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Inking Tattoo Needles in 20,000fps Slow Motion on Transparent Skin

Capturing Tattoo Needles Inking to Transparent Skin in Super Slow Motion

Inking Tattoo Needles in 20,000fps Slow Motion on Transparent Skin

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In the following video, the Slo Mo Guys illustrate the process of tattoo needles injecting ink into your skin. Since human skin isn’t transparent, they utilized ballistic gel, a substance designed to mimic how bullets penetrate flesh. The transparent gel also provides a clear view of how the ink disperses.

In super slow-motion videos of tattooing, you’ll often observe the following details:

Needle Movement: Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, known as The Slow Mo Guys, employed a section of ballistic gel, simulating transparent ‘skin,’ to meticulously examine the intricate workings of a tattoo machine through high-speed videography, capturing up to 20,000 frames per second. You’ll see the tattoo needle, which typically consists of multiple tiny needles grouped together, moving up and down as it punctures the skin.

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Ink Flow: You’ll witness the ink being delivered through the needle into the skin. This is typically visible as a tiny droplet or a stream of ink flowing into the skin.

Skin Deformation: As the needle punctures the skin, you’ll notice the skin deforming and reacting to the movement. This might include slight stretching or rippling of the skin.

Ink Dispersion: The ink disperses into the skin, creating a permanent tattoo. The Slow Motion on Transparent Skin, the more detail you can see in how the ink spreads within the skin layers.

Color Mixing: Depending on the tattoo design, you may observe the blending of different ink colors as they combine on the skin.

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Super slow-motion videos are a fascinating way to appreciate the intricate artistry and technique involved in tattooing. The captured imagery of tattoo needles depositing ink onto the skin can be somewhat unsettling, especially for individuals who experience trypanophobia, which is a fear of needles.

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