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10 Best Tattoo Shops In New York City – NYC

Best Tattoo Shops in NYC

10 Best Tattoo Shops In New York City – NYC

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On a vacation to New York City, there are a number of things that must be seen. Tattoos may be becoming a more prominent aspect of American society, but they’re almost ingrained in the DNA of New Yorkers.

You can find some of the top tattoo artists in the country that are well-equipped to provide you with an unforgettable tattooing experience. Some of the top tattoo artists in the world may be found in New York City. Traditional American tattoos to Oriental Japanese pieces, photo-realism, and minimal lines are just a few of the types accessible.

Unfortunately, deciding where to get a tattoo in this city is a tedious task. Here’s a list of the best tattoo shops in NYC to help you pick the proper place to be tattooed.

List of best tattoo shops in NYC

1. Daredevil Tattoo

Daredevil Tattoo Shop - Best Tattoo Shop in NYC

Daredevil, a shop, and tattoo-history museum, just celebrated its 20th year. In 1997, Brad Fink and Michelle Myles founded this tattoo shop on the Lower East Side. The shop has been very successful since then, and multiple celebrities, including Boy George and Joan Jet, got tattooed here. If you decide to get inked here during the pandemic, keep in mind that appointments can only be booked with a deposit. Talking about the pricing, starting from $100 per hour for standard tattoo designs and $200 for custom tattoos. The location is 141 Division St Ste 2, New York, NY 10002.

2. Bang Bang

Bang Bang is One of The Best Tattoo Shop in NYC

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy has been the go-to tattooer for VIPs—Rihanna, Odell Beckham Jr., and Cara Delevingne. This tattoo studio on the Lower East Side lives up to its reputation as one of the best in the city. They are known for their micro tattoos and cater to a high-end clientele. When you come here, you’ll find a relaxing setting as well as the artistic mood you’re seeking when getting body art on your skin. In terms of pricing, it starts at $500 and requires a 25% deposit and the location is 328 Broome St & 62 Grand Street, New York, NY 10002.

3. East River Tattoo

East River Tattoo Shop

Duke Riley runs one of the most unusual tattoo shops in the city. Founded in 2000 by veteran artist Duke Riley, you’ll find a style mainly influenced by maritime folk art and traditional tattoos from the 19th century. Flash art tattoos are only available on weekends, and appointments are only available Monday through Friday. In terms of pricing, starting from $150, minimum hourly rates are $300 and the location is 1047 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn New York.

4. Grit N Glory

Grit N Glory Tattoo Shop

This is one of the Lower East Side’s many fashionable establishments. As soon as you walk inside this rock & roll boutique, you’ll fall in love with the tattoo designs all over the place. Megan Massacre, who is well known for her debut on NY Ink, where she gained a large following for her personality and creative tattoos, opened this shop. The pricing here is $250–$400 per hour and the location is 186 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002.

5. Kings Avenue Tattoo

Kings Avenue Tattoo Shop in NYC

Mike Rubendall opened his second tattoo shop on Bowery after a major success on Long Island, but expects to see a lot of amazing guest artists in the ten tattoo stations on the second floor. Among their many styles, the Japanese sleeve or bodysuit is one of the most popular. If there are any artists available to work with you, you can try to come in as a walk-in customer, but the best way to be certain of getting a spot is to contact them ahead of time. The pricing here starts at $100.

6. Nice Tattoo Parlor

Nice Tattoo Parlor

Their expertise is simple line body art as well as complex designs, and you can find them in Williamsburg. Their chill-out crew is extremely efficient and capable of producing a wide range of artworks with meticulous attention to detail and elegant results. From Wednesday through Sunday, walk-ins are accepted, however they are not suggested because this shop is regularly busy. It is preferable to arrange an appointment. The prices start at $100 per hour and a minimum deposit is required. The location is 177 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States.

7. First Class Tattoo

First Class Tattoo Shop

It is located in Chinatown and includes over a half-dozen local artists in its class, as well as international guest artists on occasion. First Class focuses on neo-traditional tattoos, fine line realistic tattoos, and black and grey. They will collaborate with you to pick the ideal style and will create something spectacular. They can also do cosmetic tattoos to enhance the appearance of the brows or lips. The price starts at $200 and the location is 52 Canal Street, New York, NY 10002.

8. East Side Ink

East Side Ink Tattoo Shop

This East Village boutique offers a seamless marriage of workmanship and art. This heritage shop is one of the oldest in the local tattoo market, and some of its most prominent customers include Scarlett Johansson and Daniel Lewis. It was founded by Josh Lord, a renowned tattoo artist who worked on the HBO show True Detective. They’re also one of NYC’s finest tattoo parlors for tattoo removal, cover-ups, and microblading. They start from $150 for small pieces and the minimum hourly rates $250-$300. The location is 95 Avenue B New York, NY 10009.

9. Sena Tattoo

Sena Tattoo Shop in NYC

This shop, which is located in Little Italy, is regarded as one of the top New York tattoo studios for traditional Japanese tattoos. Clients can choose from dragons to tigers, koi, wind, and waves for their body art. Basic designs start at three figures, while those wanting for a full-body unique tattoo can expect to pay up to $20,000. The location is 229 Centre St, New York, NY 10013.

10. JonBoy Tattoo

JonBoy Tattoo Shop

JonBoy has been tattooing for over 18 years and is known for his minimalist style. His primary inspiration is the legendary Dr. Woo of Los Angeles, but the way he combines fashion and art is quite unique, and many people credit him with bringing fine line art to the mainstream. Post Malone and Justin Bieber are among the celebrities with whom he has collaborated. You’ll be given a complete aftercare kit when you leave the studio, which includes an A+D ointment, instructions, and his very own jolly rancher. All of this is encased in gold. It’ll be a tattooing experience you’ll never forget. The price is $300

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