist may add other ingredients and chemicals to create different colors, such as blue or black in order to give nice temporary tattoos.
These chemicals used in creating temporary tattoo inks can be harmful to your skin that can cause infection or other skin disorders.

Studies show that temporary tattoo tattoos can even have serious and long-lasting side effects, such as loss of pigmentation, raised red weeping lesions, and permanent scarring.

Sometimes temporary tattoo inks contain p-Phenylenediamine, which is also called coal tar or PPD. p-Phenylenediamine is said to cause an allergic reaction in some people. Otherwise also, all temporary inks used commercially by professionals are not guaranteed to be safe for your skin.


Whether you want to go for a permanent tattoo or for the temporary one, the decision should be yours. All you have to see is to get your tattoo at a reputable tattoo studio. Make sure that the tattoo artist uses sterilized needles and has good reviews. Know about the parlor well in advance before you finally step in there. Because once you will get it and if you find it unsatisfactory then removing it will be very difficult. So, it is good to go for a tattooist who is an expert, because for sure you can’t afford to attempt to have a tattoo removed later on.

Therefore, it is essential that you find a tattoo parlor that follows all the norms set by the local health department. Also, see that the tattoo studio has only licensed tattoo artists and is safe and clean as per the standard norms. And if you choose to get a temporary artwork, make sure it is safe and risk-free!

Happy Tattooing…… ☺ ☺

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