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30 Delicious Food Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Food Tattoo Ideas and inages

30 Delicious Food Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

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Food Tattoo Designs are gaining popularity. Tattoos of edible items are considered best for the ones who want to have quirky tattoo designs. It is an amazing way to flaunt your love for a particular food item or to share your passion for food. And trust there is no dearth of edible items, you can get anything from a pizza to a strawberry, noodles to your favorite veggie etched on your body. Here we are sharing with you 30 quirkiest food tattoo designs.

Have a look at the most delicious food tattoo designs……

1. Cheese Burst Pizza Tattoo

Cheese Pizza Tattoo Designs

Get your favorite cheese burst pizza with cheese dripping from all sides etched on your arm in color.

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2. Strawberry Tattoo

Strawberry Tattoo designs

Strawberry looks cute, so does strawberry pizza. Get it etched on your thumb or finger. This cute tiny tattoo will make for an eye-catching food tattoo design.

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3. Chicken Leg Piece Tattoo

Chicken Leg Piece Tattoo

For the ones who are fond of non-vegetarian food. Get a chicken leg piece etched either on your forearm or near your ear.

4. Hen Tattoo

Hen Tattoo

Get a hen etched on your hand in black. Make sure you get only the outline etched.

5. Bowl o’ rice

bowl o' rice tattoo on arm (1) (1)

6. Burger Tattoo

Burger Tattoo Ideas

Let the whole world know your love for that mouth-watering burger of the Company Burger.

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7. Noodles with Fork Tattoo

Noodles with Fork Tattoo

If your love for Chinese food is not hidden from others, then flaunt it openly. Get a fork with noodles etched on your arm.

8. Cup Noodles Tattoo

Cup Noodles Tattoo ideas on thigh

That steaming cup noodles etched on your forearm will make for a head turning tattoo design. Get it etched.

9. Fruits Tattoo

Fruits Tattoo designs on rib

A great tattoo design for the one who wishes to flaunt his/her love for vegan.

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10. Pumpkin Tattoo

Pumpkin Tattoo

You may not like pumpkin much, but you can’t resist yourself from falling for this tattoo design. A cute black pumpkin with grey shades will make for a great tattoo design. Get it in a small size.

11. Halloween Tattoo

Halloween Tattoo

If you want variation in pumpkin, then get it etched in Halloween theme. An outside-the-box tat.

12. Tomato with Knife Tattoo

Tomato with Knife Tattoo

Those cute tomatoes will look perfect when etched on your arm. Get it etched with a knife piercing through it.

13. Lemon Tattoo

Lemon Tattoo

Get a lime tattoo etched on your ankle. You can have some leaves and a half lime piece also etched along with it.

14. Fish Tattoo

Fish Tattoos

For all the sea food lovers, get your favorite fish that you like to eat the most etched on your arm.

15. Prawns Tattoo

Prawns Tattoo Designs

Another wonderful tattoo for sea-food lovers is a prawn tattoo. Get it etched on your ankle or forearm.

16. Green Bell Tattoo

Green Bell Tattoo Designs

Bells look good, get one etched on your arm. Get either red, yellow or a green bell etched. Get it etched in color.

17. Pizza with Sunglasses Tattoo

Pizza with Sunglasses Tattoo

Get a bit creative with your food tattoo design, get a pizza with sunglasses added on your forearm or wherever you want to.

18. Tacos Tattoo

Tacos Tattoo

Tacos not only make for a tasty food item, but also they make a great tattoo design. Get it etched on your arm. If you want you can even add sunglasses or winking eyes to your tacos.

19. Avocado Tattoo

Avocado Tattoo

Get a 3D avocado etched on your arm. It will look as if a real avocado was put on your arm.

20. Pineapple Tattoo

Pineapple Tattoo

Pineapple tattoos look awesome. Get a simple black and white tattoo in small size etched on your neck. It will look gorgeous!

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21. Peach Tattoo

Peach Tattoo

The juicy peach will look great inked on your wrist in a small size.

22. McDonald’s Finger Chips Tattoo

Finger Chips Tattoo

Get a bit more quirky, and get your favorite finger chips etched on your ankle. If you want you can even get a McD burger etched on the other ankle.

23. Hot Dog Tattoos

Hot Dog Tattoo

A hot dog tattoo also makes for a great tattoo design. If you love hot dogs, then get one etched on your hand to mark your love for the food.

24. Popcorn Tub tattoo

Popcorn Tub tattoo

If popcorn is your type of food, then get a tub etched on your body. A great reminder of great times spent with friends and beloved.

25. Ice-Cream Tattoo

Ice-Cream Tattoo

How can we forget the sweet delight? If you have a sweet tooth, then get your favorite cone etched on your arm or fingers.

26. Cake Tattoo

Cake Tattoo

Another food tattoo design for the ones with sweet tooth. Don’t miss to top it with a cherry.

27. Turnip Tattoo

Turnip back Tattoo

Do you love that beautiful looking vegetable, then get it etched in the real colors with green leaves on your back.

28. A Soup Bowl Tattoo

A Soup Bowl Tattoo

Another wonderful food tattoo design. Get your favorite soup along with stems coming out etched on your hand!

29. Donuts Tattoo

Donuts Tattoo

Donuts not only taste yummy, but also make for a perfect tattoo design. Get a donut etched on your rib cage.

30. Tea/Coffee Cup Tattoo

Tea and Coffee Cup Tattoo

The most preferred hot beverages of all time. Get a cup of tea/coffee with steam wafting out etched on your thumb or wrist! Flaunt your love for tea/coffee via cute little food tattoo design.

Summing it up….

So, this is an exclusive list of top 30 food tattoo designs for you. You can get any of these tattoos etched on your body. Placement of the food tattoo totally depends on you. You can get a food tattoo etched either on your arm, forearm, near the ear, nape, neck, leg, thigh, ankle, rib etc. Food tattoos look mesmerizing etched wherever.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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