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Top 50 Outstanding Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

Best Sun and Moon tattoo on arm

Top 50 Outstanding Sun and Moon Tattoo Designs

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Sun and moon tattoos look mesmerizing. Both the two celestial elements have always been the subject of visual arts, poetry, literature, and numerous other subjects in the course of human history. They simply represent opposing forces in our universe and within ourselves. The sun and the moon are dual-gender tattoos that look beautiful, whether etched separately or intertwined. These tattoos are popular across cultures, geographies, and genders. The sun and moon tattoo are a great way to embrace the human spirit’s complexity and duality.

What does the sun and moon tattoo symbolize?

The sun and moon tattoos represent two opposing powers: light and dark, life and death, good and bad, femininity & masculinity, etc. The combined symbols of sun and moon tattoos represent an acceptance that opposing powers exist within us and finding peace with them.

Like many other counterparts in nature, the sun and moon are also the natural counterparts to each other. When intertwined together in a design, these two elements represent a universal belief and expression of opposites’ merging.

amazing back tattooing on girl

The sun is said to be a masculine figure that signifies strength and power. In contrast, the moon is considered as feminine energy representing calmness and stability. Both the sun and moon tattoos represent the basic principle of life – that life is a combination of both good and bad. The two elements signify the duality of human nature – that we all have two sides, the dark side and the bright side.

The sun and moon tattoos simply say that each person has to experience the good and the bad in life. And all these experiences help people to shape their personality and become who they want to become. Apart from this, the sun and moon tattoos also represent man and woman’s sexual and spiritual union.

Most Popular Sun & Moon Tattoo Designs

More often than not, the sun and moon are considered as the symbol of love. That is the reason most couples choose this as the design for their tattoo. After all, both the elements signify love in a more subtle way! There are various tattoo designs that one can get etched when it comes to sun and moon tattoo. However, the most popular designs include:

Sun and Moon Mandala Tattoo

Sun and Moon Mandala Tattoo on girl back

Minimalistic Sun and Moon Tattoos

Minimalistic Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and Moon Ankle Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoo on the ankle

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Sun within the Crescent Moon

Sun within the Crescent Moon

Combined Sun & Moon

sun and moon ink

White Sun & Moon Tattoos.

White Sun & Moon Tatto

Separated Sun & Moon Next to Each Other

Sun and moon in a circle representing the universe

Placement of the Sun & Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos look classic no matter placed where. You can place them on any part of your body; they make for great tattoo designs. You can get both the celestial symbols either etched together or separately. More often than not, the placement of the sun and moon tattoo depends on their size. For instance, if you choose to get a bigger size sun and moon tattoo design, then your back and ribs will be perfect for their placement. However, in small-sized sun and moon tattoo, you can get it on your ankle or anywhere else.

The best thing is you can get a sun and moon tattoo in any size, from bigger to smaller. However, the best they look in small or medium size. Their placement becomes easier if the size is small. The best places for sun and moon tattoos are:

  • Arm
  • Forearm
  • Nape
  • Neck
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder Blade
  • Shoulder
  • Back
  • Calf
  • Leg
  • Thigh

Sun and moon tattoos look great, and they also make for a perfect couple’s tattoo designs. All you have to make sure is you get the right tattoo artist for the sun and moon tattoo. A professional artist can give you excellent artwork that you won’t ever regret.

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Tiny Wrist sun and moon tattoo designs

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Best sun moon tattoos designs

Leg tattoo image

Combined Sun & Moon tattoo ideas

watercolor sun and moon tattoo on arm

Lower Back sun and moon tattoo designs


Simple tattoo on arm

Small Ankle tattoo

sun and moon art on shoulder

Sun and Moon Mandala Tattoos ideas 2021

Sun moon Thigh tattoo

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Sun within the Crescent Moon

Tiny finger tattoo

A simple looking celestial pair

Amazing tatto

Best back sun and moon tattoos

Best sun and moon hand tattoo ideas

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Chest tattoo Designs on man chest

Colored sun and moon tattoo opposites merging on a shoulder

Couple Sun and Moon Tattoo ideas

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Cute sun and moon becoming one

Decorated tattoos on the back

Facing Sun and moon tattoo ideas

female leg tattoos

Small sun and moon tattoo designs on ear

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Small tattoos on the left shoulder


Sun and moon Neck tattoo

sun and moon tattoo ink on Girl shoulder

sun and moon yang tattoo designs

tattoo on stomach

unique foot tattoo ideas

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