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20+ Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

20+ Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

20+ Beautiful Mermaid Tattoo Designs and Ideas

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Tattoos are pretty popular among people. Research indicates that over 40% of people have at least one tattoo. People get tattoos for a variety of reasons, including flaunting their body artwork, paying tribute to their loved ones who have passed away, or paying tribute to things that are meaningful to them or things that they enjoy. Of course, choosing the right body artwork may seem like a task, as there are several tattoo designs available, including mermaid tattoo ideas.

Mermaid tattoos are both meaningful and attractive. People who look for out-of-the-box tattoo designs often opt for mermaid tattoo designs. Getting tattoos depicting mermaids or anything else ocean- or sea-related, such as waves, seashells, or marine creatures, is one way to pay tribute to the Mermaid that resides within you. Mermaids are known by several different names, including Oceanid, sea maiden, water nymph, water sorceress, siren, selkie, and naiad.

These mythological creatures look captivating. People from coastal areas prefer Mermaid tattoos the most. In some cultures, mermaids are believed to be vivacious and playful.

If you’re planning to get a mermaid tattoo but are not sure of it, then read this post. In this post, we shall share some of the best mermaid tattoo designs along with mermaid tattoo meanings to help you get some inspiration for your next body artwork.

So, let’s get started…

Mermaid Tattoo Meaning

Mermaid tales have existed in cultures around the globe for thousands of years, from Ireland to South Africa. The term “mermaid” is a combination of the Old English terms “mere” (sea) and “maid” (young woman).

Mermaid tattoos make for meaningful body artwork. In some cultures, the Mermaid represents the ocean’s vitality and fecundity. While in the other, it represents the destructive nature of water, luring sailors to their deaths — serving as a portent of storms, turbulent seas, and calamity.

In almost all mythologies and tales, mermaids are described as having the scales and tail of a fish and the thorax and head of a woman.

In early Greek mythology, mermaids were mistaken for sirens, which were half-bird, half-woman entities. Due to this, the word siren is used in many languages to refer to mermaids.

A mermaid tattoo is symbolic of strength, beauty, magic, strength, and a deep bond with the natural world. They would entice mariners with their deceptively alluring singing and lead them to the dangerous rocky coast of their island. They are the queens of liminal spaces, typically appearing at dawn and twilight.

The earliest mention of mermaids occurs in Syria around 1000 B.C. It is said that Goddess Atargatis once entered a lake and assumed the guise of a fish. However, the gods did not wish for her to lose her extraordinary attractiveness. So, they only allowed her lower half to transform into a fish, keeping her upper half, torso, head, and limbs human. The image of Atargatis has been recovered from ancient temples, statues, and coins.

Aside from that, Mermaids hold a specific place in African and other cultures in the world as well. Mermaids are symbolic of many different things, including independence, femininity, magic, sexuality, and connection to the ocean. Mermaid tattoos can have a variety of interpretations depending on the person’s preference.

It’s not necessary that your tattoo mean something to you. However, having a tattoo that signifies something important in your life can add another dimension to the piece. When it comes to mermaid tattoo ideas, you might get one for any of the reasons discussed above, or you could get one simply because you adore mermaids.

Mermaid Tattoo Ideas

1. Little mermaid tattoo

Little mermaid tattoos are pretty popular among women. Undoubtedly, mermaids are naturally lovely creatures, and they look stunningly attractive etched in small size.

Little mermaid tattoo ideas

Little mermaid tattoo

There are a great number of distinct options available to you for mermaid tattoo design, including tiny mermaid tattoos. Typical mermaid tattoos have a lengthy tail covered in scales. You can make your tattoo more attractive by adding some other elements, including the sea and sky. A little mermaid tattoo will look stunning etched on your arms or nape.

2. Colourful Mermaid Tattoo

If you’re looking for an attractive mermaid tattoo option, then a colourful mermaid is for you. You can get a beautiful mermaid tattoo in vivid, attractive colours like blue, purple, and green. Colourful tattoos look awesome if done correctly. Make sure you choose a professional tattoo artist for your tattoo design. You can get a colourful mermaid etched on your arm or shoulders.

Colourful Mermaid Tattoo ideas

Colourful Mermaid Tattoo design

3. Black and White Mermaid Tattoo

If you’re looking for simple body artwork, then a black and white mermaid tattoo design is for you. Tattoos in black and white ink look very elegant. Make sure you get it in a small size. A small size mermaid in black and white ink will make for an eye-catching tattoo design. Get it etched on your back or calf.

Black and White Mermaid Tattoo

Black and White Mermaid Tattoo design

4. Mermaid Scale Tattoos

Mermaid scale tattoos are yet another popular choice among females. You can give the impression that you are a mermaid by getting a small set of scales tattooed onto your skin. You can get these scales either in black and white ink or in vivacious colours, such as green, blue, and purple. Get it etched on your arm or thigh.

Mermaid Scale Tattoos design

Mermaid Scale Tattoos

5. Nautical Mermaid Tattoo

Nautical mermaid tattoo design was pretty popular among sailors. Mariners in earlier days used to get nautical mermaid tattoos to ward off misfortune. A traditional sailor’s tattoo of a mermaid is frequently rendered in the style of a pinup lady. Mermaids were thought to be beautiful half sleeve women who killed sailors after seducing them. They were thought to represent both the danger and beauty of the water.

Nautical Mermaid Tattoo

Nautical Mermaid Tattoo ideas

To make your nautical mermaid tattoo even more beautiful, you can consider adding boats, sailors, or other elements associated with the sea. Anchors, ship steering wheels, compasses, maps, and boats are all considered nautical symbols. You can get a nautical mermaid tattoo inked on your shoulders.

6. Mermaid Ankle Tattoo

The ankle is a perfect place for a little mermaid tattoo design. You can get a beautiful mermaid in black ink etched on your ankle. Get your mermaid tattoo inked facing downwards for an appealing tattoo design. It will appear as though the Mermaid is swimming down into the ocean.

Mermaid Ankle Tattoo

Mermaid Ankle Tattoo ideas

7. Ariel Mermaid Tattoo

Ariel mermaid tattoo designs are very popular among tattoo enthusiasts. An Ariel mermaid depicts one’s journey of self-discovery. It is said that she gave up her voice so that she might take on human form. You can have an Ariel mermaid etched on your arms. Get it etched in black colour with blue silhouette.

Ariel Mermaid Tattoo design

Ariel Mermaid Tattoo

8. Black Mermaid Tattoo

Mermaids are creatures that come out to play at night. A mermaid tattoo with a black and grey tint perfectly reflects their enigmatic nature. This tattoo will not have a mermaid’s face; rather, it outlines her silhouette with its face up. You can get it etched on your arm for perfect placement.

Black Mermaid Tattoo design

Black Mermaid Tattoo ideas

9. Traditional Mermaid Tattoo

Traditional tattoos look awesome. They make for meaningful tattoo designs as they depict things like freedom, independence, femininity, connection to the ocean, magic, and sexuality. If you believe you possess these features that traditional Mermaid does, then this is the design for you. You can get it tattooed on your arm or shoulders.

Traditional Mermaid Tattoo ideas

Traditional Mermaid Tattoo design

10. Mermaid Tail Tattoo

How about getting just the tail of the Mermaid etched on your body? Yes, mermaid tail tattoos look awesome. The Mermaid’s tail represents qualities like bravery, beauty, magic, power, and a deep affinity with nature. If you’re looking for an outside-the-box mermaid tattoo design, then this could be one for you. You can get it etched on your back or sleeves, depending on the size of the tattoo.

Mermaid Tail Tattoo design

Mermaid Tail Tattoo

11. Siren Tattoo

A siren tattoo is a representation of temptation, desire, and taking a chance. Sirens are frequently portrayed as sinister, merging exquisite beauty with fangs and scales. If you’re looking for a unique mermaid tattoo design, then get a siren tattoo etched on your forearm. These tattoos look gorgeous if done correctly.

Siren Tattoo ideas

Siren Tattoo design

12. Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo

If you’re looking for a haunting tattoo design, then a skeleton mermaid tattoo idea is for you. They are mystical and potent beings that inhabit this world. Skeleton mermaids can be etched on the arms or calf.

Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo idfeas

Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo design

13. Simple Mermaid Tattoo

A simple mermaid tattoo that pays homage to Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” is a beautiful expression of your fondness for both the movie and the sea creature. Mermaid in the Little Mermaid movies looks simple and elegant. We suggest getting it on your arms if you really feel inspired by it.

Simple Mermaid Tattoo design

Simple Mermaid Tattoo

14. Watercolour Mermaid Tattoo

Watercolour tattoos look realistic and beautiful. If you want to have a colourful tattoo design, then get a mermaid etched in watercolour on your arms.

Watercolour Mermaid Tattoo design

Watercolour Mermaid Tattoo ideas

15. Minimalistic Mermaid Tattoo

A simple and abstract mermaid tattoo is a fantastic alternative for you if you don’t want to overdo your tattoo design.

Minimalistic Mermaid Tattoo ideas

Minimalistic Mermaid Tattoo design

16. Mermaid with Crescent Moon Tattoo

Both the Mermaid and the crescent moon symbolize feminism. A beautiful mermaid with a crescent moon tattoo can serve as a reminder to be patient with oneself and the accomplishment of one’s goals.

Mermaid with Crescent Moon Tattoo ideas

Mermaid with Crescent Moon Tattoo design

17. Koi Fish with Mermaid Tattoo

Both koi fish and mermaids are water creatures. Combining them in a single tattoo design can have a profound effect on spectators. You never know; people may get inspiration from it for their own tattoo designs. Get a koi fish with a mermaid tattoo etched on your forearms.

18. Unique Mermaid Tattoo

There are numerous ways you can make your mermaid tattoo unique. In order to make your tattoo stand out, you can incorporate sea creatures or natural features like flowers, leaves, and more. Make sure to choose the right placement for your unique mermaid tattoo design.

Unique Mermaid Tattoo design

Unique Mermaid Tattoo ideas

19. Mermaid and Galaxy Tattoo

Mermaid tattoos with galaxy make for mesmerizing tattoo designs. Galaxy tattoos represent aspirations, and mermaid tattoos symbolize deep connection. A mermaid tattoo with a galaxy is a great way to showcase your dedication to reaching your goals.

Mermaid and Galaxy Tattoo ideas

Mermaid and Galaxy Tattoo

20. Abstract Linework Mermaid Tattoo

If you want a mermaid tattoo design but don’t want to go overboard with it, an abstract linework mermaid tattoo is a fantastic choice for you to consider. You might want to consider having it etched on your arms for a more prominent display.

Linework Mermaid Tattoo design

Abstract Linework Mermaid Tattoo

21. Dreamcatcher Mermaid Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are pretty popular among dreamers, explorers, and lovers. Adding a mermaid to your dreamcatcher tattoo is a beautiful way to create a unique design you’ll love forever. The combination of the two makes for a significant tattoo design. If you want something meaningful and thoughtful, then the Dreamcatcher mermaid tattoo is for you. Get it etched on your back or shoulders for perfect placement.

Dreamcatcher Mermaid Tattoo ideas

Dreamcatcher Mermaid Tattoo design

Wrapping it up…

So, here we conclude our list of the top 21 mermaid tattoo designs. We hope that this list will help you get a beautiful mermaid tattoo etched on your body. There are myriads of ways you can flaunt your mermaid tattoo design. When it comes to mermaid tattoos, all it takes is a little bit of creativity and imagination, and you can come up with a beautiful mermaid tattoo design of your own.

Make sure to be more creative and imaginative while you create a mermaid tattoo. Aside from that, it is crucial to pick the right tattoo artist as tattoos are permanent endeavours, and we are sure you don’t want a disappointing one for a lifetime.

Mermaid Tattoo FAQs

1. What are the important considerations to make before getting a mermaid tattoo?

There is a myriad of things that you should consider before getting a mermaid tattoo. Know that a tattoo is a permanent body modification that cannot be removed without going through a painful process. Therefore, it is essential to give careful consideration to your tattoo design.

After that, it is crucial to find a professional tattoo artist. Make sure to go through their profile and see the jobs they’ve done in the past. Of course, you would never want to have a permanent tattoo that doesn’t look its best.

In addition, you’ll need to consider the budget, the level of discomfort, and the amount of time required to obtain a tattoo. Tattoos typically come with a hefty price tag, and the application process might take many hours. Aside from that, tattoos come with pain. The more intricate the design, the more painful the process becomes. Some areas, especially your neck, nape, and back, are more painful as these areas have less fat.

So, make sure you choose the placement of your mermaid tattoo carefully after considering your endurance to pain.

2. Which is the best location for a Mermaid tattoo design?

Mermaid tattoos look best anywhere on the body. Your tattoo is a permanent addition to your body, so choose its location thoughtfully. If you’re planning to apply for a job that has a severe policy against tattoos, then we suggest getting your mermaid design tattooed on your back or thighs instead. Because they are the areas that are always hidden. If there is no constraint, then you can get your Mermaid etched on your forearms, shoulders, ankles, or calves.

3. How much does a mermaid tattoo cost?

A mermaid tattoo cost will depend on several factors, including the size of the tattoo design, details you want to have in your tattoo design, the reputation of your tattoo artist, the location of the tattoo studio where you plan to get your tattoo, and so on. More often than not, tattoo artists charge by hours or by area, for instance, INR 1500 per square inch. Make sure you get all the information, including the mermaid tattoo cost, before getting your tattoo.

Happy Tattooing… 😊 😊

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