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Top 50 Triangle Tattoo Designs with Meanings

Triangle Tattoo Ideas

Top 50 Triangle Tattoo Designs with Meanings

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The triangle is a popular tattoo design amongst people who love minimal tattoo designs. Triangle tattoos represent different connotations and symbolic meanings for different people. It makes for a versatile tattoo design.

If you are looking for a meaningful tattoo concept, a triangle tattoo is for you. It can represent a variety of ideas, including the themes of masculinity and femininity. There are myriads of ways you can get a triangle tattoo etched on your body.

In this post, we shall discuss some of the best Triangle tattoo ideas with you, along with the meaning of a triangle tattoo meaning.

Let’s get started…

Triangle Tattoo Meaning

A triangle tattoo is more than a mathematical or geometric shape. When it comes to the meaning of the triangle tattoo, different cultures represent different meanings. Christians see the triangle as a representation of the holy trinity, which consists of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Those who believe in Norse mythology would see the triangle as a connection to the Valknut, an ancient Norse symbol. “Valknut” means “knot of those fallen in battle,” hence the triangle may have symbolic significance for persons of Norse ancestry. Initially used by the Vikings, the Valknut consists of three conjoined triangles.

The ancient Greeks associated the Delta symbol triangle with profound and eternal knowledge. The Delta symbol represents “difference” or “change” in modern mathematics and physics. People who strive for growth may find the Triangle tattoo idea more relevant. For believers, having triangles tattooed on their bodies is a potent expression of their faith and a constant reminder of their religion. For some, a triangle is a bridge between the past and the future.

All in all, triangle tattoo designs make for meaningful tattoos. However, you don’t need to belong to a particular culture or religion to get a triangle tattoo. Regardless of the religion you follow, a triangle tattoo is a pretty SIGNIFICANT tattoo design.

Let’s now take a look at some of the most beautiful Triangle Tattoo Designs. Here we go…

25+ Triangle Tattoo Ideas For You To Consider

Here is our list of 25+ triangle tattoo designs for you to have an idea how a triangle tattoo in different patterns appear…

1. Miniature Triangle Tattoo

If you don’t want to overdo your body artwork, then a miniature triangle tattoo is perfect for you. Small triangles with just outlines are easy to execute and maintain. Also, small tattoo designs are comparatively less painful. You can get a small triangle tattoo design anywhere on your body. However, we suggest getting it etched on your wrist or fingers or under your ear. These are some of the best locations for small tattoo designs.

Miniature Triangle Tattoo ideas

Miniature Triangle Tattoo designs

2. Wave Triangle Tattoo

The inclusion of a wave in a triangle tattoo signifies a deeper, more significant meaning. Waves triangle tattoos represent ferocity, emotion, and strength. If you want to showcase all these emotions via meaningful tattoo design, then get a Wave triangle tattoo. Your forearm is the best place for a wave triangle tattoo.

Wave Triangle Tattoo ideas

Wave Triangle Tattoo design

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3. Triangle Tattoo Forearm

Triangle tattoos represent harmony, connection, spirituality, creativity, sagacity, and development. A triangle tattoo forearm is an excellent choice to showcase all these representations in one tattoo. You can even get a triangle incorporated into your armband tattoo design to make an appealing tattoo design.

Triangle Tattoo Forearm design

Triangle Tattoo Forearm ideas

4. Minimalistic Triangle Tattoo

Minimalist triangle tattoos of small size are extremely popular amongst people. The coolest thing about minimalistic triangle tattoo designs is that they are easy to etch and are less painful. If you prefer your tattoos to be less noticeable, this is a great option for you.

Minimalistic Triangle Tattoo design

Minimalistic Triangle Tattoo ideas

A minimalistic triangle tattoo just requires a few needle pokes. This means that getting it done won’t be too painful. You also have a lot of freedom about placement as it can go pretty much anywhere, from your wrist to your ankle.

In addition, minimalistic tattoo designs are pretty much pocket-friendly. This means you don’t need to break the bank to get a minimalistic triangle tattoo etched on your body.

5. Triangle Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos look attractive. They appear to be on the delicate side due to their size. But the only thing that you have to be careful of when getting finger tattoos is that they are always visible. So, it’s advised to consider all the aspects of your life, including your job, before getting a triangle finger tattoo.

Triangle Finger Tattoo design

Triangle Finger Tattoo ideas

6. Geometric Triangle Tattoo

Triangle is a geometric symbol already. A simple geometric triangle tattoo is a great way to represent the Holy Trinity. Each side of the triangle represents the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. You can even consider adding additional lines or other symbols, such as hexagons, circles, etc., to make an eye-catching geometric triangle tattoo design. The best place for a geometric triangle tattoo design is your forearm or calf.

Geometric Triangle Tattoo design

Geometric Triangle Tattoo ideas

7. Eye in Triangle Tattoo

The eye within the triangle represents God’s power and vigilance. Ancient Egyptians employed the eye as a symbol well before the advent of Christianity. The most prevalent eye symbol in their culture was the falcon-like eye of the sky deity Horus. It was considered to serve as a protective talisman for people. The best placement for a medium-sized eye in a triangle tattoo is your forearm. It looks great etched on the forearm.

Eye in Triangle Tattoo

Eye in Triangle Tattoo

8. Three Triangle Tattoo

Three triangles conjoined together look stunning. This tattoo makes for a one-of-a-kind tattoo design. The symbol of three overlapping triangles originated in the Middle Ages. It represents rebirth, order, continuity, and willpower. You can get a three-triangle tattoo in bold lines etched on your arm.

Three Triangle Tattoo ideas

Three Triangle Tattoo back

9. Triangle Infinity Tattoo

If you are looking for an outside-the-box tattoo design, then a triangle infinity tattoo design is for you. A triangle infinity tattoo represents the connection between earth, heaven, and hell. You can get it etched on your forearm for a mesmerizing placement.

Triangle Infinity Tattoo ideas

Triangle Infinity Tattoo design

10. Triangle Tattoo on Chest

Tattoos on the chest come with a lot of pain. If you are ready to endure pain, then a triangle tattoo on your chest is the best option for you. You can even add some other motifs, such as mountains, eyes, or other elements, to make your chest triangle tattoo eye-catching.

Triangle Tattoo on Chest ideas

Triangle Tattoo on Chest design

12. Triangle Tattoo on Neck

The neck is a perfect place for small triangle tattoo designs. Moreover, it is easy to keep neck tattoos hidden as and when you want. You can add other elements to your triangle tattoo on your neck to make it look awesome.

Triangle Tattoo on Neck ideas

Triangle Tattoo on Neck design

13. Tiny Triangle Tattoo

If you want a simple and elegant tattoo design, then a tiny triangle tattoo is perfect for you. Tiny triangles are a great way to represent spirituality and connection. You can get a tiny triangle tattoo etched on your nape, neck, finger, and so on.

Tiny Triangle Tattoo ideas

Tiny Triangle Tattoo on hand

14. Valknut Triangle Tattoo

The Valknut triangle tattoo also called the trinity symbol, is formed by three triangles that are interlocking with one another. The Valknut triangle is a Norwegian symbol that represents religious connotations, referencing the holy triad of God, the son, and the holy spirit. If you believe in Norse mythology or are interested in the meaning that it represents, then a Valknut triangle tattoo is for you.

Valknut Triangle Tattoo ideas

Valknut Triangle Tattoo design

15. Medium-sized Line Triangle Tattoo

If you like line tattoos, then get a medium-sized line triangle tattoo. Make sure you choose the right place for this tattoo design, as medium-sized tattoos look great on the shoulders, back, and tummy. A medium-sized triangle tattoo is perfect if you want to show your belongingness to a particular culture or you want something meaningful.

Medium-sized Line Triangle Tattoo on hand

Medium-sized Line Triangle Tattoo design

16. Scenic Triangle Tattoo

Triangle Tattoo with a Scenery and Landscape design makes for picturesque tattoo designs. If you have a particular scene in mind, then consider incorporating it into your triangle design. You can get anything, from a mountain to a beach, etched inside your triangle tattoo design. Get a scenic triangle tattoo on your chest or back in a large size.

Scenic Triangle Tattoo design

Scenic Triangle Tattoo on chest

17. 3D Triangle Tattoo

3D tattoos look realistic. If you want your tattoo to look realistic on your body, then opt for a 3D triangle tattoo design. These pop-out tattoos look stunning if done correctly. Be sure to contact a professional who has previous experience designing 3D tattoos to etch your 3D tattoo so that it looks its best. You can get your 3D etched on your forearm in medium or small sizes.

3D Triangle Tattoo on foot

3D Triangle Tattoo ideas

18. Celtic Triangle Tattoo

The Celtic triangle tattoo looks gorgeous. Celts associated three points of a triangle with the natural elements, including earth, air, and water. Also, a Celtic triangle tattoo represents life, death, and rebirth on a spiritual level all at the same time. If you are looking for a unique triangle tattoo design, then get a Celtic triangle etched on your forearm.

Celtic Triangle Tattoo ideas

Celtic Triangle Tattoo design

19. Triangle Tree Tattoo

The triangle tree tattoo carries significant symbolic significance. This tattoo is a tree sprouting from a triangle-shaped vase. The tree within the triangle represents the “tree of life.” The triangle tree tattoo represents eternity, immortality, knowledge, wisdom, protection, fortitude, and growth. Get a triangle tree tattoo etched on your shoulder.

Triangle Tree back Tattoo

Triangle Tree Tattoo ideas

20. Colourful Triangle Tattoo

Undoubtedly, triangles look beautiful in black ink. However, if you are looking for a colourful tattoo design, then a triangle in rainbow colours looks awesome. If you love rainbows, then get a triangle in rainbow colours etched on your back.

Colourful Triangle Tattoo design

Colourful Triangle Tattoo ideas

21. Black Triangle Tattoo

The solid black triangle tattoo looks mesmerizing. Moreover, it is a great way to showcase equilibrium. Also, a black triangle tattoo represents creativity and simplicity. You can get a tiny black triangle tattoo etched on your nape for a stunning placement.

Black Triangle Tattoo design

Black Triangle tattoo ideas

22. Space Triangle Tattoo

Why go with regular elements when you have myriads of options to make your triangle tattoo look unique? Yes, go for a space triangle tattoo. Adding some stars, planets, or perhaps the entire solar system to your triangle tattoo can make it look out of the world. The placement of the space triangle tattoo will depend on its size. If you’re planning to get a small space triangle tattoo, then your forearm is apt for it. However, for a large-size space triangle tattoo, your back is a perfect place.

Space Triangle Tattoo ideas

Space Triangle Tattoo design

23. Mountain Triangle Tattoo

If you have a special affinity for mountains, then a mountain triangle tattoo is for you. You can get a triangle in a mountain shape along with shades. To enhance your design consider adding some vegetation, rougher edges, and even snow to it. You can get it etched with a mountain triangle tattoo on your shoulders in medium or small sizes.

Mountain Triangle Tattoo ideas

Mountain Triangle Tattoo

24. Animal Triangle Tattoo

Triangles make stunning frames for a wide variety of pictures, including animals. You can have an animal of your choice etched inside your triangle tattoo design. For instance, if you have a dog or if you own a dog, you can have your dog’s image etched inside the triangle tattoo. It is a great way to show your love for your pet. It will create the impression of a portrait tattoo while also adding visual depth to the artwork.

Animal Triangle Tattoo design

Animal Triangle Tattoo ideas

25. Overlapping Triangle Tattoo

Overlapping triangle tattoos look uncomplicated. If you are looking for something that will keep the viewer’s attention for a little bit longer, then this is the design for you. You can get it etched on your forearm.

26. Floral Triangle Tattoo

If you love nature and natural elements, such as flowers, petals, etc., then a floral triangle tattoo is for you. You may easily incorporate your favourite flowers into your triangle tattoo design to make it more appealing. Flowers and plants look wonderful etched inside the triangle tattoo design. You can get this tattoo inked on your chest.

Floral Triangle Tattoo on T-high

Floral Triangle Tattoo ideas

27. Eye of the Providence Triangle Tattoo

The Eye of Providence, also known as the Eye of God. It is a great way to show your faith and belief that God is always watching you. It is surrounded by rays of holy light that symbolize divine providence. This tattoo design is extremely religious, making it an excellent choice for those who wish to demonstrate their faith in God. Your back is a perfect place for an Eye of the Providence Triangle Tattoo.

Eye of the Providence Triangle Tattoo ideas

Eye of the Providence Triangle Tattoo design

28. Triquetra Triangle Tattoo

Triquetra Triangle Tattoos look gorgeous. A Triquetra triangle tattoo features three arcs that are connected to one another, making a flower-like pattern. The Triquetra is a very popular tattoo design due to its rich symbolic meaning. This is one of the most religious symbols, representing the connection between the past, the present, and the future. Aside from that, it also symbolizes the connections between the mind, the body, and the soul. Additionally, it is frequently associated with the culture and customs of the Celtic people. You can get a small-sized Triquetra triangle tattoo etched on your wrist or nape.

Triquetra Triangle Tattoo ideas

Triquetra Triangle Tattoo design

The Bottom Line

So, here we conclude our list of 25+ triangle tattoo ideas. Hopefully, the triangle tattoos outlined above will help you make an informed choice. Using the above as inspiration, you can come up with your own unique triangle tattoo design. For that, all you need is a little bit of creativity and imagination on how you want your tattoo to turn out.


1. Which is the best place for a triangle tattoo design?

When it comes to the placement of a triangle tattoo design, you must first consider the size of the tattoo design. The size of the tattoo will play a crucial role while determining the placement of your triangle tattoo. Small triangle tattoos appear great when inked on the wrist, fingers, ankle, thumb, ear, nape, etc. The shoulder, calf, thigh, arm, and forearm are ideal placements for a medium-sized triangle tattoo. Lastly, for large triangle tattoos, you should consider having them on your back, chest, tummy, etc.

2. What does a triangle tattoo represent?

A triangle tattoo represents several things, including spirituality, continuity, connection, harmony, and so on. Aside from that, the three sides of the triangle also represent love, wisdom, and faith; the past, the present, and the future; the mind, the body, and the spirit.

3. How much does a triangle tattoo cost?

The cost of a tattoo varies based on the size, intricacy, and reputation of the tattooist. A small-size triangle tattoo costs somewhere around $50 to $80. Whereas a medium-sized triangle tattoo costs somewhere around $100 to $150.

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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