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Tattoo Comfort: least painful tattoo spots To Get A Tattoo

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Tattoo Comfort: least painful tattoo spots To Get A Tattoo

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So, you are planning to get a tattoo. But the only thought of a needle piercing deep into your skin stops you getting your favorite artwork on your body. Well, that’s absolutely fine as there is no doubt that tattoos come with pain. Sometimes it becomes really unbearable to go through that pain, especially if the location where you are getting your tattoo etched has more bones. Yes, tattoos on bony parts of the body are more painful than those done on the areas where you have a nice amount of flesh.

And the good news is – our body has some parts where it is less painful to get a tattoo. So, if you are really keen to get a tattoo and just couldn’t make your decision because of the pain that comes with it. Then it is time to reconsider your decision. Yes, let’s see which all the parts you can get your tattoo placed on which are less painful too….

Here are the 14 least painful places to get a tattoo:

Here we go……

1. Your Thighs

Thighs tattoo 2020

Yes, your thighs are the best and least painful place to get your tattoo on. And you know why….. Because thighs have most amount of flesh, thereby making the area less painful to get a tattoo. Moreover, the best part of thigh tattoo is – they make for extremely sensual tattoos on the body. Besides, you can always keep it hidden and flaunt as and when you want to. Yes, they sexy when you wear short dresses, or when you are on the beachside. People will love to see your sexy tattoo. Try it!

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2. Your Shoulder – The Outer Side

Shoulder Tattoo Area

Another best part of your body to get a tattoo without much pain is the outer part of your shoulders. There also you have more flesh that makes the area more comfortable for a tattoo. And the best part of this area is – you can have any size tattoo here, from small to medium to large sized tattoos. You can even go for a half arm tattoo. This kind of tattoos are for those who want to flaunt it all the time. Especially for the rock stars and singers. As they love flaunting their body artwork.

3. Your Inner wrist

Inner wrist tattoo image

Since your inner wrist can have only small sized tattoo designs, so it automatically becomes bearable for anybody. Yes, there you can have only tiny or miniature tattoos, like a small heart, an arrow, name initials, a butterfly, star outline, etc. All these really make for cute little tattoo designs which look wonderful on the wrist area. However, all these designs are more feminine, but even men can have a tattoo etched on wrist if they want to go for small tattoo designs. The best part is both the area and tiny tattoo designs are less painful. So, if you are looking for a cute tattoo, then get it on your wrist. It will make for an eye-catching tattoo design.

4. Your Hip region

Hot Hip Tattoo Ideas

Of course, people get tattoos on their hip region as well. So, if you are also looking for an out of the box and tattoo design, then hip region is a great place to get your tattoo on. Professional tattooists can really make wonderful and eye-catching tattoo designs there. Tattoo region is the best place to get a tattoo without pain, and the reason for that is the amount of flesh that area has. But tattoos on hips are only visible in certain situations or conditions as hips are kept covered most of the time. So, if you think that you want to have a tattoo that should be kept hidden, then this the best place to get your tattoo etched on.

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5. Your Calf

Calf Tattoo Designs 2020

We all that calf tattoos look amazing stunning and beautiful. But you might not know that calm tattoos make for really less painful tattoos and the reason behind that is simple – this place has a nice amount of flesh that makes it less painful to get a tattoo on. Calf is another location of your body where you can have small sized or medium sized tattoos, depending upon your liking and taste. Calf tattoos look beautiful and mesmerizing, you can get any symbol, a lizard, an angel, anything on your calf. You will never regret a calf tattoo for sure!

6. Your Rib Area

Rib Area Tattoo

Rib area is however, a painful region because of the bones that are close to the surface. But it can be less painful for those with little fat around. Yeah, fat on the rib region works as padding for you and that’s what makes it less painful. So, if you think you can tolerate the pain there or if you have a nice amount of fat gathered over there, then don’t think too much and get a tattoo there.

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7. Your Tummy

Least painful places to get a tattoo

Yes, your tummy also makes for a perfect location for a wonderful and sexy tattoo design. And the best part of this region is – it is less painful and you have a lot of space to get any size of tattoo from small to large. Moreover, tummy tattoos look sexy and can be kept hidden, and can be revealed as and when you want to. Yes, get a perfect tattoo on your tummy and reveal it at your beach holiday with your boyfriend. For women the perfect place for a tummy tattoo is their belly button or near the belly button. Tattoo at belly button look amazingly stunning. You can give it a try! And yeah, they are less painful too!

8. Your Boobs

Boobs tattoo

Your boobs are the perfect location for a sexy tattoo! Boob area is less painful and the reason you know why…. Well, if you want to have some stunning tattoo design, then you can go for a tattoo on your boobs. And the best part of the tattoo on boobs is – you can keep your tattoo hidden and whenever you want to flaunt you can. Believe you me, your tattoo will be breathtaking once your will reveal it with your low cut top.

9. Your Chest

Best Chest Tattoo girl

Men can however, prefer to get a tattoo on their chest area. The best part of this region is – this part is less painful and make for a great tattoo as well. You can get a bigger tattoo or a smaller tattoo on your chest depending on the design of your tattoo. Your chest tattoo will look stunning for sure!

10. Your Palm Region

Palm tatoo image 20

The inside area of your palm has more flesh than the outside part. So, if you are keen to get an outside the box tattoo, then your palm is the best area to have a tattoo there. Your tattoo will look amazing, no matter what. You can get a small sized tattoo there, especially an arrow or a small heart. It will look gorgeous!

11. Your Neck

Girl Neck tat

Neck is again a less painful part of your body. However, you can get any size tattoo on your neck but small sized tattoos look more beautiful on the neck. Neck Tattoos look sensual, sexy, cute and stunning. Believe it or not, everybody will admire your tattoo on your neck. You can get your neck tattoo either on your nape (it is going to be a little painful), near the ear. You get your tattoo wherever you want, but have your design ready before you step into the tattoo studio.

12. Your Forearm

Best Forearm tattoos

Your forearm is another area which is less painful for getting a tattoo, especially the inner side of it. However, you can get any size tattoo there. Tattoo on forearm are easily visible and look great. So, if you want to have a tattoo that is visible more often, then your forearm is the best place for your tattoo.

13. Your Ankle

Ankle tattoo des

Last but not least, your ankle also makes for a wonderful place to get an amazing tattoo. However, a tattoo on ankle region can be a tad bit painful but once they are done they look amazing. Moreover, ankle region provides for a little space for a tattoo, so you can only go for tiny or miniature tattoos on your ankle. This automatically eliminates the chances of huge pain. Try a tattoo on your ankle. It will look great!

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Besides the place, tattoo design also matters when it comes to eliminate the pain that comes with tattooing. If your artwork is bigger in size, it will cause you more pain and will be time taking as well. While, tiny tattoos or miniature tattoos make for less pain. If you are amongst those who are very delicate then choose both the design and placement wisely!

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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