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What Happens if You Tattoo Over Your Hair

Tattoo over Hair

What Happens if You Tattoo Over Your Hair

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The rule of thumb while going for a tattoo is to shave the area where you will get your tattoo. This is done so that there is no interference while tattooing. The hair on the area will interfere with the needle and cause blank spots in the tattooed area. Besides, applying stencil over hair will also be a problem for the tattoo artist.

It’s not easy to get a tattoo over the hair; it can cause a huge hindrance for the artist. That is why most tattoo artists shave the area before starting. However, the best is to get your area shaved before you go for your tattoo.

Why Shaving Is Important

Well, you can get a tattoo over your hair; however, it’s not recommended. And the simple reason behind that is the hindrance that your hair would cause while tattooing. Tattooing over hair also prevents some areas from getting ink deep enough into the skin, thereby leaving behind spots.

Shaving is important as it will allow the artist to etch design smoothly. Apart from that, the application of stencils will also be easy. Over hair, it’s not easy to apply stencils.

Shaving head

Clean areas ensure full visibility to your tattoo artist, as he/she would be able to see it properly. Also, it will be easy for the artist to wipe away any extra ink or blood that may appear during the process of tattooing.

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What Happens After The Tattoo Is Done

Once the tattoo is done after some time, your hair will grow back in the tattooed area. If that area is heavily hairy, the visibility of your tattoo will be affected. You cannot completely prevent the hair growth of your tattooed area. Hence, the best is to get your tattoo on the less hairy part.

Some people think that shaving can encourage more hair growth, which is not true. Shaving once doesn’t affect the growth or thickness of your hair in the tattooed area.

So far the visibility is concerned, you can keep that area waxed or shaved always. The best is to get your tattoo on a less hairy part of your body so that its colors and look are not affected.

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Wrapping it up….

Getting a tattoo over the hair is not recommended, so make sure you get your area waxed or shaved before going to a tattoo salon. Remember that it’s not your artist’s duty to shave; it’s your job to get it done before getting a tattoo.

The topmost benefit of getting a tattoo over the shaved area is the outcome. Yes, tattoos on smooth areas look superior to those done over hair.

Happy Tattooing…. ☺ ☺

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