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Laser Tattoo Removal: Aftercare Instructions

How to Care for a Tattoo During Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal: Aftercare Instructions

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Sometimes the most desired and loved tattoo becomes an unwanted one with the passage of time. And you are no longer in state of having that tattoo imprinted on your skin owing to some life events or relationships. It makes it difficult for you to go ahead will the same tattoo for the rest of your life. Or sometimes a need arises to fix up a bad tattoo. In such cases, Tattoo Laser removal treatment will help you to get rid of an unwanted tattoo. Though it is a safe procedure, one needs to take a good aftercare for a better & effective healing process. Here are some good aftercare tips for the Laser Tattoo Removal.

>> Work on your immune system

Work on your immune system

It is famously said, “Well begun is half done”. Work on your immunity system before and after the laser tattoo removal process. This will help in a big way in the healing process. Now, if you are not aware, how to improve your immunity let me brief you. Good sleep, nutritious food and physical workouts will help to improve your immunity. Adequate intake of citrus fruits will ensure good level of vitamin C in the body which will play a vital role in reduction inflammation caused due to the laser removal owing to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

>> Avoid Soaking in water

Avoid Soaking in water

Avoid the wound to confront the water for at least 3-4 hours after the removal process. Even later, save the tattoo removal area from the high pressure hitting shower. Along with, swimming and hot tubs should be avoided till the area is healed.

>> Use Skin Numbing Cream

Use Skin Numbing Cream

Usage of numbing cream will ease the tattoo removal process. It will help in numbing the top layer of skin. This will avoid major movements during the process. Though before applying it, have a word & opinion of the tattoo artist or the dermatologist.

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>> Wrap the Tattoo

Wrap the Tattoo

Cover the Tattoo removal area for 3-4 days. As they serve as an entry gate for the bacteria & viruses, proper bandaging will ensure safety from infection. Keep changing the bandage at regular intervals.

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>> Avoid Shaving

Laser Tattoo Removal tips

Avoid shaving before and after the removal for few days. Shaving will lead to the skin irritation and might lead to skin infection.

>> Avoid picking any scabs

Avoid picking any scabs

You will be tempted to pick & scab the wounds after the tattoo removal process. But this will lead to the permanent scars on your skin and will increase the infection risk hindering the healing process.

>> Avoid Smoking

Laser Tattoo Removal Tips

The healing process after tattoo removal is terribly obstructed due to smoking. Good circulation is tempered which is necessary for the healing process.

>> Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Mental state of mind is very important in the healing process. Meditation, music, walk or any form of relaxation technique will help a lot in the healing process after the tattoo removal.

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