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What To Wear When Getting A Tattoo?

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What To Wear When Getting A Tattoo?

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What you wear while getting a tattoo plays a significant role. Tattooing is a job that requires a lot of detailing and intricacy. Any hindrance can affect the final design. Hence, whatever you wear should be such that it doesn’t cause any hindrance for the tattooist. 

Well, the rule of thumb is to wear something loose and comfortable. So that your dress doesn’t cause any hindrance for your tattooist and there is freeflow of inking. But, what to wear when getting a tattoo also depends on the part of the body that you’re getting inked. Here in this post, we will discuss what you should wear while getting tattoos on different body parts.

Here we go…..

Dresses To Wear While Getting A Tattoo On Different Parts

  1. Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are very popular; you can get a tattoo on your finger, thumb, back of the palm, wrist, etc. While getting a hand tattoo, men can wear anything like a T-shirt, Half Sleeves shirt. At the same time, women can wear tops, T-shirts, jumpsuits, etc. All you have to do is make sure your dress is not too tight and is comfortable. 

  1. Shoulder Tattoo

Since shoulder tattoos are comparatively larger, then your artist will surely need a larger open space. That is why it is crucial that you are wearing something that is open. Like males can wear a vest or they can even manage to go topless. In contrast, women can wear off-shoulder dresses for their shoulder tattoos. 

shoulder tattoo

  1. Calf Tattoo

For a calf tattoo, both men and women can wear shorts or capris. Whatever you wear, it should be until your knee so that it doesn’t create any problem for the tattooist. Women can even prefer to wear skirts or frocks while getting their calf tattoos.

  1. Ankle Tattoo

Since the ankle is the lowest part of your leg, you can wear anything above it, like capris, shorts, and pants. The same is with women; they can choose to wear shorts, pants, capris, skirts for their ankle tattoo.

  1. Chest Tattoo

If you are planning a tattoo on your breast or at the mid of them, you will have to remove your top. So it’s better to wear a loose T-shirt or top that can be removed easily while you sit to get your Tattoo.

Chest tattooed girl

  1. Rib Tattoo

Is it a lower rib tattoo or on the mid? Also, the size of your Tattoo will determine your dress. For a lower rib tattoo, a loose crop top will do fine. However, mid-rib tattoo, you will have to remove your top. So, it’s better to go in a loose top or T-shirt. Men can remove their T-shirts for rib tattoos.

  1. Nape Tattoo

Girls go in a deep back-neck dress for a nape tattoo. Also, your Tattoo size will play a crucial role in deciding what to wear when getting a tattoo. Men can remove their T-shirts while getting a nape tattoo.

  1. Back Tattoo

For back tattoos, backless dresses are good, or just a bra will do. So, wear a loose top or T-shirt while going to the salon. And remove the top before getting a back tattoo for the artist’s ease. 

back tattooed women

  1. Hip Tattoo

This is one such place where getting a tattoo is not easy. Also, the kind of design you are planning will affect your decision of what to wear. Know that you will have to remove your lowers for a hip tattoo. So especially girls, do not wear one-piece dresses or frocks while going to the salon. 

Also, your panties will cause hindrance for the artist. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am not asking you to go without panty. We have a solution, wear C-strings. Yes, C-strings are easily available in the market for both men and women. Buy a C-string before you step into your tattoo parlor for a hip tattoo. These C-strings cover your private part, and it’s easy for the tattooist to get you a hip tattoo without any hindrance. 

  1. Forearm Tattoo

For a forearm tattoo, you can wear any comfortable dress with half sleeves. Or, if you want, you can wear sleeveless dresses or tops for a forearm tattoo.

  1. Thigh Tattoo

Wear shorts or short dresses while getting a thigh tattoo. Men can remove their lowers or pants before getting a thigh tattoo. But if you feel shy, you can also go in your sports shorts. 

  1. Sleeve Tattoo

If you are planning to get a sleeve tattoo with some extended design on your shoulders, then a tank top will do for you. And men can consider wearing a vest or going topless while getting a sleeve tattoo.

Final Thought

So choose what to wear when getting a tattoo according to the body part where you plan to get one. Make sure you finalize your design and your Tattoo’s placement beforehand. Don’t ever sit for the last minute for a tattoo. A tattoo is a body art that will remain on your body for a very long time. Hence, you must spend a good time researching your tattoo design and deciding its placement. 

Those who do not go prepared often regret their tattoos later. There is no point in regretting later. It’s better to go prepared in advance. It will help you and your tattoo artist as well. Your tattooist will have clarity about what to create, and you will get a piece that you will love forever. 

So, be wise and go prepared for your Tattoo!! 

Happy Tattooing….  


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