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55 Amazing Hand Tattoo Designs

Hand tattoo designs

55 Amazing Hand Tattoo Designs

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Tattooing is an art. People love to get a tattoo because of various reasons. Some get tattoos for displaying their love for someone, for some tattoos are just for fashion and style, whereas, many get it to show their support to a group or community. Well, whatever the reason be, tattoos are the way to unveil your true personality to the world. Any tattoo you get should match with your personality, should have relevance with who you are, whether it’s a tattoo on neck or a hand tattoo.

Though a tattoo can be placed on any part of the body, wherever you choose to, but tattoos on hands are most common amongst tattoo lovers. Hand tattoos are for those who want to have a tattoo that is visible easily, as hands are one of the most visible parts of our body. Also, not to mention hands and their movements while doing something or talking reveals too much about our personality. For instance, when we shake hands or move them while talking to people or crowd, we always make an impression with our hands. So, a hand tattoo can be a great way to leave a lasting impression!!

Hand tattoos are incredibly beautiful and amazingly stunning, and a skilled tattooist can always ensure a great artwork on your hand. Hand tattoos can be etched in varied shapes and sizes, based on your choice and hand tattoo design. Any design from a butterfly to an intricate mandala can look great as a hand tattoo.

Here is a list of top hand tattoo designs for you in 2024….. Don’t miss to see them all, you might find your favorite in the list…. Have a look!!

1. A beautiful white butterfly on your hand

Butterfly Hand Tattoo Ideas 2020

Butterflies are cute, I think cutest. And when they are tattooed they look mesmerizing. White tattoos are rarely seen, for, many people go for the darker shades. Yet, white butterfly tattoo will look amazing, especially when it is well-made. The delicate white wings of the butterfly look even more enchanting. White butterfly tattoos are very much feminine, nature-inspired and look striking on dark skin tone.

2. A pine tree on your hand

pine tree tat on hand

Pine trees, found naturally in the northern hemisphere make for a wonderful nature-inspired tattoo. This can be done in just black ink or you can get the tree inked in its natural color on your hand.

3. A poppy flower on your hand

poppy flower on your hand tattoo

Poppy flowers have long been used as a symbol of sleep, peace, and death. However, red poppies are a common symbol of remembrance of soldiers who have died during wartime. A perfect tattoo design for your hands. Good design for soldiers! Get a red poppy etched on your hand, it will look mesmerizing.

4. A cute bumblebee on your handcute bumblebee on your hand

Bumblebees look cute when tattooed ☺. A bumblebee tattoo on your hand or on your wrist in black ink will look stunning. Bumblebee tattoos makes for a perfect small tattoo design for those who do not want to flaunt big art works on their body.

5. An autumn leaf on your hand

Leaf tattoo on hand

A subtle autumn leaf drawn on your hand will make for an eye-catching tattoo. This one will be in color and looks amazing on your hand. This is for those who do not want to go for big tattoo designs and just want to have something simple from nature. Get this in color, it will look original.

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6. Henna-inspired tattoo on your hand

Henna-inspired tattoo on your hand

Henna-inspired tattoo has it all. This tattoo will have everything from beautiful leaves, flowers to other elements required for making a perfect henna-inspired tattoo on your hand. And intricate design that looks beautiful. Have this design on your forearm, you will never need to get a henna work on your hand, and this tattoo will take care of that part too. ☺ ☺

7. A captivating moon on your hand

inspired tattoos on hand

For all the moon lovers, simple moon will do the needful. Get a beautiful moon inked on your hand and see how people will react on it. You will love the compliments, as they are also going to be as beautiful as your tattoo design.

8. A rose on your hand

Black rose tattoo Designs on hand

A rose tattoo on hand is for those who do not want to flaunt big artwork on their body. You can have any colored rose on your wrist or hand with leaves on it. Simple yet beautiful, this one makes for an insanely beautiful girl tattoo.

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9. A tropical sunset on your hand

tropical sunset idea on hand tattoo

A tropical tattoo – for all the beach lovers! With all the elements creating a tropical scene, like a palm tree, boat, water, and the sun is setting, it will make for an eye-catching tattoo design on your hand. This will look like a pencil sketch. Get it either in color or just in black with shades.

10. Paw prints on your hand

Paw tattoo image

Paw prints on your hand or wrist will look stunning. This makes for a simple tattoo design, but looks really very, very cool! The design had only few paw prints in black and the tattoo still looks enchanting and captivating. Good for those who don’t want to have a bigger tattoo design.

11. A name tattoo on your hand

You may be thinking what’s so special in it, but trust this one looks so beautiful in italics…. You can get your name etched on your hand maybe in your or in different languages. It makes for an eye catching tattoos!!

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12. A phrase or quote with a miniature birds on your hand

Phrases or quotes make for a perfect tattoo designs. If you have any quote in your mind which you want to get inked on your hand, then that’s a perfect idea. Because of the uniqueness and elegance quote or phrase tattoo carries, many people go for a quote. If also like any quote specifically, get this with a miniature bird on your hand. It will look cool!!

13. A quote or phrase on your hand

quote or phrase on your hand tattoo

Quotes or phrases make for really wonderful tattoo designs. They look stunning. There are many quotes though, but you choose the one which you think represent you the best. You can get a quote on your hand in italics or in running font. Moreover, you can choose quote in any language, the only thing you need to take care is to know the meaning of the quote particularly.

14. Heart on your hand


This one is a delicate tattoo design …! It is for those who wants to have a little more than a heart. This tattoo can be etched alone or along with a line stretching from the endpoint of heart and at a little distance the line will break and will have a small gap. This design looks really cool.

15. A music symbol on your hand

music symbol on your hand tattoo

A perfect design for the music lovers, especially for the ones who breathe music. Music symbol tattoos make for tiny tattoos. Specifically for people sensitive about music, who knows how to express their love for music without showing it off on a large scale to the world! A small symbol of music note on your hand will look super cool and stylish.

16. An angel on your hand

angel on your hand tattoo

An angel on your hand will make for an eye-catching tattoo design. Angels are however common tattoo designs, but believe you me they never lose their charm, come what may. If you also love angels and want one for yourself too, then get the one on your hand, it will look mesmerizing.

17. Roman number on your hand

Roman number on your hand tattoo

If you have some lucky number, which you want to get inked on your body, then don’t wait….go for it. Roman number look really cool when tattooed on the inside of your wrist. They really make cool tattoo designs. Roman numbers stand for grace, elegance and boldness. Getting a roman number tattoo on your hand will leave people awestruck.

18. ‘FAITH HOPE LOVE’ on your hand

‘FAITH HOPE LOVE’ on your hand tattoo

This one lies under the category of a chain Ambigram tattoo. It has three words arranged in a way that they will form a shape of a diamond. Each word when viewed from different directions, will form the other two words. This one makes a classic tattoo and very creative. Ambigram tattoos make for a great tattoo designs and look perfect on hand.

19. Your loved ones name on your hand

loved ones name on your hand tattoo

For those who want to flaunt their love and care for the person they love, be it mother, father, wife, partner, etc. Just their name etched on your forearm will tell everything about the love and bond you share. If you also love someone get his/her name etched.

20. A crescent moon encompassing trees on your hand

crescent moon encompassing trees on your hand tattoo

Another beautiful tattoo design for hands is – a crescent moon encompassing trees. A beautiful tattoo for those who love moon in any way. The design looks very pretty and enchanting. Get it in black.

21. Just the initials on your wrist

initials on your wrist or on your chest tattoo

Some people do not go for the complete name, rather they prefer to get the initials of their loved one’s name etched on their wrist, chest or neck. If you also want to flaunt your love for your love, get her/his initials etched this time.

22. A compass along with a World Map

For the travelers, who are born to explore everything in the world! A beautiful compass along with the world map will make for an amazing tattoo design on your hand. The design has everything the direction and the destination ☺ ☺

23. A pair of feather on your hands

Well, if you want to have a tattoo in pairs, then a pair of feathers on both hands will make for a perfect tattoo. You will have one feather each arm. A cute tattoo design for hands.

24. An outlined heart on your hand

outlined heart on your hand tattoo

If you are looking for a sweet and cute tattoo design on your hand, then this is the one to go with. This little outline heart looks really sweet, simple, and adorable. Perfect for those who want to have a tattoo but do not want to flaunt it to anyone.

25. A sun on your hand

sun on your hand tattoo

A beautiful tempting sun on hand, whether outlined in black ink or a colored looks great. Sun really makes for a cute tattoo designs for everybody. Simple yet beautiful!!

26. A heartbeat on your hand

heartbeat on your hand tattoo

Heart beat tattoo looks mesmerizing! You can have this one in the form of a bangle and the heart between the beats, it will look amazing….. The tattoo can be done either in black color or in the combination of black and red, however you want.

27. An Egyptian architecture style tattoo on your hand

This hand tattoos are for those who are inspired by history. Egyptian art and architecture has always been famous for its excellent buildings and monuments. You can choose any design for your architectural style hand tattoo from this style of architecture. And not to mention the Pyramids. You can also get a beautiful pyramid etched on your hand along with the design.

28. An intricate mandala on your hand

intricate mandala on your hand tattoo

Mandala heart tattoo really looks wonderful, mandala designs are intricate and beautiful. Hence a mandala design done inside the heart also looks as beautiful as any shape mandala design. You can have this in black and white ink.

29. Greek revival architecture style tattoo on your hand

An architectural movement style tattoos are inspired by the style of ancient Greek architecture, particularly the Greek temple. The tattoo with Greek revival architecture have varying degrees of thoroughness and consistency. If you admire the Greek architecture then this designs can be yours!

30. A tattoo for your tommy on your hand

For all the pet lovers! Dogs are the most loyal and faithful animals, and if you think your tommy deserves some reward in return of its faith and loyalty and if you love your dog so much and want to show off
your love or honor your favorite dog. Then this design is for you, you can get a tiny dog tattoo on your hand. It will only have the outline in black color and it will look amazing.

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31. An armband on your hand

armband on your hand tattoo

An armband as the name says looks like a band on your arm as they encircle your arm just like a band does. Armband tattoos look elegant and graceful complementing your well-toned arms. A great choice for all, from a regular gym-goers to a college girl. You have a myriad of options when it comes to armband tattoo designs, as they come in numerous designs, which include floral patterns, wrath, Polynesian, barbed fence, name armbands, and tribal patterns. You can associate an armband to people you love, or to the memory of someone who is no more etc.

32. An orchid flower on your hand

orchid flower on your hand tattoo

Orchid flowers make for an insanely beautiful tattoo. Orchids come in a wide range of colors, they mostly appear to be hanging from a thread off of the stem. These highly coveted ornamental flowers represent love, beauty, luxury, and strength. Like a flower, orchid floral tattoos also look amazing.

33. Stamps tattooed on your hand

orchid flower on your hand tattoo

Stamps tattooed on your hand will simply represent your love for travel and will signify the countries that you have already traveled. You can get stamps from as many countries as you want etched on your hand. Or you can get those ones which you have already covered so far, or the ones you love the most, up to you!! ☺ ☺

34. A latin phrase ‘Soli Deo Glory’ on your hand

latin phrase ‘Soli Deo Glory’ on your hand

The meaning of this Latin phrase is Glory to God alone. The phrase will look mesmerizing of your hand. If you also believe in the glory of God then definitely this one is for you. The tattoo will not only look unique, but also will add charm to your beauty.

35. A feather with birds on your hand

Just imagine cute little birdies along with a feather etched on your hand. Yeah, the design looks stunning! The design will have many small birds giving appearance as if coming out of the feather. Just try it out in color or black.

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36. A landscape in a circle on your handlandscape in a circle on your hand

This one will be a colorful tattoo, as it has a lake, mountains, trees, sparkling water, and a beautiful moonlight. Actually a painting but tattooed on your hand. This tattoo looks beautiful, it is done inside the circle but if you want, you can get it without an outline too. A very beautiful and colorful tattoo to go for. Also, you can have variation in it, by simply adding a flying bird with trees and mountains, your tattoo will become extraordinary.

37. A peacock feather with a flute on your handpeacock feather with a flute on your hand tattoo

In Indian culture, if you see a Lord Krishna’s idol or picture – it always has a peacock feather and a flute. If you also want to take two most important elements from Lord Krishna for your tattoo. Then get a flute etched on your hand, and in place of string attached to the flute have a peacock feather hanging. It looks really cool tattoo design.

38. A skull on your hand

skull on your hand tattoo

Another out of the box tattoo design is a skull tattooed on your hand. You can get this in black ink along with bit of shades, it will make for an incredibly beautiful tattoo design.

39. A pinwheel on your hand

Pinwheel tattoos make for a small tattoo designs. Pinwheel tattoos look gorgeous and cute when done in black ink, if you want, you can give it a try.

40. A Pisces fish on your hand

Pisces fish on your hand tattoo

Pisces fish looks very cute and when you get them etched on your hand they make for a beautiful tiny tattoo design. This tattoo can be done in black or any other ink of your choice, as it looks good in black or in colors as well.

41. A star on your hand

star on your hand tattoo

Star tattoos seriously make for the prettiest tattoos in the world. And the best thing about star tattoos is, they can be done anywhere on your body but wrist will be the best place for this small tattoo, believe you me. This tattoo design looks elegant and classy.

42. A wishbone on your hand

wishbone on your hand tattoo

A wishbone is V shaped bone located between the breast and neck of the bird. After the bird like turkey is cooked, there will be a fun competition to grab the biggest part of the wishbone. It is time honored American tradition. If you have some association with this tradition then this one is a good tattoo design for you.

43. Directions tattoo on your hand

Directions on your hand tattoo

Get all the four directions defined by arrows inked on your hand. The design will look mesmerizing, make sure it is not too big in size.

44. A shell tattooed on your hand

Are you looking for some unique and extraordinary tattoo design for yourself? If it is so, then a small shell etched on your hand will make for an amazing tattoo design. Shell tattoos look cool.

45. A rough look tattoo on your hand

The tattoo will be inked in black, it has the face of a fierce looking owl with white specks. The owl’s head will be placed on the biceps, whereas a dark and dense forest along with different trees and small birds flying around will be inked on the arm. The tattoo put together looks fab, and is sure to turn a lot of heads.

46. A mother daughter symbol on your hand

mother daughter symbol hand tattoo

A mother daughter symbol tattooed on your hand will look mesmerizing. You can get this symbol either on your shoulder or on your forearms. This tattoo looks cool in black ink. Just an outline will do wonders.

47. An olive branch on your hand

olive branch on your hand tattoo

A unique option for those looking for something extraordinary. However, it looks good done anywhere, but the best placement for this is your hand. Looks great in black ink.

48. A tribal heart tattoo on your hand

Another beautiful and simplistic heart design tattoo that looks compact and neat is this. Specifically meant for women. The heart tattoo is inspired by tribal artwork, having one big heart and two other small ones on top of the bigger one.

49. A dragon tattoo on your hand

dragon on your tattoo

A bit peculiar but looks enchanting. Dragons are ancient symbols of power! In China, dragons are considered to be the master of all elements, viz; fire, water, wind, and earth. They are the symbol of magic. If you’re in search of something unique get this one… You’ll never regret.

50. A country map tattoo on your hand

country map on your hand tattoo

For those who simply love to adorn their hands with the maps of their countries and some other significant marks and symbols that are associated with that nation to flaunt their love for the nation.

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51. Lord Ganesha on your hand

Lord Ganesha on your hand tattoo

If you are looking for some traditional hand tattoos, then go with Lord Ganesh. It will simply look amazing when it is inked on hands. The scripture of Lord Ganesh will give both a traditional and devotional meaning.

52. A verse etched tattoo on your hand

There are many verses in Hindu tradition which are not just meaningful, but also look enchanting when tattooed. If you also love some such verse, get it etched on your hand in black.

53. Small flying birds on your hand

Small flying birds on your hand

You can get a black silhouettes of birds inked along the side of your hand. It will look pretty and feminine. A flock of birds together symbolizes the power of family, and represents loyalty and love. It is one of the cutest hand tattoo designs for females, go for it!!

54. A bow tattoo on hand

Cute little bow in red etched on your hand will make for a beautiful hand tattoo. A unique and simple tattoo design for those who are looking for some simple hand tattoos.

55. A diamond tattoo on your hand

Diamonds also make for a perfect tattoo design. They make for an eye-catching hand tattoos. You can even get two diamond symbols etched together. You will love this one, go for it…. ☺ ☺.

Happy Tattooing….. ☺ ☺

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