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55 Amazing Tiny White/Black Tattoo Designs

Best Tiny Tattoo Designs ever

55 Amazing Tiny White/Black Tattoo Designs

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More often than not, tattoos are associated with huge patterns and large images like complex art on body, dragons on arms, and mythical creatures. However, not everybody likes those big patterns, some are fond of little cute designs. Tiny white tattoos have now become extremely popular especially with the younger generation, they usually get their visible body parts inked with tiny tattoo designs! One can get a tiny tattoo from nature to elements, your name’s initials to the initial of your loved ones, there are plenty of tiny tattoo designs for you to choose.

This article is specifically for those who are looking for some really cute designs for themselves to get inked this season. All these designs you can get either in white ink or maybe in black too, the color of the ink is up to you absolutely.

Tiny Black rose tattoo designs on arm

Why Tiny Tattoos:

Tiny tattoos look really cute and are perfect alternatives for people who love simple tattoos, or the ones who love the idea of getting inked but do not want to overdo it. However, there are so many advantages of having tiny tattoos and the biggest advantage is, they are really inexpensive (I won’t use cheap as cheap is a cheap word). Besides, less effort, and less pain, and the removal process is also easy. Also, you can get your small tattoo seamlessly convert into a whole new image or design, just in case if you want to do something extra to your tattoo. Common tiny tattoo designs include initials, heart, stars, flowers, leaves, rainbows, butterfly, names, and sometimes religious symbols.

tiny white bird tattoo designs on back

Moreover, Small tattoo designs are best suitable for those who do not want to go for a permanent ink on their bodies, still want to try their hands.

With tiny tattoos one has a benefit of keeping it visible or hidden. By getting them on visible areas of the body like arms, wrists, neck, nape, back and even the chest portion. And for hidden tattoos one can get them on underarm areas, or you can hide them by applying a bit of concealer on it.

Also, a small tattoo can be turned to a large design if at all tomorrow you would want it to be large. As, it can be expanded to a great extent.

Tiny tattoos look elegant and gorgeous in their own way. Here are some best tiny tattoo designs for all of you…..

65+ Best Tiny Tattoo Designs for Men And Women

Here we go…….

1. Tiny Cross Tattoo on Your Wrist

tiny cross tattoo Designs

A tiny cross tattoo is for one of those typical tattoo lovers who feel that having a cross inked on skin can provide them an excellent protection. For some it is just a proof of their devotion to Christ. Some get it done because they think it looks elegant, different people different theories however. Yet the piece looks really majestic on wrist. Best suited tattoo design for the people with religious mindset. Both men and bowmen can get it in black or white ink. Suitable for almost all skin tones.

2. Tiny Music Symbol Tattoo on Your Hand/Wrist

Tiny tattoo ideas on wrist

Here’s for all the music lovers out there, a perfect design to go for and flaunt their love for music. Mostly you will see rock stars flaunting their body with huge artwork, but this design is for the people sensitive about music, who know how to express their love for music without showing it off on large scale to the world. A small symbol of music note on the inside of your wrist will look stylish as if dedicated only and only to music. This cutie is best for both men and women who are diehard fan of music, who even breathe music. You can get it in any color black or white on your inner wrist. Suitable for any skin tone, yet lighter is better.

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3. Tiny Star Tattoo on Her Nape/Neck

tiny star tattoo ideas on nape/neck

If it is about tiny tattoo designs then definitely star is in the list. One of the most common designs yet looks wonderful. Star tattoo has charm of its own and if a girl with a beautiful neck wears it one her nape or side neck, nothing can beat it. Some people go for three stars as in Orion’s belt and some like only one that too with black ink, white star also looks fantabulous. The best part about star tattoo is, they look best anywhere be it your shoulder blade or your wrist or ankle or your back. Just an outline star with white or black, though looks gorgeous on girls, but if boys too want it they can get it. Variants are there looks good in white and black, but if you wish you can fill your star tattoo with colors. Suitable for all skin tones.

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4. Tiny Date Tattoo on his Fingers

Tiny finger tattoo designs

There are people who want to engrave specific or important dates on their body. Well, for such people the best area to get it engraved is on fingers as they can witness the same on daily basis. I know a friend who got his first meeting with her girl date on his finger, just a token of love for the girl. And believe you me it looks wonderful even today. The date inside of your finger either in black or white ink will look mesmerizing. Anybody be a girl or boy can get it engraved, in black or white. Suitable for all skin tones.

5. Tiny Heart Tattoo on her Side of Wrist

Tiny Heart Tattoo on her Side of Wrist

Heart tattoos are very common though, yet they have charm of their own. Never go out of fashion for that matter. More often than not, you will see girls opting for heart tattoo. Some even feel it a girl thing. It’s not exactly like that though. Best for those who want a tattoo but not anything in large, this one is perfect for them. This tiny wrist tattoo looks delicate and cute, one can even get it on her neck, shoulders and even on the leg. The heart can simply be drawn by black ink or with white ink, if you think you love colors then even a colorful heart will do fine. After all it is a symbol for love. Mostly, looks good on girls, boys can also get it, if they want. Suitable for all skin tones.

6. Tiny Quote Tattoo on Her Leg in Italics

Tiny Quote Tattoo on Her Leg in Italics

This one is a quote done horizontally on your feet. These tattoo look really artistic and simply good to represent your emotion. If done in italics the more beautiful it looks. You can get it done simply in italics or you can add some more elements or design to it to make it look funky. Can be done in white or black ink, eye-catching tattoo for women who love to have quotes engraved on their body. Your feet is perfect spot for it. Suitable for all skin tones.

7. Tiny Direction Tattoo on His Hand

Direction tattoo designs on hand

If you want to go out of the way then this is the design for you. Get all four directions defined by arrows inked on your hand. A weather symbol inked on hand will look amazingly unique and beautiful. Will show everyone how you are different from others. Keep it small it will take only half to 2 square inches of your area and your design will look fantastic with any types of outfits. Either get it in white or black, just that black will be a little more prominent. Anyone who wants to have something unique and different in their hands can easily go for the design be a girl or boy. Any spot will do, hand is bit prominent that’s all. Suitable for all skin tones.

8. Tiny XO Symbol Tattoo on the Side of Her Fingers

XO symbol tattoo

For a small tattoo you can get anything inked there is no problem at all. However, It’s a tiny tattoo design which looks cool on a girl’s finger. Girls are usually expressive, and this tattoo is a cute way to express your love. Will go perfectly with any dress of yours. No problem in that! This is a popular tattoo among girls. Get it inked in white or colored or maybe in black on your finger. Suitable for all skin tones.

9. Tiny “&” Symbol Tattoo on Your Wrist

"&" tattoo

Another symbol tattoo for you to have on your wrist. Ampersand tattoo, it simply indicates how life is full of great expectations and there is a lot to do to meet those expectations. This one can be done in italics or bold, whichever way you want. Easy to hide also if need be, you can get it in white ink or in black. Can be done by a man or a woman, in bold or italics on their wrist. A perfect tiny tattoo for tattoo lovers. Suitable for all skin tones.

10. Tiny Flying Bird Tattoo on her Wrist/Neck

Flying bird tattoo designs

A beautiful design for girls of all age. This design really, really looks elegant. Just imagine a bird flying on your wrist, yeah, it will appear like that only. You can get it in black or white any which color you want it to be. Though black bird silhouettes on your wrist or on your ankle, or on your neck, where ever, it will gorgeous. Best for those who are attached to the nature. Suitable for all skin tones.

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11. Tiny Geometric Element Tattoo on His Arm

Tiny Geometric Element Tattoo on His Arm

Geometric elements make cool tattoo designs. Even those who have always hated mathematics will not mind getting geometric elements on their body. Either you can get these elements alone or alongside some other design, how so ever you want. Anywhere you can get it done, however, most men like such designs on their hands. For nature lover if you add element from nature too, and for the ones who have loved mathematics all their lives be a girl or a boy. Looks good in black, but no harm in trying in white also. Suitable for all skin tones.

12. Tiny Hakuna Matata Tattoo on Her Nape/Neck

Tiny Hakuna Matata Tattoo on Her Nape Neck

This one really, really looks beautiful especially if done in nape. Nape or neck tattoos are for those who want to flaunt it to the world but they themselves don’t want to see it daily. Girls with this symbol look cool, as the symbol simply means ‘NO WORRIES.’ A perfect tiny tattoo for all who do not worry about anything and are ready to fight back any odd situation in their lives. A perfect way to flaunt your personality to others. Anybody can get it in white or black ink of your choice, perfect for nape. Suitable for all skin tones.

13. Tiny Floral Tattoo on Her Leg

Tiny Floral Tattoo on ankle

Mostly flora is liked and admired by girls, though boys also do that. But when it comes to tattoo boys prefer a little manly tattoos, whereas flowers can be the first choice of a girl. These are tiny symbols or designs of flower which are small. Intricate design looks girly, that is why best suitable for women who love nature. If you add a few vine branches it will add to the overall beauty of the tattoo. It simply shows peace and purity. One can get any flower from rose to marigold, or sunflower etc., along with leaves on their neck, back, lower back and leg to get noticed by everyone. Looks good in white or black ink, even the colorful flower will also do. Though suits all skin tones but still for more enchanting look, lighter the better.

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14. Tiny Arrow Tattoo on Her Neck

tiny Arrow tattoo on neck

Oh you must be wonder just that… Yes just that. And the design will rock simply. Not necessarily only archer can get arrow tattoo done even the commoners can get it done. Arrow tattoos are also common like star tattoos. If you want you can even add a bow to it to make a complete set. Also, to make it look archaic you can add a bit of carvings and other details to it or you can have it simple and plain also. The tattoo looks best on neck. Anybody can get it be a women or men, in white or black ink. Besides neck, wrist can be other spot for it. Suitable for all skin tones.

15. Tiny Anchor Tattoos on Your Ankle

Anchor tattoo designs on ankle

Tiny anchors can look cute on your ankle or on your wrist. Not necessarily only a sailor will opt for it, even you can also get it done on your ankle. Anchors basically stand for strong roots. They simply show qualities like perseverance and stability and are therefore chosen by many. Can be done by men or women, that too anywhere on the body. Can be done in white but black looks ideal though. Your wrist, neck, finger, and ankle any part is good to go for this tattoo. Suitable for all skin tones.

16. Tiny Elephant Tattoo Behind Your Ear

Tiny Elephant tattoo behind ear

Tiny elephant behind your ear will look extremely cute. You don’t have to have literally the same size of tattoo there ☺ (a pun intended) just an artistic elephant outline will look creative and elegant. This one is for those who love elephants. Elephants represent loyalty, strength and courage. Therefore, getting an elephant behind your ear will tell same about your personality as well. Perfect tattoo design for both men and women who think they are independent, loyal, strong, and moreover emotional! Get it in black outline and grey filling, good for any skin tone but if it is lighter then you know na…. it is better, as it will come more prominently.

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17. Tiny Feather Tattoo on Her Shoulder

small feather tattoo on collarbone

Who doesn’t love feathers, remember those old days when we used to run after feathers to catch them, which is of course gone now. Like birds, feathers too represent freedom that is incomparable. Feathers, however, look meaningful and enigmatic. You wish you can make it look artistic or realistic, the tattoo looks great any which ways. Easy to hide also. Look great in white ink, can be done in black too. You have to see which bird’s tattoo you want to get. Good for both men and women on their shoulder, wrist, leg, near the ear anywhere. Suitable for a little lighter skin tones.

18. Water Symbols Tattoo on Your Fingers

An interesting design for the one who is willing to have something unique yet regular. Yes water is a regular element. Most required in life. Looks good when done in small signs on your fingers with some shade in it. Either white ink or black ink it will look good for sure. Apt for both men and women who have a love for the vastness and diversity of the ocean, you can go with shade of grey as well. Will look great etched on your finger. Suitable for a lighter skin tone though.

19. Tiny Angel Tattoos on Her Neck/Shoulder/Leg

I think most girls like angels on their shoulder, neck or your leg. This is though a common tattoo design yet it looks wonderful. The best part is it can go with any dress. An eye-catching tattoo if placed in some good spot.. Have it in white or black or in shades of grey, will look best. Specifically meant for women, no doubt about it. Suitable for a lighter skin tone.

20. Water Marks Tattoo on His Wrist

Water mark symbols for men, looks good on arms though but one can get it anywhere. Beautiful water marks look really artistic. Can be done by both men and women. Will look good in white ink. Best suitable for lighter skin tones

21. Tiny Ship with Water Symbol Tattoo on His Wrist

Well, this one looks perfect on wrist. Not only sailors, even commoners with love for water and ship can get this tattoo design on their wrist. Goes perfectly well with any attire. Even girls can get it done, they will also look cool upon having it one their wrist. Best Suitable for men and women, who want to sail all alone and love to spend some time with themselves in solitude! Black will be perfect for this design. Your wrist will look cool. Suitable for all skin tones however.

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22. Tiny Cat Tattoo on Your Hands

Here’s for pet lovers, a tattoo that will tell all about their love for their little cute kitty. This one looks better in pencil drawing style, not the entire cat will be drawn in fact only border will be done with cat symbol. You can customize the design as per your desire though. You can go for a very small size cat or for a bigger size cat. It is for all those who want to flaunt their love for their pets. You can have any cat look such as an angry cat, wild cat, etc., as per your cat’s moods. Can be done by a men cat lovers or a women cat lovers on their wrist so that their cat will also notice the same. Suitable for all skin tones. It will look good in white or black… ☺

23. Tiny Dog Tattoo on Your Hands

Once again for pet lovers. More than a cat people love their puppies, puppies are really cute. A well-deserved dog tattoo on your hand will tell a perfect story of you and your dog together. Definitely people will notice your tattoo and will immediately understand your love for your Dazzle. This one looks better in pencil drawing style, not the entire dog will be drawn, only the outline will be enough to represent your love for Dazzle. You can customize the design just like cat’s tattoo. You can go for a very small size dog or for a bigger size dog. It is for all those who want to flaunt their love for their pets. You can have any dog mood tattoo such as an angry, wild, lazy, as per your pet’s moods. It is for all the men dog lovers or a women dog lovers on their wrist or anywhere on their hand. Don’t worry your dog will also notice the same. Some get it done in the memory of their pets. A great way to show love and reverence for your pet. Suitable for all skin tones. Any white or black ink will do… ☺

24. Tiny Eagle Wings Tattoo on His Nape/Back

Tiny wings on back will be best for flaunting, especially to your partner. This is not very small but comparatively smaller than the other wing tattoo designs. An intricately done tattoo in black, if you want you can add some colors to it to make it more enchanting. It looks Royal because of the symbols it carries. The two wings of eagle represent power, velour, dominance, and honor, and the horse in the middle symbolizes strength and guidance. A beautiful tiny neck tattoo for men. One who is proud of their nation can get it done for the honor of defense system of the country. Though can be done by females too, but male will be able to flaunt it better. Looks great in black, Suitable for all skin tones.

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29. Tiny Lucky Number Tattoo on Your Neck in Roman

We have read roman numbers in primary class, I am sure you remember that. Well, now again you have chance to recall them. You can either get your birth date in roman number tattoo, your wedding date, your first date or even your lucky number in roman will do, or any date which you like the most engraved on your neck in roman number tattoo. People will love the idea, even you may inspire others to get the same for themselves too. Roman numeric usually stand for grace and elegance. Getting a roman number tattoo on your neck will leave people awestruck. And for women it will be like going out of the box, from common tattoo design to a unique way to flaunt your ink. Suitable for all skin tones. Very beautiful tiny tattoo. Must try!

30. Tiny Dandelion Flower Tattoo on Her Shoulder

Dandelion flower tattoo on your shoulder will look amazing and will go with any dress for that matter. It is one of the stylish small tattoos for girls and look really fool on a teen who wants to look stylish. A nice flower tattoos for young girls. Best for the one who is going for her first tattoo, less painful, black or white any ink will do. Suitable for all skin tones.

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31. Tiny Hash or Proud Sign Tattoo on Your Wrist

Well, this one is again a symbol and can go with anybody be a men or women. Looks great, you know this symbol very well as you use it for hash tagging on Instagramming. But as tattoo it will look very, very beautiful on your Wrist. It can be called out of the box design for one to have. It will look gorgeous even it will make people turn just to confirm if what they saw is correct. A perfect design for both men and women, can be done in black or white ink. Suitable for all skin tones.

32. Tiny Compass Tattoo on Your Chest

Compass tattoo on your chest will make you look strong. This is very stylish tattoo and looks good in shade of black, white or grey. A sporty looking tattoo. Best carried by travelers after all it shows their love for traveling. Good piece of art for both men and women, Suitable for all the skin tones.

33. Couple Birds Tattoo on Her Foot

A very colorful tiny tattoo, bird tattoos always looks good and add to the beauty. It is for all the bird lovers who want to flaunt their love for the couple birds. Actually couple birds look very beautiful and cheerful. The pattern on your foot will catch all the attention. You can also have the tattoo in black and white also. The couple birds will indicate love along with freedom, individuality and high-spiritedness! It is considered one of the tiny inspirational tattoos! Best for free-willed women, on their foot to show their freedom. Better for a lighter skin tone.

34. Tiny Sea Wave on Your Hand

Waves are liked by almost everybody. And the tattoo with tiny waves will look mesmerizing. The tattoo will look best on your wrist, looks a bit girly. Easy to hide tattoo. Sometimes even it won’t be understandable by others. You can have it to make your beach memories lively. Suitable for all skin tones though but lighter will be better.

35. Tiny Rose Flower Tattoo on Her Back

Which girl doesn’t like rose… I think none. Roses I think are one of favorite flowers of most girls. So, getting it inked on your back and flaunt with low back one piece dress will leave everyone dumbstruck. A rose in white ink will look fantabulous on your back. Just try it. And the getting your rose tattoo with the stem or leaves will beautify it more. It has always been a cool tiny tattoo designs for women and is still trending. Rose will look cute on your back, though widely opted design but no worries, will look cool on your shoulder. Suitable for all skin tones.

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36. Tiny Heart Tattoo on Her Finger

For all the brave girls who are ready to take all the pain as tattoo on finger takes a little more. This tiny tattoo looks really beautiful in white ink and in black ink as well. Easy to hide tattoo. A very popular design though but only a few will dare to have it on their fingers. Cute tattoo only for girls, simply a girly thing… ☺ ☺ Suitable for all skin tone. Go get it done girls… even you can flaunt your love for your beau.

37. Tiny Star in Flower Tattoo on Her Shoulder

Girls only tattoo, why you ask….. Because stars and flowers are most liked by girls and hence it becomes 100% girly thing. The tattoo will look great in white shade, if you want it in black then it is also a nice idea to go for. Or another way is to have star in white and flower in color. Absolutely up to you! This artistic piece is apt for women who are artistic themselves. Suitable for all skin tone. Look best with off shoulder dresses.

38. Tiny Heart Beat Tattoo on Your Wrist or Neck

When it is about tiny tattoos heart beat symbol can’t be ignored at all. Heart beat symbol really look cool anywhere especially if done on wrist or neck near the ear. People will love to see it again and again, believe you me. It will leave a great impression on the ones you love the most in your life. Heart beat simply shows your love for your partner. Let her/him also know your emotions for him/her. This is a perfect tattoo for anyone in love be it a girl or a boy. This design makes a perfect tattoo for one and all. A great design to go with. Will look good in black though but the charm of white ink can’t be ignored so easily. Suitable for all skin tone.

39. Tiny Font with Little Birds Tattoo on Her Wrist

Quotes with a creature make a perfect tattoo design. It is for those who want to flaunt their personality through some quote along with a bird outlined with it. And the best spot for this one is your wrist, it can’t go unnoticed that is guaranteed. Cool quote with birds’ effect will enhance the whole pattern, if you want you can have some color effect in it. Tattoo in white and black will look great, otherwise full silhouette black colored birds or pencil sketch style will give it a 3D effect. Perfect to embellish a women’s wrist. Suitable for all skin tones.

40. Three Tiny Arrows Tattoo

three Arrows Tattoo designs on arm

This one needs a lot of strength though, three tiny arrows that too on your arm will take everybody’s attention simply in one go. Well, can be done on your wrist area also, but only for those who want to keep their arrows hidden from the world. However, you can get these arrows done on shoulder are also and they will look perfectly fine there too. Black in color with a touch of shades in grey will look great and if you are looking for something wonderful then white will do the needful for sure. Perfect tattoo design for women, it is considered as tribal art. Suitable for all skin tones.

41. Tiny Cup Cake Tattoo on Your Finger

Though a bit girly but still boys can also have it on their fingers. And trust you me, it will look great! It iis for all the cupcake lovers, so that everybody should know your love for it. It is a SWEET Tattoo design especially for teen agers. The tiny cupcakes just appear as a ring on finger. You can also get a small heart engraved near to ensure everyone that you really, really love cupcakes a lot. Besides fingers, you can also have them on your neck and lower back where ever you want it to be. With a touch of color they look delicious. Suitable for all skin tones. White cupcake will also look cute…. Try out!

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42. Tiny Rocket Tattoo on Your Fingers

Well, you know rocket I am sure, yes very much the one which we used in childhood on Diwali. The shape itself is mesmerizing. The tattoo will look best in pencil drawing style with just a border or an outline. The design is easy yet beautiful, either on your finer or any other spot can do well. But the best it will look on your finger or on your wrist. Anybody be a man or a woman can get this one. Some may find it awkward but trust it looks best once done. Black ink or white ink any will do. Suitable for any skin tones.

43. Tiny Pi Tattoo on Your Wrist

For all the mathematics lover pi tattoo on their wrist will make people think what kind of person you are. They will be mesmerized to see your love for maths. Tough the symbol is very much similar to music notation symbol but any ways be it a music symbol or a pi how does it matter as long as it looks great on your wrist. This one can be done by either a man or a woman, will look best on their wrist. This cute artwork is suitable for all skin tones. Try out!!

44. Tiny OM Symbol Tattoo on Your Wrist

45. Tiny Sikh Khanda Tattoo on Your Wrist/Neck

Khanda is another holi symbol. However, the symbol represents Sikh community but that doesn’t matter even if you are not Sikh because it looks good on everyone as long as you are not strictly religious. The tattoo will look very good on your wrist, or on your neck, or on nape. But as it is a sacred sign do not ever get any sacred symbols on your leg or feet as this way you will insult the sentiments of the community which is not a nice idea. Suitable for any skin tone, will look best in black.

46. Tiny Lotus Tattoo on Her Wrist

A flower is mostly good for women and girls and once again it is true in case of getting lotus inked on your wrist. Though rose flower is a very common tattoo design amongst women but still lotus will also look beautiful. You can get it on your wrist and flaunt it to all. An elegant tattoo design for the ones who think out of the box. Lotus on your wrist in beautiful colors will surly attract people around. It will represent purity and innocence as does the lotus do. Perfect for women and girls of all age! Suitable for all skin tones.

47. Tiny Infinity Tattoo on Your Wrist

A beautiful tattoo design for one and all. This is the tattoo which you can see in different variants. It is a wonderful design, just an outlined infinity symbol looks so mesmerizing that can’t be expressed in words. The tattoo though looks great in black but now as white ink is in, you can try this in white too. For all the people who love simple yet sophisticated designs. Though very common yet look wonderful. Suitable for all skin tones. Looks best on wrist and sometimes on neck also.

48. Tiny Infinity with Names Tattoo on Your Wrist or Neck

For all the love birds this one is best. Those who are not scared of flaunting their loved one’s name in public than this is the perfect design for all of them. The design looks great with beautiful outline and names added in each turn of the infinity symbol. It is not very small in size but yes not too big also. This tattoo looks great in black though but as I said white is trending these days, try this time in white. It is suitable for all ski tones, perfect for both, a man or a woman. Looks best on wrist or on neck.

49. Tiny Infinity with Feather Tattoo on Her Wrist

Another infinity tattoo but with feather this time make a wonderful tattoo all in all. This tattoo really looks wonderful on wrist. The feather with shades and the outlined infinity symbol just add to the look. Especially when etched on wrist it looks mesmerizing. Anybody with this design looks cool. The tattoo looks good in any ink be it white or black. Though looks good on both men and women but mostly women get it done. Suitable for any skin tone.

50. Tiny Birds on Branch Tattoo on Wrist

With birds you can try many different variants. You can have a single bird, or bird with branch, or bird with name anything or everything for that matter. The tattoo is very easy to customize as per your needs and desires. You can it in black and white, or only black, or only white or fully colored, just how you want get it! Best for people who want to flaunt their strong bond with their family, then this is the perfect design. Suitable for all skin tones.

51. Tiny Infinity Heart Tattoo on Your Foot

Infinity on your foot that too with a heart in it, an amazing idea for a wonderful tattoo. Easy to hide tattoo because it is small in size. Also, if you want instead of a heart with it you can also have some mathematical symbol with it that will also look gorgeous. Tiny tattoos such as this symbolizes infinite love for someone. The tattoo is mostly etched by women on their hands, legs, waist, neck and shoulders. However, the design looks best on Men also with 3D effects on it. A nice meaningful tattoo for one and all. Will look best in black color ink. Suitable for all skin tones.

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52. Tiny Solar System Tattoo on Your Wrist

If you believe in effect of the planetary movement in your life too, then this is the best tattoo design for you to go. This tattoo design will look great as it is one of the tiny tattoos for girls, even boys can also have the same tattoo. These planets will look good in color. Apt for both men and women, can either be done on wrist, neck, or arms. Suitable for all skin tones.

53. Tiny Flying Plane Tattoo on Shoulders

Here’s for all the plane lovers. This is apt for boys as they are always fond of planes. You won’t see this design quite often as not many people get it done but still it has charm of its own. It is a very fashionable design today and will have a great trend tomorrow. Anybody can get it be woman or a man. Perfect for all those who still cherish their childhood beautiful memories and still wanna re live them. Go for it. A tiny plane in black ink or even white ink will also do well on your shoulders or on your neck. Suitable for all skin tones.

54. Tiny Butterfly Tattoo Designs

For all the butterfly lovers this is the best tattoo, looks very, very cute whether a young girl having it or a woman in her 40s, butterfly tattoo looks gorgeous on everyone. The best part is you can have it in any size, but here we are talking of tiny tattoos, a tiny butterfly also looks equally beautiful. A butterfly in black ink or in white ink or colored. Anything will look wonderful on your wrist, neck, near your ear, finger etc. It is specifically meant for girls. Suitable for all skin tones.

55. Tiny Mother Daughter Symbol Tattoo Designs on her Arm or Wrist

Tiny Mother Daughter Symbol Tattoo on her Arm or Wrist

A wonderful tattoo for all the mothers or even if the daughter want to flaunt their love for their beautiful moms. This tattoo really looks great in black ink, if you want you can even try in white too. The tattoo will have a mother in one side and a small kid on the other of the symbol. The tiny mother daughter symbol really looks cool on her wrist or on her arm or on her shoulder. Apt for all the mommies if they want to show off their kids how much they love them. Suitable for all the skin tones.

We hope the collection of the tiny tattoo designs have inspired you to get the one this time. Very best of luck for your tattoo….. Enjoy Tattooing!!

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