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25 Perfect Miniature Unique & Cute Small Tattoo

Miniature Tattoo Designs & Ideas

25 Perfect Miniature Unique & Cute Small Tattoo

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Miniature tattoos have always been in trend. The best thing about miniature tattoos is they are the perfect alternatives for the ones who love simple tattoos, or for the ones who do not want to overdo their tattoo, or for the ones who want to have tattoos but do not want to flaunt it. Though, there are many advantages of getting miniature tattoos and the biggest advantage is, they don’t cost you much for that matter!! Besides, hiding tiny tattoo is very easy, if you don’t love to flaunt your tattoos then definitely miniature tattoo is the one you can go for. Also, they come with less pain and take less effort, and yes, removing them is relatively easy.

Moreover, later if you want, you can even get your miniature tattoo seamlessly convert into a whole new image or design. Most common miniature tattoo designs include abstract lines, symbols, flowers, miniature quotes, names, initials, heart, numbers, stars, flowers, leaves, rainbows, butterfly, bumblebee, and many more. Miniature tattoo designs are best suitable for those who do not want to go for a permanent ink on their bodies, still want to try their hands.

With miniature tattoos one has a benefit of keeping it visible or hidden. By getting them on visible areas of the body like arms, wrists, neck, nape, leg, ankle, shoulder and even the chest portion. And for hidden tattoos you can get them on your underarm areas, back, spine, thighs, or you can even hide them by applying a bit of concealer on them.

Wherever you want to get your miniature tattoo, it is possible for that matter and extending them is equally easy. Miniature tattoos look elegant and gorgeous in their own way.

If you are also looking for some miniature tattoo design for yourself. Here is a list of some cute, elegant and gorgeous miniature tattoo designs for you to choose from.

Here we go……..

1. A miniature heart tattoo on pinky finger

Miniature Heart Tattoo

Yes, on pinky finger!! A little heart tattoo will look awesome on your pinky finger, also it will be unique to have it there, especially in the front. Your heart tattoo will be almost invisible to the world because its placement is such. You may find heart tattoo design very common, but they look beautiful placed anywhere on the body. There is something special about them, they never go out of fashion. Mostly girls go for this tattoo design. And they seriously make for a perfect miniature tattoo design.

2. A miniature star tattoo on your ankle

Miniature star tattoo

Have you ever thought of having a tattoo on your ankle, if not… Then think now. They seriously make for a perfect tattoos. Though, you can get a star tattoo anywhere on your body but ankle will be the best place for this miniature tattoo, trust me. This tattoo design looks simple, yet beautiful. If you want to have a miniature tattoo, that too which is not visible to anyone, then go for this one. This is a great design.

3. “I AM” miniature tattoo on your wrist

" I Am " Tattoo

This tattoo design is really very beautiful, you must have seen this one on Actor Shushmita Sen’s wrist as well. Phrase I AM is Hebrew phrase which means, “I am everything #positive #happy #healthy #inspired #driven #unique #blessed #alive and everything where I need to be.” This tattoo reflects positivity and positive attitude of a person towards life. If you also want to flaunt your positive attitude to the world then this one is for you!

4. Miniature stars on your ring finger

Miniature Star Tattoo

I am sure you must be thinking of your engagement ring, well you can get your tattoo in right hand… It’s very easy… ☺ ☺. Get these cute miniature three stars on your ring finger. These stars will be in series from smallest to biggest. They will vary in size and will be in a line. They really look cute and wonderful on ring finger. Also, the part is this tattoo can not be seen so easily. Only when you want to flaunt, you can!!

5. Initials of your name or your loved one’s on your thumb

Initial Tattoo

Initials make for a common tattoo design though, but trust they look really very, very cute. They make for a perfect tattoo designs. Whatever your name is, or your loved one’s name, just pick up the first letter on your or your partner’s name and get it inked on your thumb. And yeah, it is absolutely up to you whether you want initials in lower case or upper case. Besides thumb, you can also get it near the ear, or your wrist.

6. Your name tattoo in different language on your hand

Name Tattoo

You may be thinking what’s so special in it, but trust this one looks so beautiful in italics…. You can get your name etched on your hand in different language. This one makes for an eye catching tattoo as nobody will understand what’s written. And everybody will be curious to know the meaning of the word in a different language.

7. Lines encircling your index finger

Four lines encircling your index finger

This tattoo design is very simple, but make for a unique tattoo. This will appear as if you are wearing a permanent ring. Tattoo looks very cute and unique. You never know who you will inspire by getting this one. The only matter of concern in getting this one is, finger is a bit sensitive place so you may find it a bit painful. But all in all it’s a wonderful miniature tattoo design. Also, it is not so easily noticeable.

8. A miniature anklet tattoo on your ankle

Miniature anklet tattoo on ankle

As the says it all, just get three fine lines encircling your ankle, the tattoo will look like you are wearing and anklet or a black thread. Yeah, you must have seen some girls wearing anklet or black thread on ankles, this tattoo looks like that only. After having this one you will never want to wear anything else on your ankle. Because this one will be enough…..!!

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9. A miniature music symbol tattoo on your finger

Music Symbol tattoo

This one is specifically for the music lovers, yes who are passionate about music. The ones who even breathe music, this miniature tattoo is a perfect design for them to flaunt their love for the music. You must have seen many rock stars flaunting their body with huge artwork. But, this design is for the people sensitive about music, who know how to express their love for music without showing it off on large scale to the world. A miniature symbol of music note on your finger, or on the knuckle will look super cool and stylish.

10. A quote or phrase on inside of your middle finger

Small Love Tattoo on Finger

Though there are many quotes, but you choose the one which you think represent you the best. You can get a quote on your finger done in italics or in running font. It will look beautiful there. Also, you can choose quote in any language, the only thing you need to take care is to know the meaning of the quote particularly. Because when people see your tattoo, they will definitely ask for its meaning. So, it is crucial that you know its meaning.

11. A miniature butterfly sitting on your neck

Miniature Butterfly tattoo

I am sure you have imagined this one…. ☺ ☺. Butterfly really makes for a perfect tattoo designs. You may get them in color or in black only. However it is, it just look beautiful. Though, you can get your butterfly tattoo anywhere on your body, but trust this miniature butterfly will be a hit! And the best part is on the neck you always have privilege, whenever you want you can flaunt, whenever you wish you can hide it with your hair.

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12. Miniature heart stretched with a line tattoo on your hand

Miniature Heart Tattoo on Arm

This one is a delicate tattoo design…. I hope you got it, meant for delicate people… Ha Ha Ha, just kidding. Anybody can have it. Yup, I am telling you, it’s for anyone who wants to have a little more than a heart. This miniature tattoo will have a heart with a line stretching from the endpoint of heart and at a little distance the line will break and will have a small gap. This design looks really cool.

13. “FREEDOM” with miniature birds flying on your wrist or hand

Bird Flying tattoo

This tattoo is for people who love their freedom like anything. Who simple love to be free from any bond, attachment, negativity, etc. Who are absolutely themselves, who love to live life to the fullest even when life doesn’t present them with beautiful things. Freedom is for free people. If you think you are also amongst them, then go for this one on your wrist or hand. Have word freedom etched in running font with some birds flying from there.

14. A phrase or quote on your back with miniature birds on your hand

Miniature Quote tattoo Designs on hand

Phrase or quotes make for a perfect tattoo designs. If you have any quote in your mind which you want to get inked on your body, then that’s a perfect idea. Many people go for a quote, if you want, you can also go for some quote or maybe some random phrase. Quotes really look great even when you get old. If you are ready, get a quote inked on your hand. Quote will be in running font and birds with it. Besides, you can even get these phrases or quotes on the inside of the wrist, forearm, chest and neck. They look cool!!

15. feather tattoo on your shoulder back

miniature feather tattoo on your shoulder back

If you love feathers, then trust they make for a wonderful tattoo design as well. Like birds, feathers too represent freedom that is incomparable. Feathers, however, look meaningful and enigmatic. If you wish you can make it look artistic or realistic, the tattoo looks great. This tattoo will look great on your shoulders back. There is looks perfect and will be visible only when you would want to. Besides, you can have it on your wrist, leg, or near the ear.

16. A miniature direction tattoo on your neck near the ear

Miniature Direction Tattoo on Nape

This is going to be an out of the box tattoo, if you are amongst those who have their own ways to live and lead their lives. If you also want to show off your ‘out of the way’ attitude to the world, then this is a design for you. You can get all the four directions defined by arrows inked on your neck just near your ear. The design will look mesmerizing, make sure it is small in size.

17. Miniature angel tattoo on your shoulder blade

Miniature angel tattoo on shoulder blade

An angel on your shoulder blade will look beautiful and stunning. It will be an eye-catching tattoo design, especially when you will wear off shoulder or sleeveless outfit. You may find this design very common but trust, angels are girls’ most favorite tattoo designs. They never lose their charm, come what may. If you also love angels and want one for yourself too, then get the one on your shoulder blade or neck, it will look mesmerizing.

18. A miniature arrow tattoo on your inside finger

Miniature Arrow tattoo

Arrow not only makes for cute tattoo designs, but also bold designs. It has never been important to be an archer to get an Arrow tattoo. You can get arrow otherwise also. Like star tattoos, arrow tattoos are also common. If you want to make it look archaic then you can add a bit of carvings and other details to it, but they look cool even without any addition to them. The best place for this tattoo is inside of your finger, otherwise your neck, wrist and shoulder will also do fine.

19. A miniature roman number tattoo on inside of your wrist

miniature roman number tattoo on inside of your wrist

If you have some lucky number, which you want to get inked on your body.. go for it. Roman number look really cool when tattooed on the inside of your wrist. They really make cute miniature tattoo designs. Roman numbers stand for grace, elegance and boldness. Getting a roman number tattoo on your wrist will leave people awestruck. If you are not getting which number, think about it… You may surely get some idea about the number!!

20. A miniature rose tattoo on your side ankle

Miniature Rose Tattoo

Just imagine a miniature rose on your ankle. I am telling you will have only one word to describe this one and that is “PERFECT”. Yes, this tattoo not only looks beautiful, but also make for a perfect miniature tattoo design. Especially when you will wear shoes without socks, your style will look simply amazing. You may even inspire others for following your style statement!

21. Three miniature dots behind your ear

Miniature Dots Tattoo

Another out of the box miniature tattoo design is this. Having only three dots behind your ear will look mesmerizing and will make for an eye catching tattoo. Dots already looks good, and three dots near the ear will not be easily visible. Your tattoo will only come into notice when you will want to flaunt it, otherwise it will be hidden all the time.

22. A miniature heartbeat symbol tattoo on your wrist

miniature heartbeat symbol tattoo on wrist

A miniature heartbeat symbol tattoo looks really cool, especially when done on your wrist. Heartbeat tattoos look simple and beautiful. A heartbeat symbol represents life, and how beautiful it is to have it. A heartbeat symbol is for the ones who really admire this life and value each second of it. This is amongst some of the out of the box tattoo designs.

23. A miniature diamond symbol tattoo behind your ear

Diamond Tattoo

Diamonds also make for a perfect tattoo design. Get it done behind your ear, it is the perfect place for your diamond symbol. If you want you can even have two diamond symbol together behind your ear. The tattoo will only be visible whenever you would want it to. Otherwise it will stay hidden behind your hairs. You will love this one, go for it…. ☺ ☺

24. A miniature leaf tattoo behind your ear

Miniature Leaf Tattoo

Believe it or not, but tattoos behind your ear really look sexy…. If you are also looking for something sexy then this one’s for you. A miniature leaf with shades will make for a perfect tattoo design. And yeah, this one is good for nature lovers to show off their love for it. If you think you love nature, then don’t think much, go for it!!

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25. A miniature bumblebee on your back near your shoulder

Bee tattoo

I am sure you know how cute bumble bees look, if you also love them then get a miniature tattoo on your shoulder. A bumblebee tattoo on your shoulder or maybe on your wrist in black ink will look stunning. Bumblebee make for a seriously miniature tattoo design and look very beautiful. Perfect for those who do not want to flaunt big art works on their body.

Wrapping up……

Thanks for reading this post!!

Besides these miniature tattoo designs, you can go for designs from nature, or a symbol or a phrase or any design of your choice. And the best part of getting inked is – they look seriously good and there is no rule or guideline to have a tattoo.

All you have to take care is to get your tattoo at a nice tattoo parlor. Make sure that the tattoo artist uses sterilized needles and has good reviews. Know about the parlor well in advance before you finally step in there. Because once you will get it and if you will find it dissatisfactory then removing it will be very difficult. So, it is good to go for a tattooist who is expert especially when you go for a miniature tattoo.

Also, it is essential that you decide your miniature tattoo design and its placement before you step in to your tattoo parlor. Miniature tattoos look good, charming, and cute. All they need is a creative mind and desire to get something unique.

Enjoy Tattooing!! ☺ ☺

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