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Stylish Pixelated Tattoos are Gearing the Trend

Stylish Pixelated Tattoos Are Gearing The Trend

Stylish Pixelated Tattoos are Gearing the Trend

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Tattoo industry is marching with a fast pace towards the acceptance and success of the permanent marks since a decade now. Bizarre techniques & astounding styles of tattoos are hitting the tattoo market frequently. With the rising popularity of the tattoos, lots of experiments are happening around with the tattoo designs, styles and techniques. And believe me these innovative creations are a getting a thumps up by the tattoo lovers. Not only that but these trends are widely accepted by the community in general on a large scale.

After the surprising trend of face tattoos & symmetrical tattoos, it’s the time for PIXELATED TATTOOS!! And rest assure, we are not going way back in the medieval era but certainly bringing the glimpse of the old times in technologically advance today to get the feel of our the then, developing technology.

Before we give you the jest of pixilated tattoos, let’s understand what the pixel is all about. Pixel means a smallest unit of information i.e. round or a square picture element of which every digital picture or a photograph is made off.

When these digital pictures are magnified, it gives a square or circle like blur image of objects of which the actual image is made off.

But this is the talk of early 90’s and not today’s mega pixel’s era. Let’s not deviate to the technical world and get back to our tattoos. Needless to explain anymore the style pixelated tattoos follows!!

The talented tattoo artists incorporate pixels into various beautiful tattoo designs to give shape to the PIXELATED TATTOOS.

Just as the tattoo reflects the personality of the bearer so does the pixilation. It adds to the meaning of the tattoo. And generally it can be categorized as:



The pixels are added in such a way that the entire design is broken out & weakens the picture causing the picture to disappear completely at the end representing the depression or losing control on oneself.



In these type of pixelated tattoos, the pixels are coming together to form a clear image or a design representing the positivity & goodness.



In these type of pixelated tattoos, pixels are used in the entire image to depict the throwback time of early 80’s & 90’s. Best example would a Mario game icon.

Though Pixelated tattoos are taking the baby-step towards the popularity, slowly & gradually people are accepting it and desiring this art of tattoo. Pixels are giving life to many tattoo designs. Some of the commonly famous pixelated tattoo designs are: Unicorn tattoos, Heart tattoo, Galaxy tattoo, Matrix tattoo, Seahorse tattoo, Fox tattoo, Flower tattoo etc.

Again, since this is a new trend and there are not many tattoo artist proficient with the style, do not try your hand with a neo tattoo artist. Good luck!!

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